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Hi All

So this may be a bit controversial but I’d love to know your thoughts.

After using a proven donor egg for our last round and had PGS screening which seemed all fine we went on to find out our baby had heart and brain issues and we had to terminate at 12 wks.

Now if we hadn’t had PGS we would be in the same place however I’d have 5 more embryos to try.

I’ve recently read quite a few articles of PGS inaccuracies (results claim abnormal and are discarded but actually could go on to be viable pregnancies)  and wondered what the point of PGS is when the 12wk scan or other fetal tests will diagnose any issues. Could they be showing false results? And isn’t it true PGS only tests cells that become placenta or implantation tissue and not the fetus itself?

Pre PGS testing IVF was still successful and you could argue women had more try’s because they used all embryos and Mother Nature or 12wk tests did the rest.

Personally I wouldn’t do it again. The heartache of a termination at 12wks is just the same PGS or not.

Any thoughts?


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    PGS - I wouldn’t bother with PGS again would you?
    « Reply #1 on: 8/08/18, 17:50 »
    Hi Curly,

    So sorry to read of your recent loss, that must have been heartbreaking.   ^hugme^

    We've had 8 rounds of IVF and did the PGS testing on I think, cycle number 4 or 5 in Spain - we had one embryo made it to Day 5 for PGS testing and we were lucky enough for the result to be chromosomally normal.  We were told we had a 70% chance of pregnancy, very high given I was 42 at the time however, it didn't work.  I know there was never any guarantee, but we were devastated to have paid all the extra money for PGS and to end up with one, which was normal, but didn't take.  I've read a few articles about the inaccuracies of PGS and how the embryos can correct themselves etc - I realise it may work for some ladies, but I really don't think we would do the testing again.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do next.  xx

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    PGS - I wouldn’t bother with PGS again would you?
    « Reply #2 on: 12/08/18, 17:16 »
    Hi CurlyGirl,

    Sorry to read about your loss. Prior to commencing my PGS journey I also had a TFMR due to Turners and severe odema at our 12 week scan.

    Do you know what kind of PGS testing your clinic does? There are a few types of PGS, and not just "PGS"

    CGH Array is the most common one used (as far as I know) but NGS is the most recent and can detect partial abnormalities as well as full chromosone abnormalites. I am living proof of NGS success as after 7 transfers I have my twin girls.

    NGH has a 95% detection rate....best there is and obviously there are 5% as nothing in life is 100%.

    I wouldn't hesiste to do PGS again.