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45 donor eggs 4th round and finally a BFP
« on: 11/08/18, 13:06 »
Hi ladies,

Just posting on here if anyone wants to learn more following my journey.

I have had 4 treatments, the first in London, two in Spain  and the final one in Greece.

I suffer from low thyroid.
I've had polyps removed.
I'm 45.
But otherwise in excellent health and always looked after myself and my weight.
3 failed attempts, with 27 eggs (including my own and donor).
3 very bad clinics and poor treatment.
The last clinic in Greece is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were the only ones not after your cash but actually get off on getting results!  ^Heart^

So: this is what happened in Greece:

Donor eggs used and two blast transferred and on strict meds and monitored by the clinic at all times (they are simply brilliant).

1. Miscarried one at 6 weeks  :'(  - was so scary as I had no idea what was going on and thought I'd lost both given all the blood loss.
2. But after A&E visits and emergency EPU appointments -  the other is  :) still there and I'm now 10 weeks. Not out of the woods yet as 12 to 14 weeks is the aim - please God let this work.
3. Asides from the above, morning sickness (OMG, what on earth, lasts all day, no one tells you that), and fainted in the street plus emotions all over the place and the husband is less than supportive and not talking to me, his teenage child from his ex is seemingly more important so unless things change I will be doing the rest of this alone.  :-\ The midwife has been brilliant though, there appears to be a lot of support and counselling out there and i've been told not to  stress (a bit hard not to) as could harm me and the baby. 
4. I'm praying my baby stays with me all the way and I have a successful birth - its been so tough and such hard work over 4 years and not to mention the cost, its just baby and me now.   ^pray^

Ask me anything you want. I've been through a lot but happy to share my experience, which clinic I used, the protocol etc.

Good luck to all of you lovely ladies. xxx


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