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Round 3....prev OHSS, Miscarriage, Ectopic....what next??
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its been a while!!

The last round ended in an ectopic - everything that could possibly seem to go wrong is happening so im left wondering what next??

I had to take a minimum or 3 months away from IVF after the ectopic as they gave me methotrexate which would kill any pregnancy conceived within that time period. We went to California and did a 2 week road trip down the west coast drinking wine and living the life of riley. We had a couples holiday to Amsterdam and had an absolute ball with our closest friends. And we partied in Val D'Isere for a few days skiing with my brother and his girlfriend. All in all (along with Christmas and New Year) we took full advantage of our break and are now ready to start again on the IVF train.

I say ready....were already in full flow! Our transfer is scheduled for Tuesday 3rd March, only 3 days before my husbands 31st birthday. We have an embryo frozen from the last round so no need for another egg collection which im pleased about.

This round ive been speaking with a Fertility Nutritionist and been having acupuncture twice a week for the last few weeks so im hoping something positive comes from that...at a cost of 400 a month purely on acupuncture it would be nice for a positive outcome!

Other than that i feel fairly good. Im tired, hormonal, scared and excited but i think they are all normal reactions to our situation. I never expected to be on round 3 having previously had a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and OHSS, with still no baby, 3.5 years after we started trying. But anything can happen xxx


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