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Glucose tolerance test


Hi, I had a glucose tolerance test this week whereby I had to fast 10 hours prior to a blood draw then drink a glucose drink followed by another blood draw after 2 hours past drinking the drink...

The nurse told me to slowly sip the glucose over the 2 hour period so I only finished the drink about 30 minutes before the second blood draw... from everything Iíve read, I should have finished the drink then had to wait 2 hours and then had a blood draw.

I have a result where Iím just 0.1 into a positive result...

I guess Iím asking if the test was correctly done and if the result could be due to me only finishing the drink half an hour before the blow draw?


Hi Osborne

I have always known it drank in one go and Iíve had three myself where I drank it all in a few minutes. I would talk to your midwife or call the ward/area that you had it done in. That would at uoull know for sure.

Kaz xxx


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