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Hi all, total newbie here  ;D ;D

After unsuccessfully trying to conceive for nearly 5 years and after 2 laparoscopy 3 years apart to remove grade 2 endro my husband and I have finally been referred for ivf with unexplained fertility. Im 32 and hubbys 39 thankfully my husband's sperm count and mobility are good and blood tests have shown that I do ovulate every month :D

We have our first appointment Monday afternoon at wales fertility insitute port talbot and was just wondering what to expect??? I know there will be lots of forms to fill in, but will I have further tests done on the day??? How long after 1st appointment did you all wait to begin treatment??? I know everyone's case will be different but i actually know of no one who's gone through this process before so dont really know where else to turn for advice/reassurance


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