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where did that come from
« on: 13/10/18, 15:15 »
sorry long post ahead. i was diagnosed with complex hyperplaysia four years ago, which is being treated with a merena coil with a six monthly biposy for the last year the biopsy has been clear so went to my appointment the other day thinking at last we are getting somewhere. hoping to hear the coil can come out and we can resume trying only to be told if the coil comes out i have a very high risk of developing womb cancer and basically its only there until it (my womb) can be taken away and as im the wrong age and bmi i cant be refered to the fertility clinic.
that was four days ago im still crying and have barely left my bedroom, the pain is unbearable. i honestly dont know what to do. my partner is obviously upset but has already had kids and cant possibly comprehend how im feeling i dont know anyone else in my situation i feel like i have nobody to turn to. im totally heartbroken i hate the world. even though i knew having my own children would always be hard ive never imagined my life without them all i can see ahead is a long lonely path. i feel like my little bit of hope has been stamped out how can i get up every day and face the world knowing i will never be a mum the only thing ive ever truely wanted.


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    where did that come from
    « Reply #1 on: 13/10/18, 17:12 »
    I was told a similar thing and they were desperate to treat me with a coil.
    It is risky but I decided to go on the mini pill every few months to have a good bleed and then try to conceive on my non contraception months. could that be an option for you?

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