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Legal position with known sperm donor - query as to obligations


I am a single woman planning on having a baby alone.  Recently a very good gay friend has offered to be my sperm donor and we are having treatment in Denmark.  We intend for him to be an open donor only and not have any rights as the father ie he won't be on the birth certificate and he won't provide any financial support or have access rights but as we are such good friends we will see each other a lot and he will play an 'uncle' type role in the child's life.  We intend to write a legal document covering these main points and outlining his role and seek legal advice on the document. 

At this stage we are wondering what the legal position is - from researching it sounds like he will be recognised as the legal father.  Therefore if things went wrong the risk to him would be that I seek money from him and the risk to me is that he seeks access rights.  Is this correct?  Is it possible to not have a father named on the birth certificate and would this help in lessening his rights and obligations.  We want our intentions to take precedence but is this impossible due to the legal position being opposed to these intentions? 

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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