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Hi there

We are a lesbian couple trying (so far unsuccessfully) for a baby via IUI. After our 3rd attempt failed we have reconciled that we will have one more stab at IUI as we have already purchased the donor sperm.

We have started investigating IVF clinics, and as I'm sure everyone has noticed it is substantially cheaper to go overseas (we are UK based).  I'm quickly discovering that countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Czech do not allow either same sex couples or single women have treatment. 

Has anyone else come across this problem and found a suitable clinic overseas that will accommodate LGBT couples, and which countries deem it acceptable?!

thank you in advance

Denmark is a good bet for same-sex couples.

I had IVF in Athens at a clinic called Serum. They are really happy to treat same sex coupleís, however all the paperwork is only needed to be filled by the person having the treatment as I donít think Greece legally recognise same sex coupleís. It made no difference to the treatment, parental rights or anything else. Flyby.

Hi Frome, wow thatís outrageous that some clinics donít allow same sex couples, sorry youíre having to contend with that too - really unfair. Iím
Not in a same sex couple but I had treatment at Gent UZ (in Ghent, Belgium) and Iím pretty sure they treat both same sex and single women, and I  would recommend then. I live in Kent so was super easy to get over there too as you can get the eurotunnel but not sure where you are based. Good luck xxx

Just so you know, Belgium has anonymous donor laws, so they will not allow you to choose a donor yourself (you will be matched) or have any information about them, nor can your child ever find out who they were. That is the reason why after a consult in the UZ Ghent we decided against going there. Other that that they were very friendly (we are a same-sex couple).


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