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Not quite introducing myself but not sure where else to say this.

Has anyone noticed the presence of takeover adverts on the site? As a social media marketer, I totally appreciate that advertising is driving the viability of the site but have to say I'm super disappointed with this type of takeover advertising. I can't seem to get through to any discussions without wading through takeover adverts. Anyone else experience this or am I just been targeted based on my preferences?

FF - please switch the takeover ads off, aware they are creating a decent revenue stream but it's seem counterintuitive as to what I understood the purpose of the site to be; peer support for people experiencing infertility.

Hi tily

How and where are you seeing these ads? is via your mobile or tablet or via a laptop/pc? I haven't experienced this at all so curious to know a bit more so i can feed back to the powers that be

It sounds a bit odd! I use a tablet & the full site view & havenít noticed anything different with the adverts  ???


Could it be a browser issue? I havenít had any and Iím on here several times a day every day on either my phone or laptop.

We will flag it with the owners though and just check itís not their doing :)

I will also move this thread to Site Announcements where tech issues are flagged


Ive not experienced this either, I've been on a tablet again in full site view x


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