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Hi all just wondering if anyone has problems with a c section scar causing their infertility. I have a four year old little girl conceived naturally first time trying but resulting in an emergency c section due to being breach. After lots of fertility testing when failing to conicieve a sibling I was told that my scar is fine and I have no issues. But I have recently done ivf which worked but resulted in a miscarriage at 6 weeks. In my scan by a nurse after my miscarriage I was told I have a niche on my scar and a pocket of fluid which has never been brought to my attention before. The consultants completely brushed it for saying itís only a problem if the fluid is leaking into the uterus, however looking online I can see that even a pocket of fluid could have caused my secondary infertility and my miscarriage through ivf and this should be instead corrected first with a laparoscopy. Just wondering if anyone else has come across anything like this?

I would definitely do a lap when dealing with I explained infertility and possibly past cósection issues.
For me, I finally had success after 5 years of trying (doing IVF the whole time as I did for my first) moving onto donor. I had a chemical and a m/c over the years, and it seemed my age now was the issue as every other test came back fine.
I do know that some women experience success after doing uterine investigatons (via lap, hysteroscopy) and being able to diagnose an issue. I think thatís an important first step to ruling things out or treating them.
Also has your husband gone through investigations too? Although we were able to have our first child, it turns out his morphology had quite worsened over the years and nobody had really looked into it or the potential to add to the problem as his numbers are high and many assume ICSI helps all.

Hi Lou55

Im so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Its always so difficult to understand when we concieve naturally then all of a sudden we cannot for our second! Im in exactly the same situation.

I also had a hysteroscopy and they found fluid at my upper cavity but said it was normal and nothing to worry about. I havent been able to concieve naturally for my second.

Im going for ivf for second child and im  really afraid it wont work out.

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Hi Lou, I am new to FF so just getting up to speed with how it all works so apologies if all my acronyms are wrong etc !!

I just wanted to quickly write to you that I am starting to think that I have a similar issue. I had a nightmare birth 3 years ago for my daughter , 3 days of strong contractions, issue dilating after 2 epidurals hours of oxytocin drip, daughter was breach then c section. Not emergency, but recommended based on contraction level & hours of labour. I know my body and I have felt "different" every month since trying, I feel like I fertilise and implantation is attempted then fails. I can feel little strange pains around implantation. Every month. 2 chemicals the past 12 months then 2 months where I have had pinkish wipe around implantation, then nothing. I am currently looking up hycosy, lap, and hysterocopy HSG (sp?!).

I am TTC #2 for 12 months now, and first time caught quickly too. Nothing else found - slightly lower than preferred AMH @ 7.7. Considering IVF route now. I had a pelvic scan and it showed tiny bit of liquid in my scar, plenty of follicles.  Saw Dr George Nduwke @ Zita west for a first consultation and he said he would be VERY surprised if c section was causing it - the embryo can implant ANYWHERE in the uterus and theres plenty of other space. He has far more experience than me.. but I'm still convinced it's related. 

NHS have referred me for hycosy, I'll have that then I may try and go for a HSG or Lap. I would rather not have lap though, already had keyhole for appendix and c section in last 4 yrs. sending lots of love please let me know how things go with you X

Hi Hannah! Sorry to hear your going through something similar to myself, is awful and I wouldnít wish it on anyone. Since my post I met with my IVF consultant and he told me that the niche I have developed with fluid in after my c section wonít affect IVF and wonít have caused my miscarriage. They have however admitted that this could be the cause of my secondary infertility. So looks like IvF could be the only way. Iím currently down regulating to try again next month on a frozen cycle. Itís very likely that your c section could be causing problems but for some reason nobody wants to admit it!!

Please donít be scared of IVF. It is very invasive and intense but I didnít actually find it that bad. I kept positive throughout and laughed my way through it with my husband and it really helped. I didnít get bad side effects and I actually found the whole thing magical and it did work but I however miscarried at 6 weeks. I think you have to go into it with a positive head and have a great support team around you. Message me if you have any questions about IVF.

Your birth story sounds crazy, just like mine! X


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