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Hi everyone. Just thought I would post for a bit of advice on what to do next as Ive just joined FF to try and seek some support. Weve been trying for our second for a year, and nothing seems to be apparently wrong. Im at my wits end on what to do next.  How many of you looked at IVF for your second baby and how long did you wait. I have AMH of 7.7 which is lower side for my age (37, turn 38 in March) and nothing else seems to be wrong. 14 follicles at last scan. At my wits end. X


Im sure someone else will be along shortly. We TTC for three years before conceiving my son naturally the month before I was due to begin a first IVF cycle (we think the problem is linked to my severe unexplained immune symptoms).

We TTC for about 10 months before approaching an IVF clinic again. After a bit of faffing around, during which weve been trying naturally with immune support, were due to begin an IVF cycle at CRGH in January.

My AMH is also 7.7, I had fifteen follicles on last scan, and I turn 39 this month. As Id conceived naturally before, I assumed CRGH would begin with IUI and move up to IVF. However, our consultant, Dr Saab, has recommended an egg collection cycle with PGS (using ICSI) followed by a FET. He felt he didnt want us messing around given my age and that my infertility is unexplained, so hes throwing everything at the problem. So far, I would recommend CRGH - they have very good success rates with women of my age (better than ARGC per embryo transferred) and have really listened to us.

Hope that helps.

Hi hannahjm81,

If you're having regular periods & all bloods are normal albeit slightly low AMH (your level by no means bars conception), have you had your tubes checked? I know you've conceived before, but if you had a caesarean, or postpartum infection, retained placenta, any pelvic/gynae surgery etc in the interim or basically if life just decides to poop on you, that's definitely worth checking. (I have tubal infertility myself so that's always high on my radar). Sometimes people try for years then find out they'd no chance all along - I at least knew from the off that I'd need IVF.

If there's nothing obviously wrong & you conceived your first without problems, I wouldn't rush into IVF after just a year. It is a really horrible, expensive & soul destroying process with unknown long term risks & low success rates, so should always be the last resort, not the first.

There are less invasive options which may or may not be suitable depending on your situation. You've had some tests done but have you had an actual consultation with a reproductive specialist? They would be best placed to advise, but me personally I'd give it another 6 months before signing up for anything drastic. It can take a healthy couple this long to conceive & doesn't mean anything is wrong, but you are right to be thinking ahead.

Good luck!

B x

Hi Ladies thank you for both for your response. I had an appointment with Dr George @ Zita West at 10 months and he said wait til Jan then come back. We've since decided that we will use a clinic nearer us in Kent which has been recomended as for lots of appointments it might be easier.

NHS have agreed to do a Hycosy, waiting for an appointment, but I also had two chemicals last year one in march one in july. NOthing since. I had a C section, after 4 days of intense contractions, it wasn't an emergency but as I wasn't dilating even after a drip they suggested it would be safest route. No post partum issues. Periods started again slowly at about 8/9 months was BF for a year.

I am also cautious of the IVF route, I just don't know how much longer I can do, my gut is there's any issue somewhere. I thought maybe uterine scarring or something but even Dr George said unlikely. He thinks I should maybe pay for immunes tests (chicago tests?) but the cost didn't look far off IVF. My daughter is my second pregnancy I had a 11 week pregnancy (not miscarriage long sad story) in 2010.  This infertility is actually horrid. I would never have left it 2 years to try again if I had known this would happen - it took two months for my daughter X

Also a question Londonwriter - did you have symtoms of immunes issue? I have not noticed anything different since before my daughter, just a bit older and more tired being a working commuting mum really!! I read somewhere that you avoid illness quite well? Anything else? I don't know where to go next! We have said maybe keep trying til March then approach and decide on a clinic.

I did also see NHS gynaecologist who said it will happen, everything looks fine (internal scan, lining, follicles etc) and just referred for the hycosy but said because of the chemicals tubes likely are fine (makes sense)

Feeling a bit fobbed off to be honest,I don't think secondary infertility is taken as seriously, or is it just me?!


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