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Vistahermosa cycle chat 9
« Reply #840 on: 1/08/20, 15:26 »
Thanks Poppy
Yes Iím pretty devastated and drained emotionally and financially!

Salome will call me during the week. But what next?

This was our 4th embryo from donor to fail  And previously 9 OE transfers before that all the usuals injectables tracking the works.

Asked about changing donor. Why? Iím not even considering it. So why did my fingers type the question?

At some stage youíve to ask yourself when is it enough?

I donít feel done. I want another. I want her to have a sibling. Iím 44 and feel way too old for this. But I know VH would have a donor lined up in a month. And weíd be transferring in 2/3 months. And the idea is giving me relief. But then if that fails. Then what. And oh letís find the best part of 10k for all the treatment and extras.

I feel so helpless. And I shouldnít. Iíve a daughter. I get that too. And I remember when we were without her I would see those with one needing another and think you should be happy with one.

Rambling a little but no one else gets it!


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    Vistahermosa cycle chat 9
    « Reply #841 on: 5/08/20, 15:40 »
    Im so so sorry ZC for your news, its so devastating time after time. But your right i do think theres a time where you have to say enough is enough and only you can make that decision. Have you  considered adoption? Just out of interest is your daughter from an OE or donor cycle? Its so hard to get off the IVF rollercoaster as I know each time you have a failed cycle the only thing that keeps me going is the Ďwhats nextí question and focusing on what we can do differently next time. I really feel for you and hope your feeling better soon ❤️ Have you heard from the clinic? What ever decision you make will be the right one. The mind is a crazy place but at least you can share you thoughts and feelings on here and get them off your chest, without being judged as we all feel that desperation throughout our journeys, Take care xx

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    Vistahermosa cycle chat 9
    « Reply #842 on: 14/09/20, 16:16 »
    I saw your post regarding the intralipid infusions in London.
    Please can you give me details of the clinic. I am having a FET tomorrow in Gdansk and have had a pre FET infusion today. However getting back here is going to be difficult so wanted to see where I could get my ongoing infusions in the UK,  am London based.
    Many thanks