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Denmark also suffers from infertility
« on: 27/12/18, 18:56 »
My name is Camilla Larsen. Iím 36 y.o. My DH and I are currently living in Denmark. Iím found of it, indeed. Vejle is perhaps the best place for quite living. Itís also a wonderful town for bringing up children, Iím sure but. The Problem is that we do not have kind of opportunity to become parents in natural way. No, thatís not correct. Thereís a bunch of opportunities. Also we are a fertile couple but conception means quite a big danger for our future children.
Oh, God! I couldnít imagine how itís hard to describe all of that. Iíve got a tight knot of emotions to express. You knowÖ I just want to be honest in each word Iím going to publishÖ
We have been married for 7 years. I got pregnant suddenly in a year after our spectacular wedding party. It was a mistake. Iíve been taking insulin injections twice per day since 15 years old.
I suffer from type 1 diabetes.  You mustnít be a physician in order to understand that might harm my baby. In short, we decided to terminate a pregnancy. This didnít reoccur during those 7 years.
My dear husband Erik doesnít think too much of parenting. Heís totally involved in business. He loves me and monthly revenue more than all.  Heís 40. Heís often too busy to think about children. I suppose that most of the quarrels we had occurred because he didnít understand my true desire of being a mother. It means madly a lot to me. He was born in relatively rich family having 4 brothers and sisters. He canít just realize my pain. Iím not the one who blames someone for the issues.
Recently Iíve asked him what about your heirs you old cheapskate! Who will manage our business when you get tired after all!
He accepted my offer. We started handling things towards the goal. Iím going to share my experience soon if you donít mind, if itís interesting to know Iím going to become a mother in the Summer. Forums arenít my usual hobby. Itís pretty untypical for me to share the thoughts and other but more than that Iím not that good at blogging to hold focusing and lead my story too long. Iím keen on receiving feedback. Iíd love to have sincere communication.
I high key want to bring up worthy person. In fact, I do not know what is the most important point of education. In other words, I have an urge to be the best mother ever, but how?! Books? Videos? I have high hopes for courses for brand-new moms. My DH says that this is insane. He believes I must feel it intuitively. But I donít know... itís so hard... Whatever it takes I will figure it out! It would be great if you gave me a piece of advice. All the thoughts are welcome!  Today I realize the change occurred somewhere inside me, I covet conversation. Iím going to post this stuff on a couple of other forums. Please, donít get me wrong, I sign each post with my own name. I just want to share it with people, that's all I want.  Now, I experience such an important stage of my life.  Thank you very much for your time. afraid of reading what I had written. I guess itís like mix of notes and nonsense. My main story will be surely published soon..
I am an orphan and I really want a child to give everything I didnít have on my own. Surrogacy is a very controversial decision, doubtful step, whatever.
I didnít have a great practice in forum communication. Maybe Iím not that good at some specific aspects. Feel free to stop me if I say something wrong or talk about myself too much. Iíd like to be friendly. Wanna know your stories and support you despite the distance and time zones. Thank you very much. It was my very first try.


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