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Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
« Reply #260 on: 12/07/19, 09:47 »
Hey Aly,  I hope your scan today was helpful to decide what to do. I really don't like it when clinics are closed on a Sunday as looking at your numbers then that would be the perfect day for EC. I really am not sure what to advise as everyone is so different, for example on stim cycles mine need to be on the larger side ie minimum 19mm to have a mature egg.

Briss I am very sorry to hear there was no fertilisation. Reprofit are great when it comes to the procedure, last time I didnt even realise that they had already done the ET, I didnt even feel the catheter going in. In regards to scans, I don't think wasting any more money on this would be of any help. If it was light adenomyosis then you can't do anything about it anyway apparently. I may have another scan to see if my lining improved but I have not much cm or ewcm (although opk light positive) so I cannot help but think that this egg isn't good, low estrogen and hence bad lining. If the lining looks good I may go ahead with transfer. Maybe.

Odashwood, the constant waiting is the absolute worst with IVF. Thanks for asking feeling ok actually. Just very scared that this next cycle won;t work.

AFM sorry am asking this question again. What level of progesterone does your clinic deem ideal on transfer day? I guess there could be different 'ideal levels' depending if you did a fresh stim cycle, a natural cycle with or without trigger or a medicated FET.

Not so long time ago I found one great quote that I liked very much. Decided to share it with you): ďLife has a funny way of working out just when you start believing it never will.Ē
Unfortunately, don't know who said that but it doesn't really matter. I noticed that if I don't wait for anything and get a good outcome or news I feel even more excited then when I expect it. And if the news is bad, the frustration is not so big as might be.


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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #261 on: 12/07/19, 15:55 »
    Thanks odashwood I will keep this in mind! :)

    Catlady, I read up on MissL and the thread, thanks a lot. Unfortunately it addresses more the minimum level of P rather than ideal level, but was still quite helpful.

    AFM I need some urgent advice please. So Monday on CD8 I had a scan to check my fibroid (which was supposedly actually adenomyosis). I also had a 15.5mm follicle and 3.4mm lining. Today on CD12, a 20.5mm follicle was seen, my lining was trilaminar and between 6,2mm and 6,6mm. My LH was 18.8iu and my estrogen was 1992 pmol (542 pg)!! That is a super high E2 level for me and I will surely ovulate tonight, I also had a sudden rush of ewcm (sorry tmi). Why is my lining so poor when my estrogen is so high?! In any case my questions is :  would you go ahead with transfer of your very last embryo into such a thin lining? If I give myself an ovitrelle shot tonight I may be able to push to to 7mm or 7.5mm by tomorrow. The alternative is, wait a month, do a scratch this month, and transfer next month. The lining will probably be the same, but potentially a little thicker, as this month I unusually seem to ovulate day 12 whereas normally I ovulate days 14-15 which gives my lining this extra couple of days and I have the trigger shot to work it's magic for two more days too. My doctor has left for the weekend and I am left to make this decision on my own. But I never notice such amazing E2 levels, maybe its a sign? Although maybe I never have such high levels as I perhaps just measured them very close to ovulation this time?
    And by the way... the sonographer said it would be better if it was a fibroid as it is small, whereas adenomyosis can create a toxic environment!!

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #262 on: 12/07/19, 16:14 »
    Kat, is there really no treatment for adenomyosis? I would hold on to your embryo . I really do believe you have good eggs but the lining issue is the culprit.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #263 on: 12/07/19, 16:19 »
    KatKat, I'd try and collect but not transfer this month - the lining still sounds a little thin. I think most clinics like at least 8mm on trigger day but Lister did do me once on 7mm (and I got pregnant that time!). But think the E2 sounds really promising so very worth trying to collect! I always had issues where E2 would be good but lining just didn't seem to correlate. It's very strange. Sorry that the doctors at UCCH still were not able to reassure you - I don't know anything about adenomyosis sorry. But didn't some others on this thread like Chini and MSJ have it - maybe they can give you advice?

    Catlady - wonderful news and congratulations! Good luck waiting for the scan, I always find the first few weeks the most nerve wracking but am hoping and praying for good news for you.

    AlysDreaming, hope your scan today went well. Did you take letrozole as part of the protocol? If you did, I would let the leads get bigger.... at Lister, I always collected when lead was quite big (23-24mm) because I believe taking letrozole means that the follicles have to get bigger to have mature eggs.

    Briss, sorry that the egg didn't fertilise. How gutting after your last minute dash to collect. You really do do everything that is humanly possible, so please don't beat yourself up.

    Babyhopeful - amazing news on the 2 blasts! That is SUCH a good result on a banking cycle, and I think you already have 1 in the freezer? Hoping that the next 2 rounds go just as well and that your future child(ren) are in these batches. You very much deserve it.

    ODashwood - that quote really does apply to me! We were literally just about to give up on OE and a real miracle happened.

    Just to update, we are now at 21 weeks and a lot of my anxiety has eased after everything looked great on the 20 wk scan. We have now shared our happy news with family, friends and work and it was pretty amazing. Our parents cried and my boss was nearly in tears too. I can't believe I'm already over halfway through! I am now feeling the baby move which is reassuring me a lot more - I can't wait for the first kicks. I have now ordered some maternity clothes and am starting antenatal pilates today, and that's all I'll do for the time being. Won't buy anything for the baby until the last minute - anyway we're hoping to get most of it through hand me downs from friends as we have no money left and DH and I are currently fighting/debating about who gets to take parental leave as we both want it so we may end up taking quite a lot unpaid! But the baby will be very very loved which is the main thing. I was so touched that one of my friends had secretly saved her beautiful designer cot for me - and her little boy will soon be 5. She said she always had faith that we would have a family, but I have to say at some points, I really really didn't.

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoys the sunshine. Rafa vs Roger just about to start... I'm torn but I think it has to be the Fed I'm rooting for! xxx

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #264 on: 12/07/19, 16:58 »
    Briss and Shady, thanks!

    Briss, I think the lining is definitely a contribution factor, mind when I remember back on my stim cycles it barely got over 8mm either and the time I had implantation it was about 6.8-7mm on trigger day. Now you can see the positive that 6.8-7mm was ok on trigger day, or you may read the negative into it, did the pregnancy not progress because of the lining... ? The thing is I don't know what uterine issue I have - 3 doctors say it;s a fibroid and 1 doctor and 2 sonographers say it's adenomyosis... but apparently if it is the latter you cant do anything about it and if is is a fibroid 3 doctors told me they wouldn't remove it and 1 said they would.

    Shady, thanks for reminding me about Chini and MSJ. I was actually contemplating to collect but even if I flew over tonight then I may have ovulated by the time I get to Reprofit. We may get the egg or we may miss it... considering the high E2 I think I am pretty close to the LH peak (this was measured in the morning so would assume I am having the peak right now). If I had a clinic here in the UK then I'd give it a try, but here they want GBP2,500 for natural IVF plus ICSI whilst in Brno they want 950 Euros... it's just outrageous to ask so much money for a 30 second job!! Travelling abroad makes it all so much more stressful.
    Massive massive congratulations on your milestone, this is just the best news! I am so very happy for you, it is amazing how after all these cycles women just get pregnant naturally. Your family must be so chuffed;  hope they didn't mention 'age' in the end ;)  Maybe you can take half parental leave each and then also overlap by a month or so... Fantastic your friend kept the cot. I think all of my friends have given up on me years ago, nothing to inherit from anyone anymore, even though several now have 3! kids.

    Chini and MSJ, can you both please remind me what you can do about adenomyosis please? I don't like the fact that the sonographer / gynaeccologist today mentioned my environment would be toxic!

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #265 on: 14/07/19, 15:11 »
    Sorry for the long radio silence... And also for the long post. I hope everyone is ok! x

    MSJ - I'm so sorry for your MC! Sending you a big hug. How are you doing? Regarding the supplements to continue after stims, the list I got from Mel Brown includes: multivitamin, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B6, probiotics, Ubiquinol, NAD + resveratrol, melatonin, pycnogenol, NAC, nattokinase, fish oil, propolis, protein powder, mesima mushroom, reishi mushroom. The list of supplement to continue after EC includes: multivitamin, folic acid, vitamin D, magnesium malate, probiotics, fish oil (but only once a week). DHEA, curcumin/turmeric capsules, DIM and serrapeptase need to be stopped when stim drugs are started. The Ubiquinol I mentioned doesn't involve any extra costs and I've never had any problems with customs/tax. Can I ask you where you get the progessence essential oil from? I'm also interested to hear more about Dr Vidali - do you see him here or do you Skype, how does it work if he's in the USA? Are there any endo specialists you'd recommend here in the UK? Regarding thyroid issues I'm also subclinically hypothyroid at TSH 3.8 (i.e. over the 2.5 mark but under the top of the range which is 4) and was given 50mcg Levothyroxine by my consultant at the Lister. See update below regarding Dr Gorgy's recommendations for me.

    Shady - I'm so happy to hear everything is going well, and you're already past the halfway mark! I didn't know you too had the experience of your dad having cancer at the beginning of your fertility treatment, and you thinking it would give him more or a reason to fight. I think for us my dad's cancer diagnosis was definitely a big part of what made us think about having a family so soon after having met each other, and seeking help very soon after we noticed it wasn't working. I kept thinking that if I could tell my dad that we were going to have a baby it would help him somehow. I'm so happy you finally got to give the news to your family!

    Odashwood - I'm so sorry for everything you've been through. Only you know what's too much for you, your health and your body. I've also thought about surrogacy, ever since our consultant at the Lister mentioned it as an option due to my severe adenomyosis which might make my uterus unable to carry a pregnancy. Did you look into doing it in the UK at all, or did you decide to go abroad from the start? I think I'd struggle with the distance, as I'd want to be able to go to all the scans etc. but I understand the waiting lists for surrogates in the UK are crazy long... I wish you all the very best for this next stage of your journey and that you will finally be able to have the family you want! x

    Briss - I'm so sorry there wasn't fertilisation! You've been through so much lately, you if anyone should be spared from any more disappointment. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this and am sending you a big hug! Especially as being unemployed is already stressful enough. I don't miss it, but let me remind you that being in a job you don't enjoy isn't much better either... My current job might be better than the last one in the sense that the workmates are much nicer and the atmosphere is more relaxed, but there's zero challenge and I get bored as there are no interesting tasks for me (the CEO wants to do all the interesting stuff himself), so I've already started to look for other jobs... I also have the same problem with recruiters they always offer me stuff that doesn't match my profile so I've decided to stop working with them. However you're now a houseowener, yay! Congratulations, that's an amazing step to take and I hope it brings some stability in the middle of all this roller-coaster ride! Thank you also for sharing the info about sperm parameters and antibiotics - so interesting! I had heard that there's a theory that bad morphology can be associated with a low-level infection and what you say seems to be evidence of this. I'll definitely be asking our consultant about this if DP's morphology numbers turn out to be below the range again in a couple of weeks when we have EC. Can I ask did your DH ever try Proxeed Plus or Condensyl? Good to know that the alcohol didn't make that much of a difference, as my DP just won't give it up... However your point about the chromosomal quality makes sense, especially with our "old eggs"... You're so lucky that your DH is ready to stop drinking for 3 months! May I also ask about Dr Jurkovic - what's his speciality and why do you rate him so high? And last but not least, regarding blood pressure, have you tried hawthorn (extract/tincture) or carob powder? Hawthorn is meant to be especially powerful in all areas of heart health.

    Klik - your little one must have already be here with you, congratulations! I hope the birth went well and you are both well! Thank you also for sharing your protocol before your BFP, and your kind words! May I just ask what did you use to measure the basal body temperature, and where did you get it from? I've been asking at various pharmacies, and they look at me as if I was asking for unicorn's blood when I mention it haha.

    CatLady - congratulations! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that all continues well! Also if you don't mind I'd be interested to hear what supplements did you take?

    Babyhopeful - congratulations on the good number of embies on your cycle! I'm also on 50mcg Levothyroxine - so glad to hear about the positive effect for you! For me it's brought my thyroid parameters right to the ideal range, but I haven't noticed any changes otherwise, which is strange. We're also trying to do embryo banking! But I think I'll transfer any embies that aren't good enough to freeze... I think you also asked about melatonin? I've been using it for months as it's supposed to shrink adenomyosis when used at 10mg every night for three months. In addition, Mel Brown recommends taking 5mg from the start of stims until EC. Hope that helps! I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for your dad! It's so sad, and so difficult when these things happen all at the same time. My dad got cancer when we just started our treatments in 2016-17, and now DP's mum had a diagnosis in March. It reminds us how little control we have over anything in life... What's left is to hope for the best. I'm sending you a big hug!

    AlyDreaming- welcome! I'm also cycling in July and trying to do a freeze-all if everything goes well - today is my day 3 on stims. Where are you going in your cycle? Your protocol also sounds quite similar to mine - I first down regulated with 0,5 ml Suprecur (Buserelin) for 2 weeks, then reduced the dose of Suprecur to 0,2ml as I started Fostimon (FSH) 300IU for 5 days, and then on day 6 I'll swap to Menopur 300IU. From what you say about your last cycle it sounds like you triggered too early. Something you might want to ask your consultant is also whether to use double trigger next time? Where are you cycling? I'd also be interested to hear more about the surgeon who also does IVF - I think I should have possible endo checked at some point soon, and would really appreciate a specialist who also understands about fertility stuff. Also thanks for sharing the link to the endo supplement! Very interesting!

    Helenbeau - Thank you for your kind words! You're right I'm cycling at the Lister. How's your situation with your cyst? Did you do another scan? Regarding NAC yes you use it 600mg three times per day for 3 days and then have a break for 4 days. This should go on for at least 3 months, but as far as I understand it's not a problem if you continue for longer, as the 4-day gap allows it to leave your body to avoid it accumulating. Regarding the dairy it's the kasein in dairy that's the inflammation-boosting compound and you're right that goat's milk has less of it - but it still has some... Therefore it would be great if you could leave out all dairy for 3 months to give your body a chance to rest and heal and the inflammation to calm down - then you can start reintroducing dairy again, ideally goat's dairy only or at least at first, as it has less kasein than cow's dairy. Regarding the sugar I totally know what you mean as I'm possibly the biggest fan of cake haha. But it can be done, as I've done it :) If you'd like some sugar-free recipes for cookies and cakes, I'm happy to share mine. The good news is also that when you leave out sugar your palate changes and after a while sweet things taste much sweeter than they used to... Regarding sonographers, did you have your scan already? Bill Smith charges £315 for a 'normal' scan - however it's a 1-hour appointment and you get a ton of information! I can't remember now how much he charges for the aquascan but it's on the clinic's website (if you do a web search for 'clinical diagnostics CDN + bill smith you should be able to find it). Good luck! x

    Katkat - I'm so sorry for the bfn! How are you doing now? I think your plan to wait with the last embryo is good - you'll want to make sure the conditions are as good as possible before transferring. You said you'd taken DHEA for years... May I ask what were your levels? I'm asking because mine shooted through the roof in just one month and I was told to have a break with the DHEA! Maybe some people absorb it faster than others? Thanks for sharing your supplement protocol! Regarding the prednisolone, I guess it's only meant to be necessary/helpful if you have elevated NK cells so if yours were ok the second time around that's why you were told not to take it?

    About the adenomyosis... I'm so sorry for your diagnosis! I feel what you say about having the 'triple combo' of bad eggs, bad sperm and a bad uterus! I so wish at least one of these could be fixed somehow. I'm happy though that your adeno is mild, as that means it shouldn't interfere so much. The important thing is now to gather as much information as possible - e.g. is it more pronounced in the fundus area (which is where most embryos would like to implant), or in the anterior wall (apparently that's the case for most people)? This will affect where is the best place to put the embryo during ET. If you need further diagnostic help, there's Joel Naftalin who's written several research studies about diagnosing adenomyosis via ultrasound and would probably be the best to look into that. I've also seen Bill Smith who is just generally a ultrasound guru and also was able to give me detailed information. Ideally you'd want to be scanned after ovulation, but not immediately before your period. MRI can give detailed info as well, but that depends on who does the report. My MRI was carried out by a generalist, so it didn't add anything new to the info I already had from the scans. However an MRI carried out by a specialist in female reproductive problems might be useful. I now also always mention the adeno to sonographers, and often get very interesting comments, so it's worth always mentioning it even if they're scanning you for other reasons.

    Basically what the adenomyosis does is that it creates a constant state of inflammation in the uterus. The inflammation process (TIAR for 'tissue inflammation and repair') changes the uterine environment in many ways, e.g. the immune situation, how the blood vessels act, increases blood clotting etc. all of which can mess up implantation. So what you want to be doing is first and foremost to fight the inflammation, and also to improve the immune and blood clotting situation in the uterus. Those who say that there's nothing you can do haven't read the dozens of scientific papers on the subject. (That said, many of the promising results are from small studies so the evidence is not conclusive.)

    The protocol I'd recommend would be a combination of diet, supplements and a couple of other things. Diet-wise it's important to avoid all potentially inflammatory foods, such as sugar, gluten, dairy, coffee and alcohol. You can follow the endometriosis diet or the anti-inflammatory diet. It sounds crazy at first and requires quite a lot of learning new recipes and ways of cooking, but you get used to it after 2-4 weeks, and then it's quite easy to maintain. You would also want to include turmeric (e.g. replacing your morning tea/coffee with a 'turmeric latte') to your diet, as well as as much oily fish as you can, and cruciferous vegetables (basically trying to eat broccoli every day), avocado is also good. Regarding supplements, NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) has had most promising results in studies. The protocol is 600mg three times a day on an empty stomach for three days in a row, then 4 days off, continued for at least 3 months. Another promising supplement is pycnogenol (pine bark extract) 60mg per day, and melatonin 10mg before going to sleep - however not everyone tolerates such a high dose, so I'd recommend starting with 5mg, trying that for a week before upping the dose to 10mg and if you get side effects going back to 5mg. Other useful stuff is ECGC extract from green tea (normalises the immune response, lowers inflammatory cytokines), mesima mushroom powder (normalises the immune response, lowers inflammatory cytokines, can be e.g. mixed to the turmeric latte), nattokinase and serrapeptase (both 'eat up' the scar tissue caused by the adenomyosis), DIM (broccoli extract, normalises the oestrogen overload associated with the disease) and everything that thins the blood such as fish oil, turmeric, ginger etc. Taking care of sufficient magnesium intake is also important, as the uterus is a muscle and magnesium is super important for muscle health and can stop excess cramping. In addition, castor oil packs after ovulation and before your period can be helpful (however only do them when you're not trying to get pregnant!), and moderate exercise, to keep the blood moving in the pelvic area. To avoid stagnated blood it's also advisable not to use tampons. Some people also benefit from acupuncture and/or reflexology. You haven't mentioned if you get any of the typical symptoms of adeno such as intense menstrual pain or heavy bleeding, but if you do with the above protocol you should start noticing some changes in the symptoms after 2-3 months. The main thing is to improve the uterine conditions to allow implantation. Adenomyosis can pose an extra challenge, but please remember the situation isn't hopeless. I just had my baseline scan at the Lister and the sonographer said she sees women with adenomyosis getting pregnant and having healthy babies all the time, which was very reassuring. There's also a thread here on FF about successes for people with adenomyosis which is very long, and reading it can be helpful when you feel you need some extra reassurance. And please feel free to PM me at any time - I've read thousands of pages of research papers etc. on this and can e.g. share the studies with you if you'd like to. x

    I hope I haven't missed anyone!

    AFM, I'm on day 3 of stims today and feeling pretty miserable as I've had a cold for the last week and a half and it just won't go away... I can't believe our bad luck that after all these delays and months of waiting (we were supposed to start cycling at the end of November last year!) now I've got a cold just when I'm supposed to be at the best possible health. I've asked both our consultant at the Lister and Dr Gorgy, and they both say the common cold, even with a mild temperature, isn't a reason to delay treatment. But still it feels to me that this is not the best possible starting point.

    And indeed - I had my baseline scan yesterday, and my AFC was 8, first time ever it was under 10! Just in February it was 16! I'm so gutted, but trying to remind myself that it only takes one good egg and that it's about quality, not quantity.

    Luckily there are lots of good news too - the sonographers at the Lister are very good, and two weeks ago they told me that my adenomyosis is much more severe in the front wall of my uterus, and the back wall is only lightly affected - so I guess if they place the embryo there at ET it might have some chance to implant? And the sonographer yesterday told me not to worry about the adenomyosis, as she sees women with adenomyosis getting pregnant and having healthy babies "all the time"! That was very reassuring to hear, so I'm a little bit less worried now.

    Also after I retested my cytokine ratios, it turns out the Humira helped me get them down to the lower half of the normal range, so that should be sorted now. From day 5 (next Tuesday) I'll also be on Clexane and Prednisolone as immune support, and around day 7-10 (Thursday or Friday next week) I should go in to have intralipids - if my soy allergy test comes back as normal, that is... If not, I'll have to have IVIG which is ridiculously expensive so I'm really hoping to get the all clear about the soy!

    We're trying to do a freeze-all cycle but our consultant at the Lister seems pretty convinced it's not going to work so she wants me to do everything as if we were going into a fresh cycle, so that if we need to change plans in the middle we're ready for it. I've got mixed feelings about the whole thing, as I used to think we need to do freeze-all to be able to heal my uterus before doing any transfers. Now I've heard a lot of people say that it won't make so much of a difference, and that the success rates for fresh transfers are better so I'm a bit hesitant whether I've chosen the right course of action... I've also had these weird stomach pains which could be endometriosis and there's a part of me that would like to have that checked before we transfer. It's all so confusing, and so hard to know what's best.

    DP is convinced it's not going to work, and his pessimism is starting to infect me too which I find really difficult as I've always been a positive person so I don't quite recognise myself from this sad, worried mess that I've become. However it feels a lot better to be doing treatment than waiting for it, so I'm happy to be here, even if I'm in a massive brain fog and feeling generally miserable due to the cold. Things don't always go the way we plan, huh? I'm just trying to take one day at a time and not to demand too much from myself.

    I hope everyone's doing well! x

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #266 on: 14/07/19, 15:42 »
    Hi chini,

    Thank you xx

    My list of supplements is as follows. It is quite a lot and all based on my own research.

    Turmeric, anti inflammatory 1 twice a day Holland and Barrett the one with pepper as well
    NAC eggs I think? Natureís best (it doesnít smell!)
    myo inositol for eggs I would take 2mg am and 2mg before bed. Natureís best
    Zinc, magnesium and b6 for eggs (savers)
    Calcium and vit d one twice a day (savers)
    L Arginine think thatís good for eggs Holland and Barrett 1000mg I think. They are huge tablets be warned!
    Royal jelly 1 3 times a day Holland and Barrett
    Maca 1 in the morning 2 in the evening Holland and Barrett
    Fish oil 369 1 am 1 pm (Sainsburyís one is good)
    COQ10 savers do 30 50mg for £2.99 Iíd also get Holland and Barrett 200mg on bogof
    Iodine from natureís best (lots of current research regarding lack of iodine in todayís modern diet unless you have organic dairy and fish really)
    Selenium one a day also from natureís best and most selenium supplements have vitamins added which arenít needed
    5mg folic acid on prescription
    Clexane injections daily after transfer
    Prolutex daily injection after transfer now Iíve run out so now Iím on proluton weekly
    Oestrogen 2 in morning and 2 in evening
    Cyclogest 200mg 1 three times a day on prescription

    I think thatís it xx

    I will read everyoneís updates and reply later I promise. Things are a bit mad here on a personal level so quite hard to get a break x

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #267 on: 15/07/19, 14:47 »
    Hi Chini,

    I have already had an IVF in Britain and didn't like the experience at all. After the 5 years, I heard about a clinic with great results and positive outcomes. I emailed them and several more places to chose, Communicated with the representatives and decided to proceed with one of the Ukrainian clinics. I had a great package with a chance to switch to surrogacy in the case of two failures without losing money so I was sure in my decision. For the first time, I have been there for several days, had signed the contract, got my protocol and meds and returned home. Approximately in a month or so I had come to Ukraine for transfer and had been there for almost a week. This wasn't long so it didn't make any problems for me. Next time was similar. Now I'm booking my flight on mid-August to sign a surrogacy program after which they will start to look for a surrogate for us. The procedure is not complicated and it won't take much time, just 2-3 days not more. I think that the all-inclusive package and price played the most important role in my decision.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #268 on: 15/07/19, 15:29 »
    Hi All,

    I am new to FF and the whole shebang that is trying to conceive for a child with a low AMH/high FSH. I am 37 (just) and have an AMH of under 1  :'( and a FSH of 15. I also have a fibroid which I am having surgery to remove next week - really not looking forward to that but plan is to begin IVF after I have healed so Sept/Oct start likely.

    Been told that my chance of conceiving, even with IVF, is about 5% by a NHS doctor. Though one of the private doctors I saw said it would be about about 25%. This is the thing I HATE so much about this whole thing is that there's never a straight answer and you get different POVs on something so important constantly. This is not Brexit lol so it's so weird to have medical doctors give such varying views on your chances.

    Unfortunately no one in my life understands what this is like and their support has been lacking as a result. So thought I would join this site and hopefully find people who would be willing to become cycle/support buddies. Happy to communicate on here and offline - whatever people prefer.

    I am currently trying to finalise who I should use for IVF. I have been told that, as I have a low egg reserve, natural IVF is my best option. Not many places do that and not many bother with cases like mine - low egg reserve, high FSH, also overweight - tho been losing weight since Jan and working on losing more (times I really feel like a lost cause :'( ). If anyone has any recommendations on clinics that were kind and good pls let me know - as it is bad enough to be going through something like this and spending my life savings without also dealing with crappy customer service. Any other tips/ideas on how I might be able to improve my chances also welcome

     :-* :-* :-*

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #269 on: 15/07/19, 23:33 »
    Just a quick one from me...

    Katkat - for adenomyosis, diet lifestyle changes as Chini has mentioned will help. Also,  sugar is  not good for immunes so reducing this will be beneficial, (but I can be quite the chocolate addict). I did also have a follow up following my surgery for endo and she said probiotics is also important and to de stress as much as possible.
    In terms of IVF,  Create have suggested long down reg to control uterine environment.
    I think where the adeno is situated also is a factor. They said mine was situated in the posterior(? I think) so shouldnít impact too much at the moment but theyíll need to keep an eye on it.
    Also, immunes will play a part. Dr G is expensive though. I didnít realise I had adeno when I saw him but he advised IVIG, predisonale and LIT therapy for me as my uterine NK cells were really high. Iím still trying to do a bit more research on this myself and trying to get a second opinion

    Chini - thank you for your kind words. Iíve been bit of a miserable person lately what with the miscarriage and issues at work, but itíll get better I guess since I will be leaving that place. Regarding progessence itís from young living. If you google it it should come up. Also for endo specialist doctors, I went on the forum on social media called Nancy nooks endometriosis education forum. The admin and Nancy herself have suffered from endo and they have a list of endo specialists that they have vetted/recommended by patients. My consultant/surgeon was Dr Shaheen Khazali at Ashford and St Peters Hospital. However he isnít a fertility specialist but theyíre all gynaecologist so will have some general understanding about fertility. Iím not sure where youíre based and if you have access to private medical insurance but there is a list on there for doctors in different parts of the country and for those who have access to medical insurance. With dr Vidali, I think itís a Skype call. If you need more info, feel free to PM me. Good luck for your current cycle and try and stay positive. Thereís always conflicting info about whether fresh is better or better to do FET. Fresh hasnít work for me so far.

    Alydreaming-  thank you for sharing the link for the supplements. I did stumble across dr bravermanís site before but hadnít had a chance to look at all the supplements recommended. At my follow up appt, I was told it can take a while to retrain my body/muscles as itís been in constant pain for a long time it has to unlearn it. She talked me through the anti inflammatory diet, said probiotics is also important and to de stress as much as possible and be selfish leave work on time etc to look after myself to allow my body to heal. She also said I could do things like yoga and mindfulness - something thatíll help to lengthen breathing to help me to completely relax. Hope your cycle is going well.

    Briss - so sorry for the lack of fertilisation, I had this on my last cycle, it is totally gutting

    Welcome Melanin x

    Hello to everyone else...

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