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Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
« Reply #420 on: 11/01/20, 22:22 »
Hi everyone,

Katak2014; I am also very curious about Cameron Diaz, although, I don't recall seeing any picture of her being pregnant. Perhaps she's used a surrogate? My heart melted when I read your comment about getting a daily reminder that she's there..how truly amazing!

Queenie; are you cycling with Serum or Reprofit? I am sorry you had 2 chemicals recently and I really hope you can collect a healthy follicle this cycle. As you said there is so much unknown about the early implantation phase and immunes are the first thing to research about it, what do you mean tests were ok-ish?

Sunshine, so nice to hear from you and your little girl.

Chini; I also tried naturally and didnít happen so I know exactly how you feel. I am sorry that to make things worse you had and painful and heavy period. I  agree that an investigation of this endometriosis is crucial before you do anything. Good luck with your consultations. 

Briss; how is your new job going? I completely get what you mean you say about producing a viable egg. Itís bloody hard!

MSJ; I am not sure which jabs you need to take, but being from a developing country myself, I know that some are safe to receive before and even during pregnancy, like for hepatitis A & B, others such as Varicella & Rubella - which stimulates the body to start creating antibodies is normally recommended to wait a month or 2 after receiving it before tcc.

Hi to everyone else. xx

We really tried naturally during the week that I might have ovulated, but I am on day 32 and it was BFN this morning. The weird thing is that I have been having cramps since day 27, but it is not constantly and most of the time is in the evening. I have an appointment with Concept this week and I am hoping Dr would be able to help to understand what is happening. He said on day 8 that my body was showing signs of possible ovulation, but if I did ovulate why still no AF yet when I am not pregnant? I still feel very confused about proceeding with DE in Alicante or trying with my own at Concept and I hope I can make a decision after the appointment. Just can't wait for a new cycle and to get things moving.

Bigs hugs to everyone.


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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #421 on: 11/01/20, 23:54 »
    Hi all,

    Katkat: congrats for fantastic news I am really happy for you
    I was inspired by your story about collecting every other month

    Briss: I understand how it feels, through this journey I have learnt to take time out when needs and focus on healing and what you do have
    You have always been incredibly brave
    I appreciated your theory about listening to the voice as itís always there

    With regards to Lister
    They have recently started natural cycle packages and batching as part of their pricing -
    Maybe they are now taking this more seriously
    I presumed they are now more positive towards this approach ?
    Has anyone tried this there ?

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #422 on: 12/01/20, 00:06 »
    I think you should try once at concept with your OE
    Who is your consultant?

    Has anyone cycled at Zita West for natural
    Cycles ?
    Or Argc?

    I am deciding between Create, Lister, Argc and Zita West and would appreciate recommendations


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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 7
    « Reply #423 on: 23/01/20, 05:12 »
    New thread here:


    Good luck to you all  ^reiki^

    Riley x