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New home ladies  ^fairydust^

Happy chatting  ^gossip^

Here's Hoping this thread will inspire and encourage women over 50 to go for thier dream of having a baby!!

It's the most wonderful thing that I have ever experienced.

My little girl is now 4, and such a delight (I gave birth Age 57).

She truly makes life worth living.

Good luck ladies and never give up on your dream.

Morganna xx

Thanks for your replies to my questions.
I've been to my dr about getting the hrt. (Oestrogen patch and progesterone) but they seem completely confused about the situation due to the fertility treatment as well and have gone off to ask a gyny.
I'm not sure whether I should start it or not, but the clinic in Greece said it would keep the uterus in shape.
I will have a look at CARE. I was thinking of going abroad again because of more availability of egg donors.

Iím in the combined pill for the exact same reasons albatross, to keep my uterus in shape and working  :)

Thanks Stacey
What do you take exactly and did you start straight after the ivf? Do you then have to waiti for a bleed before starting ivf again?


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