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Treatment suspended at St Maryís?
« on: 7/04/19, 15:49 »
Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post but hoping someone can help.
I called St Maryís this morning to request another round of IUI after getting a BFN yesterday.
Iíve just had a call back from a nurse who told me theyíve had to suspend treatments for 2 months after an inspection from HFEA found an issue with the consent forms...I was kind of in shock as no one mentioned anything this morning so I didnít really say much and the nurse just said to call back if I had any questions. Iíve been on hold for 30 mins trying to get through to someone so Iím wondering has anyone else heard anything about this and can shed any light? Thanks


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    Treatment suspended at St Maryís?
    « Reply #1 on: 9/04/19, 13:21 »
    I replied to you on the other thread prinzilla and after reading the 'reason' that they suspended treatment at this clinic  I'm shocked, angry and appalled on your behalf.
    There will be numerous couples who now have their hopes and dreams on hold causing awful turmoil and emotional stress.
    Easter holidays is coming up and patients who are teachers and banking on having EC or ETs over the next couple of weeks will now have had the rug pulled and be forced to wait till the summer
    I would be inclined to write a very strongly worldly letter of complaint to hfea-about hfea.
    I had similar situations countless times during my years of NHS cycles.
    I was glad to go abroad to a professional clinic not governed by dozy beaurocrats. Where incidentally I had success for the 1st time ever