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I'm kind of sad and kind if proud at the same time.

Biggles has taken to self settling. Put His blanket on him his cuddle toy near his face and a dummy in his mouth and he settles himself to sleep. I should be 100% proud, but I'm not as I'm a little sad he's done this so quickly. My others didn't and I had to rock them or hold them until they were about a year. He's 16 weeks tomorrow and puts himself to sleep. Okay, I watch for the red eyebrows and fussiness  and then give him his 3 items. It's cute, but it's sad. Silly mare. 🤣

In other news, he was straining for a 💩 the other day so I thought I'll sit him over my wipes bin, holding his legs up, see if that helps. OMG!!  He 💩 in my bin. I was so proud of him. So I took a look at elimination communication and thought I wonder 🤔 went out bought him a potty, high backed. Got it home, fed him, took his nappy off, sat him on the potty, talking to him and holding him (he can't even sit up yet) and OMG!  He did another one. Tried a bit later on, next feed time and he had a pee in his potty. 3 days now, today is the 4th and I shall carry on. Every time he sits on the potty, he does something in it. I know my eldest was dry at 13 months, but this is absolutely amazing. I spoke to my mum about it and she said in her mum's day, this was done naturally from birth, mainly to save on the terries. I must admit rinsing 💩 out of the nappies before washing is not entirely pleasant. So if I can get him to 💩 on the potty,more often than not, it will be a blessing.

Me and the kids are fine. Bottom half of house is deep cleaned now, just getting the motivation to sort the upstairs out. Half of me wonders if it's worth it as when he gets back, it will all go to pot. Atm I can go downstairs now and know there is not a single dirty pot in the washing up bowl. There is not clutter everywhere. The only corner tha5 is messy is my baby stash. Nappies, cream, wipes etc. But even that's relatively tidy. A (11) has stopped checking the bowl, the cup, the cutlery he's about to use is really clean. He does when his dad washes up. There isn't dirty clothes piling up in all the washing baskets. When DH is here, there's always a backlog of washing that I sort on a Sunday. Usually 6 loads washed and dried in 1 day. Wait for him to put them away (appropriate rooms only) and I wait about 4 days until i get thoroughly peed off and do it myself and only then will he come running up the stairs and decide to "help" me. My point is why does he wait until I'm peed off and then try and take over the job that he shoukd/could have done in the first place.

I've put up one of those plastic strip fly nets on the front room door, and I've also screwed my tea coffees sugar holder to the wall,which I asked him to do months ago but he's never got around to it. Really must get upstairs sorted.

For now though as Biggles has put himself to sleep again, I'm going to snuggle down and get some sleep. He was sleeping through the night, but the last 2 night's, he's woke up at 3am again and then between 6 and 7 am. So I'm a little tired.


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    I managed to get A to hoover his room the other day. Makes a hell of a difference. As I was feeding Biggles he kept taking photos of his progress so I could tell him where he had missed. By the time he had finished the carpet was spotless.

    We didn't manage to get to karate. We did a lot of shopping and walking and pushing pushchair Thursday and by the time karate time came round, my legs had seized up and I was in agony. A didn't mind thankfully.

    Yesterday, myself and the boys mowed and strimmer the front lawn. It was hard work. Baby needing feeding and have you ever pushed a mower one handed? Arms and legs hurt  a lot afterwards. The kids then decided they were cooking tea. So apart from me peeling the potatoes, they did everything else. They ended up with mashed potatoes, sweetcorn and fish fingers. Didn't do enough potatoes for me, so I had a ready meal spag bol. It was okay once I salted it to add some flavour. They then spent the rest of the night playing games with each other and giggling a lot. Makes a change from falling out and nearly coming to blows. My referee hat had a rest last night.

    Biggles fell asleep about 8.15pm, after a bottle. Woke briefly at 10.15 so I dream fed him, disnt bother changing his nappy and he slept till 5.30am. Have just fed and changed him and he's self settled himself back to sleep.

    I have bought an army style 10 man bell tent. We have a home education camp to go to in June and I have a feeling our other tent may well be mouldy so looked at the different styles and spoke to an ex army friend and he recommended ex army tent. It has 1 pole that goes in the middle. Sewn in groundsheet. 1 window and 1 door. Haven't had it out of the box yet, will wait till DH gets back. Ex army friend has offered his front garden for us to try it out as our gardens (front and back) aren't big enough, I don't think. It says it's 5metres. I can't remember if that is height or length. Getting nervous about he whole camp thing. My older kids didn't start camping till they were 4 or 5 yrs, so camping with a 4 month old is definitely going to be a new experience. Also, when I booked, I assumed he would be breast fed, so milk would be easy. Now he's bottle fed, I'm not sure how that's going to work. I have got cold water sterilizing tanks, but I'm worried about how to do e bottles on a gas canister ring. You're not supposed to cook inside the tent. Hopefully he'll stay sleeping throughout he night, like he is now. Guess it's a wait and see thing. He will be still using his terry nappies as I've asked if here's a launderette there and there is. Didn't really want to put him in disposables. So I shall take my large wetbag, rather than my 45 litre bin. His potty is going as well. Hoping the boot will be big enough. As we have a pushchair as extra baby stuff as well as a full camp set up. I'm just glad it's not too far from home. We can pack up quickly, if it all goes wrong. How will my kids cope without electronics I ask myself. There is no electric hook up. Oops!!! Hopefully they'll make lots of friends with other home ed kids and spend most of their days playing. Here is a swimming pool there, so that should help. However, it's an outdoor pool so we've got to pray the weather will be good.

    Big discussions are to be had apparently when DH and mum get back. He's got this idea that it would be best if he went bavk to Bulgaria alone, and fixed up one of the houses and rhen we all move over to him. I'm not so sure. Good in theory. Practically, I'm not sure at all. It means me being left with the kids and mum and coping on my own with 4 dependants. The kids aren't so bad, they help out and what not. Mum confuses situations and expects to get out in the car once a week without children. If he's not here, that expectation has to go, I can't obviously leave my kids home alone. Plus would a long distance marriage really work? I know I'm sick and tired of him ringing me already. 2,3, 4 times a day. Speaks to me more on the phone, then he ever does at home and I'm feeling stalked slightly 😂. Last week I took my friend with us to swimming and rhen she came round home for a while. He rang halfway through. Realised my friend was here and said "I didn't know you were having Xxx round!?"in such a manner that I responded quite frostily with "I didn't realise I needed your permission or to clock in and out my every movement!!" He shut up and passed the phone to my mum. Atm, I'm home alone with 3 kids. I do what I want, when I want, and no-one to tell me otherwise. It's different when they are home obviously. I have to consider their feelings etc but they're not her. So he can get stuffed if he thinks I'm running every last but of information past him first.

    A has actually said I don't check the cups, bowls, plates and cutlery to see they are actually clean now I know it's you washing up. When dad does them, I have to check as some are still dirty. I had noticed that to be fair. DH says it's because he doesn't have time to do them properly.???? Well, how come, I do then? I've not got a backlog of washing either. All the clean, dry clothes miraculously end up in the appropriate rooms, so no dry clutter everywhere. When he's home,  dirty washing piles up and indeed clean clothes pile up on and around the tumble dryer. On second thoughts, maybe him going to Bulgaria alone is a good idea 😂😂😂😂 my house is cleaner, when he's not in it! 😂 He's not having a go at the kids for leaving games/toys out whilst (get this) he leaves his reams of art paper and crayons and pencils littered everywhere on the living room floor. When I pull him up on it, he says, but I just left them there while I made a coffee, just did a quick job, whatever. What? For 3 days?And you don't touch the art stuff in all that time?yet you expect kids to put games/toys/coats/shoes/whatever immediately. Kids follow the examples set. And he doesn't always set a good example in my opinion.

    Kids aren't snacking as much. I cook tea and have it ready for bang on 4pm. So I can watch tipping point and stuff my face at the same time 😂. He doesn't cook till after 6pm, when the chase has finished. Kids were snacking a lot. A has actually said he likes 4pm tea time as he's not very hungry and having to fill the 4-6.30pm gap with crisps. DH has been told and has said well I'll have to make sure that tea is on e table for 4pm then. That will last about a week. If that. Then all the old routines will fall back into place. Including grease on the work top from the deep fat fryer that he then ignores and I have to degrease. Yuk! My kitchen looking like a bombsite. He never cleans up as he goes along whilst cooking. I do. My kitchen looks wonderful. The dog has stopped peeing in the house. I could go on. 😂😂😂😂

    But Biggles is awake again. So speak later.

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    So Biggles has 💩 on the toilet for the last 2 days. Morning bottle. Take off nappy. Take him through to the bathroom, gently sit him on the toilet and bam! 30 seconds later he has 💩. I literally can't believe it. He also uses the potty after every feed. And pees nearly every time. His nappies are less wet. If that makes sense. I'm hoping that when it does come to him walking, he will already know to use the toilet. I really don't like baby pool when they eat solid food. All the boys trained early. But I have never done this before. I'm enjoying it. Biggles doesn't look pressured. He just sits on the potty/toilet and does as nature intends. It's fascinating and brilliant.

    So hubby and mum will be back (in reality)Wed morning. I've been laying down the law via text and I hope he listens. Told him to stop all sarcasm. Since sarcasm hasn't been in the house, the boys attitudes and tone of voice have changed. They're happy. They're co-operative. They're helpful. All sarcasm and sarky come backs gone. Just straight answers to straight questions.

    I'm looking forward to seeing them, but not looking forward to the atmosphere changing in the house. It's calm, chilled out, relaxed. Kids get up in a good mood and stay in a good mood. Hubby wakes up like a grump and basically manages to put everyone else in a bad mood. In a way, I wish he could stay there!!! That's an awful thing to say, but ..........

    My mum's okay. Falls in with my plans most of the time. And her mood is generally a calm one. He's already started making sexy comments about his welcome home. He's going to be sorely disappointed!I really don't want to, and why should I?

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    They're back! Still didn't get everything sort4d in Bulgaria. Aparently the atm wouldn't allow.mum to get money out of pay the council tax on all the properties (sorry rubble) bar 1. He wants to go over there and start renovating the house my brother lived in. Obviously, so we can all relocate at some point.

    They couldn't get over How clean the house looked. The fact that me and the kids mowed the front lawn. And then a bed guard defeats me 😂 never was any good at pictorial instructions. 😂 Biggles is now safe again. Most nights he now sleeps 10.30-5.30/6am. Quick feed and nappy change and back to sleep till 9am ish.

    I don't sleep that much. I have another chest infection. The 3rd since the cesearean. I'm wondering if there's a link. 6 years I've been packed up smoking. When I did smoke, I used to get bronchitis and chest infections at least 4 times a year. And double dose antibiotics was the only thing to clear it up. In 6 years of being a non smoker (before the c sec) I had bronchitis once and only took 1 round of antibiotics to get rid. In the 17 weeks since the cesearean, I have had 3 chest infections 😱 all requiring antibiotics. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time. My chest feels like it has concrete poured into it constantly. I'm coughing like a 20 a day smoker. Been there, done that. I'm coughing to the point of mouth salvation and near on vomiting with it. And I feel I keep getting fobbed off. No, it's not linked to c sec. Are you sure? Yes positive. So how come I go 6 yrs with only 1 chest infection and rhen have a section and get 3 in 17 weeks. Our bodies react differently to each pregnancy/birth. Sorry but BS!!!  Guess I have to suck it up. Again.
    And more medical news.

    I have to have a repeat cervical smear. Joy! I went through enough emotionally last time. It's also not down to anything being wrong, lab refused to test it (and 6 others in the surgery) as the vials were a bad batch. Can you believe this absolute bull. Apparently I have to go back within 3 months. Complete load of testicles if you ask me. See, I can be polite. 😂

    Biggles also has a chesty cough which I've seen the go for. I was given an inhalor and face mask. Just how the hell am j supposed to do that. Been making do with steamy room and snuffle baby. He now has a really spotty, sore bottom. So may end up having to go back. He's okay in himself though. No twmpreture. I keep checking.

    The other kids are well. And in the main happy. They're kind of happy their dad is back and kind of not. Attitudes are reverting and they have stopped helping. So I'm not happy as it makes me out to be a liar. And I'm not.

    I don't really know what to do. Let DH go back to Bulgaria and renovate or not. In some ways it's easier when he's not here. In others, I'm glad when he comes back. Biggles recognised him and seems saved all his best giggles for him. So cute, but so annoying. I got giggles, don't get me wrong, but not like an dis yesterday. Yet I'm the one who's always here. Flipping typical 🤣.

    We've got to get in the shed today. Have to sort out what camping equipment we have as opposed to what we need. We go to the home ed camp in June. Eek! I booked in when I was pregnant as I thought I would be breast feeding. I'm getting a little anxious in case he regressed and wakes in the night wanting a feed. Tents don't block out the noise and I'm worried about disturbing ither families. I suppose it can't be helped. Also worried my car won't fit everything in as j have to factor in babies don't travel light. And there's no electric hook up. 😱 there is a launderette. So at least be able to take his terries. Didn't want to have to put him in disposables.  I just keep thinking I'm completely bonkers.

    We, at least, have holiday money. I've not really touched my child benefit for 2 months, maybe more and we have quite a little nest egg building up. So I may use that. Or I may carry on ignoring it and use DH money 😂 He normally pays for holiday money.  Mum is staying hime and looking after the dog.

    June 12th, were at drayton manor free. A friend sent me a link for a special needs charity that gives you free tickets to drayton manor. All I had to do was email how many kids and adults and they sent the tickets. No evidence required. So yeah a good day out hopefully.

    June 13th is jab day. 3 lots of injections again for him 😔. Poor baba. They are a good thing but I hate the short term effects. And then slumming it holiday 😂. In our new bell tent which we don't have room to try out in our garden. And I daren't try at our local park, squatters may move in 😂 sounds like a massive comedy of errors to me 😂
    There's a 50/50 chance of everything going perfect or going South. Guess which one I'm opting for 😂

    Anyway, I'm going to try and have a sneaky bath while the whole house is slumbering.

    Laters !!!

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    Okay - a little freaked out. But trying to remain calm and tell myself my cycles will be all over th3 place, I only had a baby 17 weeks ago.

    First cycle came 10 weeks post partum. Then it came 12 weeks post partum. After that, I managed to allow DH some "intimate time" day 12 and day 14. I didn't realise at the time it was day 12 and day 14 till I checked calendar. Those used to be the days I ovulated before Biggles. So yesterday, day 31. Went to the loo, wiped, a little bit of blood.  Great! Stuck a pad on. Little bit of blood on pad. The rest of the day, nothing. This morning, nothing. Something like this has happened to me once before, the result will be 9 in July. Now the rational me says you've just had a baby, your periods are out of whack, don't worry about it. The irrational me says go and buy a pregnancy test. The rational me says even if you are pregnant again, it's your eggs and his sperm, you will miscarry, so don't get the test and you can write it off as late period. The irrational me says I want a definitive answer. But if I am (by some miracle) pregnant, it will hurt my heart when/if I lose it, if I am with child. But doubtful. Very doubtful. It's just post partum trickery. I don't know what to do????

    In a way I sincerely hope I'm not. Cesearean was 17 weeks ago, I'm well aware it takes up to 12 months for the insides to heal. Couod be very dangerous. And Biggles has just started sleeping from 10pm to 6.30 am. On top of that, he falls asleep at 8pm downstairs, sometimes wakes for a 10pm feed, sometimes not. So, hes getting a routine and parenting in the main is wonderful. There's still the trapped wind crying going on, but not so bad. Just hate seeing him in pain. Do I really need to complicate things further? I know I jokingly said I want a playmate for Biggles but come on, this would be a bit much! Probably overthinking everything. I'm just going to go back to sleep I think 😂

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    Post partum tomfoolery. Proper  cycle today.  ;D

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     Guess what this stupid idiot did last week. Only accidentally dropped my car keys on the car seat and then the car self locked all doors whilst niggles was inside it 😱🥶😨😭 called motability they said call insurance. Called insurance, they put me on hold. I hung up! Mum then said call the police. Called them  they sent a pcso patrol and they said smash the window. Dh tried, but couldn't, pcso tried, couldnt. In the end a neighbour brought appointed wrench over and he smashed the window in. All told, it took 18 mins and it was one of the worst 18 mins of my life to date.

    Autoglass put perspex in and I'm sitting waiting for them to come and replace the window today. .
    In other news, he weighs 13lb7oz (last week)and I had to cancel imms onyhursday as he has loose stools and a but under the weather. Hes awake now  bye for now.

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    The house is full of the lurgy this week.

    A started with feeling nauseous and high temperature. Then felt better, J started with high temperature and actually being sick, so I'll he missed dance this week. Still has a temperature which ibuprofen is dealing with. Paracetamol made him 🤮🤮 everywhere. Baby has diarhea. Has had it 4-5 days now. After 48 hours of it I got a drs appt and they asked for a stool test to rule out bacterial. They think it's a viral infection. Good job has been sitting on the potty for about 4 weeks now, so was relatively easy to collect. Still doesn't alter the fact he still has diarhea and they're not doing a damn thing about it. I keep checking his fontanelle to make sure it's not dipping inwards (sign of dehydration)but so far, touch wood, he seems okay.

    Were supposed to be camping with a load of other home educators tomorrow -jury is still out on that one. Just keep taking all the kids temps and monitoring I suppose. Make up my mind tomorrow. Its not too far away from home either. About a 20 minute drive.

    Car window has been finally been replaced. It took them 3 attempts!!!!and 1 email from me. Twice they brought dark, tinted window and in the end I emailed them and demanded a CLEAR window. So that was done Thursday. Thursday night, the battery kept refusing to allow me to turn ignition and kept saying Theft deterrent system activated. And then wild let me turn the engine and drive. It happened again Friday morning with the baby in the car so I eventually drove to the dealership and they allowed me to take baby home (needed a feed, no bottle with me) and bring the car back. They then found the battery had a cell that wasn't connecting (whatever that means) and kindly ordered a new battery and drove me home. Rang me later to say new battery installed and I got a taxi and the car is lovely again now.

    Mum came through on Wednesday all very heavy breathing and said phone an ambulance. I still find that a bit odd. She had a mobile phone right next to her so didn't technically need to struggle down the hall to my living room, but oh well. Ambulance duly arrived, checked her over, declared a panic attack as she couldn't breathe while coughing. Mum had hit a drs appt for later kn the day, so we decided to keep it. Paramedics couldn't hear a crackle or wheeze on her chest at all in the morning. She has a cold and due to COPD and lifelong clashes with pneumonia (was born with pneumonia and nearly died multiple times) running them throughout her life. She has had pneumonia countless times, bronchial pneumonia, pleurisy, double pleurisy, double pneumonia, everything you can possibly think of, too many times. So we always pay particular attention to colds in her and this time was ok exception.
    Anyway, take her to the doctors j  the afternoon. Lo and behold, crackle is kow there and antibiotics given.

    It's been a week of germs, germs and more germs, complete with car window stress and battery replacement. Oh, and I've ordered a new spare key for the car....... 150!!!!!! Ouch!!!! 77 for the key itself and the remainder for the labour of coding the key. I wasnt overly impressed, but it's my own fault for losing the original spare key when we moved. Expensive lesson and I wknt make that particular mistake a second time.

    I've changed broadband providers. So the original provider rang me up and asked why. So I said, currently my internet with you is running at 0.02 and 0.04 megabytes per second which is crap and my new provider has guaranteed a minimum of 47 megabytes per second. So he said I can see why you've switched and hung up on me. Rude!!!

    Saw my eldest last weekend. He sorted my new phone for me. Spent some time just me, him and baby. He has finally admitted biggies is a beautiful looking child. Course he is, he is the spitting image of all my other boys. It truly amazes me. It was lovely just to laugh and joke with my boy and have time with him, without his girlfriend butting in (she was at work) or DH making sarky jokes or the kids saying can we play games on your computer?  He's a good lad and he's working hard to clear his debts. Very proud of him.

    Ooh, don't know if I've mentioned it. Xray results are back. Xrays show my osteoarthritis in my knees has worsened considerably and I now own knees that have an average age of 66 years old! 20 yeara older than me! Wondering if they are any congratulations certificates out there 😂😂 the doctor said I was the first female he has come across with knees that have aged that much as opposed to my real age. He said if i had been 66,they would have looked at knee replacement. But at 46, its not advisable. And I said it wouldn't be worth it anyway, as they have nothing to attach a new knee to. He looked at me as if I was mad. But, I know my tendons aren't fully formed, there is muscle wastage, and they're aren't the correct bits and bones in there to attach anything to. When I was 13 and 16, they were going to try and attach knee caps, and when they got inside my knees (2 butcher scars down my knees) they found them both to be lumps of fibrous tissue and mess. Nothing to attach anything to. So no hope of attaching a new knee. He's referred me for physio 😂😂😂😂😂 and I nearly cried with laughter. Again he looked at me oddly. I have done physio. And I cant physically do the exercises they set me. My legs don't work the same way as able bodied. I cant do sit ups, I cant do push ups. I cant lift anything with the front of my legs. I cant even lift my legs straight up as they automatically go into a twisted v shape and it bl00dy hurts to do that. I cant have weights on my ankles and lift my leg forwards, I simply don't have that much power and control in my legs. Never have. So physio will be an utter waste of hospital time and mine. He then said they will also give you steroid injections in your knees. And I looked at him and said and I will be refusing that! Since my operations all those years ago, I feel physically sick if anyone touches them. Even my husband doesn't touch them as he's not allowed. I'll be damned if they stick a needle in them.  He then said well theres not a lot else they can do for you. And I know this. So I said, look just give me some pain killers to get me through the worst. He's gave me naproxen and said take them after meals twice a day and they are a short term fix as they are addictive. So I haven't taken 1. I don't like the thought if getting addicted to anything. I'm just battling through the pain and pretending it doesn't exist. Mind over matter as me mum says. " I haven't got a mind and it doesn't matter!"😂😂😂😂😂 It will calm down when Biggles can walk. Hopefully. And if not, well I'll ho in for another cycle as those pregnancy hormones really helped my legs 😂😂😂 (and the wheelchair to be fair) I've been looking at my drive on the front and thinking j have enough room to try and build a small lean to. Then I'll buy a small mobility scooter with a detachable battery and voila! No need for anyone else to push me around. Invest in mobility tamps for the car , so we don't have to physically pick it up (they are heavy) and I don't need to rely on anyone then. I have been known to have 3 kids and 1 dog on a mobility scooter with me in the past 😂

    DH has dug my front lawn up and planted potatoes in it. I'm hoping he will have some success. He's on about putting marigolds between the potatoes and digging up the side lawn and planting more veg in there. Were having to give up our allotment during to time and other commitments. So, he's turning any available garden space into an allotment. I've told him No to the back lawn though. Although I would like it dug up, levelled off and gravelled. Round the side at the back is where I intend to build a chicken run as we have permission for 6 chickens. I wanted 7 so I could name them after the days of the week 😂, but I'll have to make do with Monday to Saturday! Well Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest 😂😂😂

    You should see J checking everyone's temperature. Gets the thermometer (one of these fancy battery operated digital ones that you scan the forehead with) and says come on, time to be checked. And everyone does as he says. He's changed his mind about midwifery now. He wants to be a doctor. Bless his heart. I hope I can provide the opportunities for him to achieve his dreams.  A still wants to be a police officer, would suit him, he loves trying to control every situation known to man. 😂 Hes struggling a bit atm, apart from the illness. Hes hit puberty. Has hairs sprouting in all manner of places and I think the testosterone hormone may be kicking in. Hes not handling his feelings well atm. We are trying to be considerate of his feelings (most of us anyway) J is a wind up merchant to him and A doesn't always control the urge to kick off at him. A portion of my time is spent refereeing little fights that break out between them. Separate and both get time out on chairs in front of me. They are also told if they argue their case extra minutes will be added on. I get sick if them arguing why they should be let off, he did this as opposed to he did that and that's why I hit him, sprayed orange juice jn his face, kicked him ......... the list is endless. So now, they get told if they carry on trying to talk to me and plead their case, I will add 5 minutes every time. They shut up and do their time jn the chair in silence. If my eldest is anything to go by, this will last about 2 yrs for A. And then of course, J will be just about hitting puberty and it will all start again. And at that point, Biggles will be hitting terrible 2's/3's. Joy!!!!😂😂😂😂😂 and I want another baby in 2 years time (start cycling in 2 yrs) hopefully baby in 3. I must be absolutely mental 😂😂😂😂

    I better go, Biggles is due to wake up in  6 minutes for a bottle. Had his last bottle at 9.45pm and sleeps through till 6 ish, most nights now. Best baby I've had for sleeping. Only took me 5 successful attempts and countless miscarriages to get a good sleeper. I am so very blessed. 🥰🥰🥰

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    We made it to the home ed camping trip. It was okay. For us parents it was a bit [email protected] if I'm honest, didn't feel very inclusive. The baby wasn't very well,so was on piriton for an allergic reaction to changes. Don't ask! Okay, hubby had orange juice from the fruit in his hands. Didn't give it a thought, picked baby up, baby started reacting badly 8 hrs later. The morning we were due to go. We were at the hospital at 7am, I thought the blisters and red skin could be meningitis (checked with glass, so no it wasnt) or sepsis. Specialist paediatric nurse asked if hed had a change of milk, change of washing powder, change of anything and bingo, same time, we both said he had come into contact with an orange. Hes teething, so sucks everything. His fingers, my fingers, his dad fingers. Yep, sucked orange off his dad's fingers. So specialist nurse gave him 2.5 ml of piriton and we were to do it twice a day. Then we went to camp. Ended up having to give him reduced doses 4 times a day. So 1.3 ml and then 6 hrs later 1.2. 6 hes later 1.3, 6 hrs later 1.2. We soon worked that out as the hives were coming back quickly on the 2.5 dose. So first day he had 2.5 then 1.3 then1.2 at bed time. Next day. 4 lots of reduced doses to keep on top of it. 3rd day same again. 4th day, it had almost gone so only 2 doses at a reduced rate. Hes now completely recovered thank God!

    Back to camp. Soour friends who were also going, couldn't go as the kids and mum came down with massive cold and chest infection. So we were on our own. Every other home educator had their own clique going in so we were very isolated. Although women spoke to DH a lot, every time he pushed biggles round the camp site to get him to sleep and we slowly got known as the "cute baby couple" and it slowly began to get better.

    For the kids - a very different story. Oh my God!they loved the freedom. They loved making friends. Even A! My highly socially anxious child. 😱 He was off and making friends, playing Nerf wars, and joining in with all the organised sporting events. My heart nearly burst out of my chest with pride. Most of the time we didn't see the kids 😂 they were off. Playing, going to the shop on site kn their own, going to the amusement arcade, playing in the woods, playing with friends. It was fabulous. They returned briefly to the tent for food, and drink and sleep. A was very good though and took my cool blocks to the freezer every morning for me. And collected them when they were needed. So we mainly had Biggles to concentrate on. Some people remarked I was very brave for camping and using cloth nappies. They saw them drying on our wind breaker
     They admitted they cloth nappied their kids but always took disposables for camping. But, honestly it was easy. I also took his potty and I can safely say we caught every 💩 in the potty
     Biggles now growls or grunts when  he needs a 💩. Caught a lot of the wees as well in the potty. The main nappies that were wet were the night time nappy. That's all.

    All in all, it wasnt too bad I suppose. We did leave camp thursday night instead of Friday morning though as we had to be checked out at 11 am. I kind of thought that would be pushing it for us. Biggles wakes between 5 and 6 am for a quick bottle and then goes back to sleep till between 8 and 9 am. He would have needed a bottle and  or two and it would have eaten into our packing up time too much. So we left 9.30pm Thursday. Just easier all round.

    So were home now and settled back into life again quite easily. Kids had swimming today. And were all back to normal.

    Biggles is okay. Teething, so a bit crochety and grumpy, but still drinking his regular amount of milk, so hes okay in himself.

    I'm tired and not very well. But muddling through, as you do.

    So he's fell asleep now, my cue to hit the sack as well.

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    So were home obviously. So our highlights have been biggles is nearly sitting up. He's very loud and very vocal in what he wants and doesn't want. He likes playing with things he shouldn't (name me a kid that doesn't? 😂) and is bored of things he can have.

    I had him weighed on Monday, hes now 14lb15oz. So he has finally doubled his birth weight and according to the HV there, he has jumped from 9th percentile to the 25th.

    My relationship with his dad isn't great still . He is irritating me without even trying. He has dug up my front lawn and planted potatoes. Built 2 seed boxes around the side at the front and honestly, it looks awful. But, he's going back to Bulgaria soon to try and start renovations on the house. That should give me some breathing space. The kids cant wait for him to go back. He upsets their routines, he jumps in when they're having a conversation and it's really beginning to annoy them. When he's around, gentle parenting is out. He decided he's staying until just after J's birthday. J of course is over the moon ......... NOT! Hubby also keeps saying I'm frustrated, nudge, nudge, , wink , wink. And I keep making damn sure no matter how tired I am in a morning, I get up before him! I intimacy normally takes place kn a morning, especially if I decide to have a lie in. So no lie ins. Even when Biggles is struggling a little at night with the heat. Which means sleep routine is going backwards atm. I'm not complaining, but I am shattered. And making sure I get up before hubby is slowly killing me. I think he thinks it's been 21 weeks since Biggles arrived, I should be over my trauma now. It doesn't work like that. This will take time.

    But the baby is wonderful. Makes me smile most days. Hubby has babied him again and now he doesn't like being put down at all. When hubby goes to Bulgaria, it will be a case of retraining him unfortunately. When hubby went last time, I couldn't carry the baby because of my knee pain and so baby was confined to the pushchair. I had to push him around the house all day when taking pots through or making a bottle. A couple of times I had to go up the stairs on my bottom, carrying the baby. I don't know if I mentioned it but xrays confirmed that the osteoarthritis in my knees had worsened somewhat. My knees have the age of a 66 year old woman. And I'm only 46. However, the pain is worsening. It now goes into my heels and every step is painful. My knees hurt constantly, coupled with heel pain -haha Sex is OFF the agenda. Going to buy his train tickets today as his flights are booked. Hopefully life will get easier again  when hes not here 😂 all the pain I was in when  they (he and mum) went away, and life was still easier. Doctor did give me pain killers but said only for the short term is they are addictive, so I haven't even took 1. Hes offered physio which doesn't work for me as my body doesn't work in the same way as everyone else. I cant do the atypical exercises. So I said no thanks. Offered steroid injections. No thank you. No-one touches my knees since my operations as it physically repulses me. I am not having a needle in the knees. Knee replacement is out. I too young 😂 and theres nothing to attach anything to anyway. So it looks like pain  is my life now . But I'm sure I will improve once he goes away. 4 or 5 times a day he will call me "come look at this!" And literally every step is painful. At least I wont have that.

    Right, hes waking up from his nap so im off for now