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6 days late. Done the obligatory pregnancy test. Negative. Thank God! I am very aware its recommended no pregnancies before 12 months after a cesarean. But I'm still waiting.

4-5 hot flushes a day. Think the start of menopause is here. Hope it's not too horrible to me.

Biggles has gone down for his first nap of the day and I have 3 lines full of clean nappies just waiting for the sun to shine properly on them.  It is really satisfying looking at how white they all are, all hanging properly, not.loopy 

Wednesday we are going to an adventure farm as its J's 9th birthday!!!! Taking the family including my eldest. Hopefully it will be a lovely day.

DH flies back to Bulgaria on Saturday. And family life will settle.down 1 more time.

Biggles has his 3rd set of jabs on Thursday. So  not looking forward to them. Women on the social media baby groups have said how the 3rd is the absolute worst. It's been 9 yrs since the last.lot of jabs, so cant remember. I have the calpol in ready though.


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    He had his last set of jabs today. Currently strapped against my chest, fast asleep. Hes had the obligatory does of calpol and now it's a wait and see day.

    Yesterday we were all at our local adventure farm for J's birthday. Even took my eldest as his gf has gone home to Poland for 2 weeks. The boys had an amazing time and Biggles really enjoys being out and about. He reminds me of my SIDS baby, as he can turn the charm and smiles on for absolute strangers like a tap. My eldest living was a miserable so and so until he was a year old. My 3rd was always shy of strangers and J was a very smiley but shy baby. This little one doesn't care and gives everyone he meets the biggest beams going.

    The boys kept going on th go-karts and and racing each other and their dad. Nanna and myself spent a lot of time under canopies just watching the world go by.

    Oh and because of all the fresh air, Biggles slept 12 hours last night  woke briefly for his dummy but slept till 7.15 today. Woke absolutely crying for his milk, but I suspect he was ravenous, bless him.

    2 more days and dh will be in bulgaria for the foreseeable. He has a 1 way ticket. Yes! Quite looking forward to it.

    Tionk his belly (Biggles) is calling as hes beginning to stir.

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    We've been to the adventure farm again. The kids and I got to go in the space rangers maze and go on a space mission. Silver capes and space walking definitely ordered.

    Biggles is nearly 24 weeks. 6 months!!!!! When the heck did that happen? Time is going by so fast. I simply cant believe it. Hes nearly sitting up now, has found his feet and loves them in his mouth 😂 and he can definitely let you know when hes not happy 😂

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    Hes 6 months. Where has the time gone?  It is scary how fast time does move on. He can sit independently for 5 minutes 😂, neck doesn't wobble. Hes a sturdy little chap. Not big,  but lovely rolls of puppy fat on his knuckles, ankles, thighs, and a little tubby belly.  His skills are blowing bubbles, saying mumum but only when upset, smiling at strangers and charming the birds from the trees. He doesn't like others to hold him very much though. He can roll, but doesn't. Has done it once or twice. and he loves food.  Hes enjoying fromage frais, carrot sticks and sometimes okay with cucumber. He likes turning toast into soggy goo. Tonight he tried blended home made stew and  guzzle the lot. Then drank 3/4's of his bottle.

    Bottle was a nightmare last week. Had to use a family as I ran out of mamia and money was tight and had a box left over from 3 months ago unopened. Check date, in date. So we used that till payday. Omg!crying through the bottles, stomach pain (yes I feel guilty) and his 💩 was unreal. The dog enjoyed it though 🤮🤮🤮. Every chance he got to eat it out the potty he did. Fluffing disgusting!  Seriously, never let any dog lick your face, you really dont know what's been in its mouth beforehand 🤮🤮🤮

    The weather is messing with his sleep routines. Hes now back to 1 feed at 4am ish. This morning it was 3 am. Previously he had been doing 8 hr stretches without milk. I shall be so glad when it cools down to manageable levels. Its extreme torture atm.

    This mad woman has booked flights to bulgaria for.me and the 3 kids. Train to london and then catch our flight. I can do this! I'm a grown woman of the 46, I can handle 3 kids. Tips on formula and security much appreciated. As that's what is really worrying me. I always travel light, but haven't done a flight with a 7.5 month old baby before. I was looking at travel striking stuff and it's a little bag that you can put cold water and tablets in. 10 for 7 bags. 😱 so I got a large Tesco freezer bag today, filled it with water and sealed it. It works. Those will cost me 1.50 and do the same job. I dont know whether to take my travel system as that includes a car seat or my lightweight buggy. I've been in touch with a friend who drives and shes willing to take me shopping when over there. J suppose I could ring the airline and see what they advise. And how much a car seat would cost me o put in the hold I suppose.

    Decisions, decisions.

    I CAN DO THIS!!!

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    As hes 6 months, I thought I would do a list of can don's, likes and possibly dislikes.

    Can do

    Can sit unaided for 10-15 minutes without face planting. (Falling forwards) That is either with nappy on or nappy free.

    Can consistently let me know he needs a 💩 and we use the potty.

    Has started using screeches as part of his vocab range.

    Can say mumum, but only when hes upset.

    Is practising crawling but at the moment, his legs go in the air, and his belly presses hard on the floor. He can, however get the correct arm positioning.

    Use finger and thumb to use pincer grip. Lao brings his other hand up to help him get toy to mouth.

    He can roll on his front now, but cant reverse it yet.

    He says Aaaaaahhh when having a cuddle (too cute!)

    He has found his penis, his testicles and his feet. Spends a lot of time putting his feet on his mouth and chewing his toes.

    He smiles at strangers and "talks"to them. Does not like being held by people he doesn't know well.

    He hates his eldest brother as he made him jump and I think Biggles remembers that. He cries every time he sees him.

    He has a very good relationship with the boys at home. Both adore him and I haven't noticed any jealousy (yet) towards him.


    He likes cuddles.
    He likes the boys.
    He likes his bunny, his blanket and his dummy when going to sleep, but wont have his dummy at any other time. The blanket was a nightmare in the heatwave.
    He likes toast, bread and diarylea cheese triangles.
    He likes adverts, more than programs.
    He likes watching the counters drop on tipping point 😂
    He quite liked shawn the sheep the other day.
    He likes cooked broccoli and carrot. He stuffs them both in whole, swallows some, sucks the goodness out and spits the rest out. He doesn't like cauliflower 😂. Spat that straight out and threw it for good measure with such a disgusted look on his face.
    He likes yoghurt.(fromage frais).
    He likes the dog. Will try and grab the dog but cant control his grip yet. So I have to watch him very carefully as the dog is old and could potentially be temperamental if Biggles accidentally hurt him.
    He likes the dog licking slobber and puke off his face. He entices the dog to do it. (Doesnt take much enticing)
    He likes a blanket being put on his face briefly and he bats it away. Laughs when I pull a shocked face.


    The Hoover.
    Getting dressed.
    Waiting 1 minute for his bottle.
    Cauliflower, cucumber.
    Not seeing me. When I make bottles/sterilise, i have to carry him in his bouncer into the kitchen so he can see me at all times. There i usually give him bits of food out of the fridge or bread to play with. Talk to him through the whole process. He is sitting upright 8n the bouncer as it has buttons to adjust seating position.
    Having his nappy put on to go out. Much prefers to be free, but it's just not do-able yet to be nappyless whilst out and about.

    I didnt think he was doing a lot, but writing it down here, it seems hes coming on nicely. The last lot of jabs were hard going. He was poorly for about 5 days afterwards. Glad I haven't got to worry until hes 1.

    Were going on an adventure soon. Myself and the 3 kids are taking a train to london and then catching a flight to Bulgaria to see the husband. I am pretty scared at moment,  but hoping it will be okay. Have contacted the airport and I can take ready made bottles through security in a cool bag as long as its cooling gel ice packs and not ice blocks. So I've ordered cooling gel ice packs off ebay. I can take as many formula tins in my hold luggage as is required. Have had to pay for hold luggage (usually we all take a.rucksack each and dont bother with hold luggage) I have a feeling his nappies are going to take up some space, but I really dont want to use disposables. Saw a potty that squashes flat in boots, but its 15, so I'm still thinking about buying that. The boys dont really want to go, but I cant leave them with nanna for 15 days. It just wouldn't work and the older boy would miss me too much. When DH and I went to Greece on our own for 4 days (inc travelljng) to transfer Biggles, he missed me terribly and spent a lot of that time crying. My youngest at the time, who is a mummy's boy, didnt miss me one little bit. Go figure?!

    So that's my round up. Everybody is doing well. Biggles is developing and growing. The kids are happy.

    Me, I still get pain around my cesearean scar. My period still hasn't arrived. All pregnancy tests are negative. DH says 8ve hit the menopause. I think its post partum silliness. I still have pain in my ankles and my knees. So take paracetamol when it gets too much to bear. I've had my physiotherapy letter through with a phone number to ring. I had 3 weeks to get in contact or they would discharge me. I've ignored the letter. So im  discharged. I dont have time or the inclination to pay parking, and not be able to do the exercises they set. Simply because I cant physically do them. Have been the physio route before and it never worked then. Simply because I could physically do what was required. Waste of my time, their take and my money. Of which I have little. Universal Credit is awful. I'm coping, but that's because mum picks up the tab for most of the things in the house. Without her, i would be severely jn debt and not coping financially at all. What happens when she dies? What then?

    But in the main, I'm happy. Dh is away, and the kids are settled. They're happy. They're not stressed when hes not around. But sad really. Makes me consider him not being here full time. The kids are easier to manage without him.

    My dad is planning on coming down soon and finally meeting Biggles. He had his test results back from his latest prostate cancer tests and hes not getting any worse yet. Review and more testing in 6 months. I have offered to drive to him, to make it easier, but hes having none of it. So he can make the drive.

    Right, I shall love you and leave you, biggles is asleep again after his bottle sk I'm going to get my head down for a bit.

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    Well DH is back and causing chaos. Hes been back 24 hrs and already upset J. A stays in his room out the way. Biggles wasnt sure of him at first. Getting better slowly.

    Biggles loves mashed potatoes.  Hes gets absolutely covered in the stuff. Tonight, I had him in his high chair in just his nappy. Thought it's easier than all that extra washing 😂 needless to say he had a bath afterwards

    My period finally arrived yesterday  57 day cycle 😱 guess it's all post partum silliness.

    I put coat hooks up on the cupboard door. DH looked most put out. I dont see why, I was doing DIY long before he came along.

    It's all just a bit meh between him and me. I honestly dint know where well end up. I'm not thinking that far ahead.

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    Biggles overnight urine has been smelling something awful just recently and yesterday my thumb bone had the absolute pleasure of feeling a microscopic sharp point. He is grumpy and grisly,.but I guess I know why. My baby has his first tooth coming through!

    He likes chips (😱😂) broccoli, carrots, savoy cabbage ish, chicken,  fromage frais, fruit puree, toast and marmite, bread and butter.

    It seems like he bewitches everyone he meets. Everybody says "oh hes stunning, hes absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful smile" etc.

    Because of the reflux, i still have to burp him, he still suffers, but not as much as when be was smaller.

    Also, I have given in. I was determined all his birth to potty wraps were going to be white and plain. All the pre loved wraps i bought started leaking so i had to go kn Amazon and buy brand new. 16 out 18 have funky prints on them and 1 is a 0lain light blue wrap and the last is a plin salmon one. Among the prints are guitar print, monkey prints, pigs and giraffes prints,.Jean's print (so cool!!!) Signposts to the world prints, feathers prints. That's just a few. So far, they haven't leaked!!! And he wears a t shirt and then his birth to 0otty wrap (just to show them off, of course 😉😂) hes finally outgrown 50cm terry squares and in 60cm Terry nappies at night. This goes on at about 10pm and last right through till 9am the following morning. Thank God I managed to buy some brand new airflow wraps while they were still available. They're now as rare as unicorn 💩 😂 looking for petit lulu wraps in large for when  these get too tight on him. But that will have to wait till my next payment.

    My motability car is up for renewal and as I scouted round the website I became very disheartened to see that most 7 seater cars had an advanced payment of between 1499 - 3,999. Non refundable. Mum asked for a bank loan, got turned down. So I went back to the website and couldn't believe my eyes when I came across a Toyota Prius plus, 7 seater, advanced payment 0. 😱😱😱😱 so I phoned my Toyota dealership to see if they were part of motability and yes they are! Then asked about the Toyota Prius and said surely the 0 advanced payment is a misprint and he assured me it wasnt, but to get my backside down asap, as the promotion wouldn't last long. Took my paperwork, went through the 2 on offer. Prius standard 0,  Prius plus XL range 195 advanced payment. For this I get inbuilt satnav and various other little modcons that aren't on standard. So I've gone with 195 ( I'll save that money up) and I get my new car on 5th November. WOOHOO!!!! it takes my total mobility allowance, but I'm used to that  so I wont miss that money. Pretty pleased with my hire purchase.

    I best get some sleep, jts not long till 5am feed 😂😍

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    Had my darling dog put to sleep tonight. Things have been getting steadily worse with/for him over the last 12 months. It was the fairest thing to do for him. Kids are sad, so am I but it was the best thing for him and that's all that matters. So no more animals for me, I  think I'm done.

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    My, my, it's been a while 😂

    Where are we now?  He's 7 months -Lord Above, how quickly the time is going. He has 2 bottom teeth and has a 0retty good bite. For some bizarre reason he really loves biting my big toe. Unfortunately,  the feeling is not mutual 😂. He's trying to crawl. Does the up on his haunches, rocks a bit, slips back down onto belly and slides backwards. Very frustrating for him. He's quite strong. When he pushes you away, he really pushes (not me) but his dad or sometimes his nanna. He has this funny, endearing trait that when he's sat in my arms facing me, he will put his head on my shoulder and start saying aah, aah, ash and gives me good baby cuddles. J, (9) will say I want aahs, so he takes him off me and Biggles does the same to him. So then dad will try his luck and Biggles pushes him away! It absolutely kills me 😂😂😂😂

    H3 has the most gorgeous giggle. I dont even have to touch him to make him laugh. His dad has to blow air on his sides or use his nose to tickle him to make him laugh. The boys both adore him. I have a feeling that might change somewhat when he's mobile and can turn the wifi off. 😂

    This little boy is a food monster! He drinks about 3oz of milk  on each meal throughout the day and bulks up with food. Bedtime he will take a.full 8oz bottle and take another 8 oz bottle anytime between 2am and 5am. So 16 oz at night and about 12 oz in the day. So hes still getting above the 20oz required daily. Phew! That makes me feel better. We went for a weigh in at the local centre a couple of weeks ago and he was up to 17lb odd then. Stupid health  visitor said it's about time you dropped the early morning feed. I refused. Said 1) he wakes for it, hes obviously hungry, 2) it's the only feed I get to do where I dont share him with anyone else, I get the sleepy cuddles, the quiet time with him, all the while he wants it, I shall provide it. She shut up. 

    So he eats chips, mash, boiled, roast potatoes. Savoy cabbage, carrots, sweetcorn, peas,  broccoli,  ham, cheese, cheese topped cobs, sandwiches, toast, lasagne, noodles, tuna, pasta, fried eggs, scrambled egg, omelettes,.pizza and today he enjoyed wotsits. For pureed food he has prunes mixed with porridge, fromage frais and any fruit based purees. Were still really careful on the citrus type fruits. We introduce strawberry purees once every 3 days. I haven't quite got the nerve to try him with an actual orange yet. He loves rusks and I use them mainly in the car when hes getting fractious and wont accept the dummy.

    Hes still very mummy oriented. Hes okay chatting to my friends in my arms, but the second they ask to hold him, he screams the place down and extends his arms out to me. These are people hes known since birth virtually. So in light if this I started him at mother and toddler on Friday. Sat him down to 0lay with new toys and he was okay for a bit, then wanted cuddles and reassurance. So did this for 5 minutes and put him back down. Kept repeating this until he was really tired and wrapped his blanket round him and he went to sleep. I will keep going to mother and toddler as it will be good for him.

    I met a woman who had ivf in this country and ended up with triplets. 2 identical and 1 singleton. 14 months. She said she had tried for many years but endometriosis made it impossible to get pregnant naturally. Said the injections and the cycle was awful, the drugs caused so much pain, because of the endo, that although shes so grateful for the girls, if she had realised how debilitating the cycle would be, she would have forgot her dreams to be a mum and not bothered. So sad. Loves being a mum, but the journey to get them was too harrowing for her.

    He is still in cloth nappies. It's going well. Birth to potty nappies in the day. They have poppers and go kn pretty much like a disposable. Very easy. He doesnt very often 💩 in them as he grunts and growls at me when he wants a 💩, so he goes on the potty. I have 2 potties. 1 for home use, and 1 in the car. At night, I use a terry nappy as that will last 10+ hours with no leaks.

    We were at the dentist the other day. I fed him in there and partway through he gives me the 💩 cue,  so I said wheres the toilet here ( new building) they showed me, so I took him, sat him on the loo and hey presto! Big magic 💩 landed in the toilet. 😂. Cleaned him, put a new nappy on and finished his feed. They were well impressed 😂

    So, you can probably tell I'm enjoying this. Yes, I'm knackered. Sometimes I get odd looks. I have had the "Aw, how old is your grandson?" Question to which obviously answered " my SON is xyz months". I really dont care. If they dont judge me for him, they'll judge me on something else. Balls to them I think. He makes me so happy, I could burst and no-one is going to spoil that for me.

    I have new health issues. Something called plantar fasciitis. Basically my tendons and ligaments in both heels are stretched and it causes a lot of pain. They go stiff very quickly. Getting out of bed and out of the car are particularly painful. Any getting up after resting my legs is painful. Doctor has said if it gets too bad l, come back and he will inject steroids into my heels. He cautioned me that's it's a very painful procedure. I haven't gone back and complained. Screw that! I'll cope. Like, today. I took the boys (walking) to the local park. So before I left, I took painkillers. Knowing it would cause pain. Hoping the painkillers would kick in and minimise the pain. It did. There is no way anyone is injecting me. I shall adjust how I do things.

    Managed to get blood tests done this week. The diabetic clinic have only been waiting for them for about 2 months. Oops. The nurse was very good and actually listened to me. I told her my veins dont accept adult syringes very well at all. It feels like you have found a good vein and when you stick adult needle in, the vein disappears. It would be better if you used a child size needle on me. She actually listened!!! OMG!!!  She then asked if I would mind her doing it without gloves? J asked why and she said, with your veins I have a better chance if I dont wear gloves. So I said yeah fine. She did hand sanitizer, found the vein and used a kiddie butterfly needle. Said sharp scratch. I didnt really feel it. I watched her drain the blood and pull out the needle. She got it, first time 😍, be still, my bearing heart. I did notice one thing, not sure if I should be worried or not. My blood was nearly black looking. I feel fine in myself though, so cant be that bad, right?

    The test generated an appointment to come through for the diabetic clinic. The date was september, the time was 9.30 am WTAF?  Scuse my French. So I rang them to change it and said you are having a laugh. I have a 7 month old baby, 3/4's of the road are having roadworks done, the time is still work rush hour traffic and I live the other side of town from the hospital. J cant make 9.30 am. He said "Are you sure?" "Erm, yeah!" So he changed my appointment to the only one available in October. 10 past 12. I actually stand a chance with that 😂 Hopefully I will be told I can go back kn metformin as I feel constantly thirsty, not always right in myself and have terrible mood swings. Same symptoms as when I was undiagnosed. The birth trauma doesnt help, but jm slowly getting better with that. Not talking about it, but getting on. Okay, it wasnt the birth I wanted, things were done to me, that I wasnt informed about before they happened and it left me feeling that every orifice had been violated, but, hes here, hes wonderful and I'm getting there. Slowly. Nit so good on the intimacy front. But I will get there as well. I had a smear the other week. Handled it a lot better than the previous one. So I am improving. Resjots came back. No pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. My risks for cervical cancer is minimal. Re-test in 3 years. Cant say fairer than that.

    That's about it really. Just trying to save money up to go for 1 last cycle in 2-3 years. He will then hopefully have a frenemy 😉. Best friend one day, worst enemy the next 😂😂😂

    Shall turn in now as hes been asleep after his early morning feed for about an hour. So he should be awake around the 8am/9am. Ready for the day. Xxxxx

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    So yesterday, thankfully we finished building our wooden stair gates. We have kind of open staircase, all bevelled balustrades which makes it very difficult to fix traditional metal stair gates.

    Biggles has been practising crawling for weeks. Last month I bought the fireguard and this month I managed to afford the wood for the stair gates. Last night he decided today was the day he wasnt going to crawl properly. Thank the Lord we finished building and attaching the stair gates.

    He's growing up. He's on 3-4 meals a day, plus his bottles. Still wakes once in the night, which I dont mind as I dont have to share him with anyone else. 😍

    We've started attending our old mother and toddler group. He's not so confident there yet, but he will be.

    Dance class starts on 23rd sept due to them relocating.

    We have 2 karate exams coming up on the 26th. Both boys are going for a belt now. A brown belt. J red and white belt.

    My dad finally feels well enough to make the journey to us to meet the "menopause baby". If I told him little one was donor embryo, he would never accept him. Which makes me sad. Dad is a Jehovah's Witness and as such are not supposed to judge. Didnt stop him ignoring A for 18 months and refusing to have baby pictures took with him simply because A was a product of OE/OS ICSI. He will not accept Biggles ever if I told the truth. I also dont know if he will fall for "menopause baby"a second time if we are successful in 2 -3 years. Or if the prostate cancer will have become aggressive and I might not need to think of an excuse. Harsh, but true.

    I'm still suffering a bit with flash backs and not very intimate with hubby. We had a breakthrough today though. He actually warned me he was coming close for a hug and I didnt physically recoil from him. However, if he touches without warning, he just watches my body freeze completely. Maybe earnings are the way to go. I dont know.

    Oh smear results came back. HPV virus is negative and I'm not at risk for cervical cancer at this time. Re-test in 3 years. So that's good.

    Osteoarthritis still twinging in the background. And the plantar fasciitis makes life interesting 😂 when I first stand up, various bones creak as they have set and cause pain. K take about 5 steps like an old woman and then everything starts working again. Till I sit down and relax and the bones set again. This goes on constantly.

    Had my appt through for diabetic clinic after the nurse finally got some blood out of me. Some ridiculous time like 9.30am. Cancelled that and moved it to midday. I didnt think it was feasible at the time but he has started getting ill for the day at about 8am ish. So I could have done it . Whoops. Never mind. I just hope the blood test showed borderline diabetes and they stick me on metformin. I hope it will. Strange thing to hope for, I know. But I've noticed I'm not sleeping. I have mood swings. I'm constantly thirsty to the point I ignore the thirst now. My period has gone from 28 days to 57 days. I feel I need the metformin back. Hoping they agree. I dont know what I'll do if they dont.