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Little one is teething and as such got a very sore bottom again. My absolute hero nurse friend, put me onto sorbaderm cream  . Brought me 3 2g sachets round. Told me pea sized amount for the whole area. Doctor had given me fucidin. Fucidin was found sweet fanny Adam's. Sorbaderm, OMG!!! is actually amazing. 2 days I've used it at every nappy change. Pea size amount over a wide are of sore skin. His bottom is nearly perfect. Checking online it acts as a barrier against faeces and has moisturiser in it as well. I stopped using fucidin as I started with her stuff. She works with terminally ill babies and children in a private hospice and this is the stuff they use on babies when needed. I also looked on amazon for tubes of this wonder cream and bought a 92g tube for 14.92. Very expensive. But omg!so worth it.

Had an unusually bad night with him last night. Think he had trapped wind. And I really couldn't get it up. We had tears, screaming, all sorts. In the end I took him downstairs and we watched a program on NASA and their impossible engineering on yesterday. Learned an awful lot about sextants and ribbon parachutes amongst other interesting stuff. Wish they put that kind of thing on in the day, not 3am, the older boys would be fascinated. Space exploration and NASA intention to do deep exploratory missions on Mars by 2035. He finally fell asleep about 5am. Poor little mite. Then DH woke me st 9am as my mum had her heart scan today. I am shattered.

Were all recovering from a particularly bad sickness bug. Dh thinks hes picked it up from college and kindly passed it round all of us. The boys had a puke party the other night. I never puked, but felt extremely unwell. Still not right yet. I'm running at about 70% still not eating properly yet. I will in time.

This week so far, has been terribly hard. I am exhausted. Think I'm going to turn in.


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    After 12.days, Biggles diarrhoea is finally beginning to solidify. Stool sample.was taken to GP but as of yet no results.

    This little boy is soooooo fast now. Arma are down to his waist when walking now, nearly running. He still had to go to the sides to pull himself up when he falls over, but eventually he will learn how to get from sitting to standing without aids. Unfortunately he wont learn that from me as I still needs aids to get up off the floor.

    I think hes a clever little boy. But then I would 🙂. I'm not allowed to throw his dirty nappies in the nappy bin now as he likes to carry them over and place them in for me. The tip the bin over and take them out again😂 but that's a different story.

    He can say hello properly now. He will walk into a room and go HELLO at the top of his lungs now and it is so damn cute 😂❤

    He loves wood. He loves "helping' his dad do carpentry. He will hold the set square for his dad and then swap to the tape measure when his dad wants the set square. Thinking of looking around for little wood tools for him. He loves electrical wires (usually plugged in) 🤪. So they plugs have to be switched off. He can climb the stairs but not do the reverse. Yet. Hes very vocal at times. Loves dancing. His fave song atm is tenpole Tudor- swords of a thousand men. An advert in tv. And mmm, did somebody say just eat. He loves tipping point. Kids tv doesn't do it for him 😂. He can high 5 now. He is an absolute joy. Makes.me laugh every single day. Absolutely no regrets at all. Maybe the antenatal care and section and PTSD (😂🤪) but that's not his fault. That is a separate issue.

    On that note. My meeting is the 30th. I'm getting very anxious, but have to get through it. Have printed off the investigation attachment letter. Very generic. Also a lot of facts wrong and incorrect dates. So I will be taking them to task over it. My friend is having Biggles at my house so I can concentrate. I woke up crying twice the other morning over rising anxieties for this meeting. I shall get through it, but if course, the hospital will back themselves and each other and we'll be made to look the villains, as per.usual. I personally dont think it will help.me, but got to go through the motions.

    Biggles is 1 next Friday!!!! Just how???? That has gone so quickly
     We are taking cake to mother and toddler in the morning and going to a local soft play/clip and climb in the evening. 2 cakes! He hasn't got much for his birthday materially. 4 books, 2 pairs of trousers. But I recently bought an annual pass to a local science and nature park with lots of cool things to do there. We have a gold member card to an adventure farm. So lots of memory making.

    2 holidays booked. One in wales and one at a camp site close to home. A home educators exclusive camp. Hoping to book another camping trip for mid to late august in my dads home town, it has a local theme park and camping facilities. So I will only need to provide breakfasts as my dads wife will provide evening meals. Lunch will be on site. Must look into roof bags as my boot is considerably smaller in the new car. 😔 Also need to buy child reins as little one gets everywhere now and wants to walk.

    I'm going to try and get my head down. Hes been asleep since 9.15pm and 4am feed comes around quickly

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    Good news. Biggles is one today. Its bitter sweet. So lovely and an absolute blessing to have him in my life. So today is celebratory and also the anniversary of my ultimate trauma. Lots of happiness for him and our family, quite a lot of sadness for myself. I'm trying hard to manage these feelings but I fear I'm not winning. Still processing yesterdays birth reflections appointment.

    So yesterday. Reflections appointment.

    It went exactly as I expected and I received nothing that I wanted. Lies, discrepancies, denials, no admission of any wrong doing on the consultants part. Victim shaming, lectures, talking down to myself and my husband. I expected nothing less or more. It was recorded to a CD and I do have a copy in my possession.  I asked for an impartial person to be there and advocate me when consultant started getting kn her soapbox. That didnt happen. The impartial person was the lead investigator in my complaint and she eventually dropped out she had known Dr X for many, many years and could not imagine her treating patients and speaking to patients the way I had reported.

    We had a slightly better conversation with the lead manager of theatre and surgical staff. She was very concerned when she read my complaints and has dug around a lot and has assured me that the practices that were done to me have now since been changed and no other woman will go through what I went through. She did apologise for what i have been through and maybe a slight admission of wrong doing. No-one should go into a theatre for a section and feel the way i did. I felt raped, abused, disregarded, not human. I could have been a carcass on a conveyor belt for the level of compassion and empathy that was shown towards me. I still suffer now with these feelings. However, the fight is slowly coming back and I am so fluffing angry at them. Bitter. They dont understand that each and every birthday he has will also be tinged with sadness, regret and trauma. She did ask me why I didnt speak up on the theatre slab. And I responded with there are 3 basic responses. Fight, flight and freeze. Unfortunately I froze and shut down. She still maintained that informed verbal consents were got before they even started touching me. I said no, they got verbal consents during whatever prep procedures they were doing. They started the procedures and then when I did speak up and say "what are you doing?"they then told me what they were already doing and said is that okay? Well I'm going to say yes, when theyve already started as what is the point of refusing then.

    Also, I was not informed before the reflections that I could have requested an SAR on my pregnancy notes so when the consultant is reading off my notes and saying well I have written that we discussed that, so it cant have happened, or been said, I was at a disadvantage. 5he basic upshot is my memory is impaired and none of it took place. I know it did. I'm now mulling over what happens next. Do I roll over and tey to move on. And let those backside covering MASSIVE SWEARWORD (insert any of your choice) people get away with it or do I request SAR's as I now want my pregnancy notes and the midwife advocate notes. Take excerpts out my ivf cycle/pregnancy diary which relates to the dates and build a case. I still dont want compensation, no amount of money would change the past and the outcome. I just want an admission of wrongdoing and a written apology. Even those wont change the past, however, it might just kick start my healing process as the truth has been validated. I dont know. Need to think on my options.

    So Biggles has had his 1st of 2 birthday cakes today. 2 Caterpillar cakes. 1 for mother and toddler which we had this morning and the other one for this evening. We are going to soft play with the older ones and 2 friends and their kids. Soft play is on a free pass and then the older ones will be doing clip and climb there. I bought him 2 "that's not my ......"books, he loves them and DH has made him some building blocks. A friend got him a couple of books and 2 new pair of trousers in 12-18 months. He really doesnt need a lot.

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    Not a lot to report really. Just living life. His walking continues to improve and he has quite a lot of bruises all over his head and body. From walking into doors or trying to walk under tables he could previously walk under and he cant anymore 😂

    He has a new game now. He looks right into your face and then ROARS. Loves making his dad "jump"😂

    Watching them hide at each end of the sofa and then creep up and ROAR at each other and then tickles and ensuing laughter makes my heart swell so much it could burst.

    He has a cough and a cold atm. It is affecting his sleep a little bit. He is such a lovely little boy. He doesnt like other people very much though. Screams if they try to pick him up. I would say hes very attached to me and his dad,most of his brothers and his nanna. There is 2 friends of mine that he gets on with, but again will only allow 1 to pick him up. It all has to be on his terms. Hes allowed to touch them but heaven forbid if they return the favour 😂

    He makes air kiss sounds and theatre means he wants you to kiss his head. Sometimes he can play coy and make the kiss sound and when you go to kiss him, he grins and dodges it.

    He also blows raspberries very well. That's an old but refreshed game. He did it quite a lot a couple of months ago and then stopped for a while. But the raspberries are back with a vengeance.

    He now points st things and says There!. He tries to say ta but it comes out dar.  He still cant clap but hes trying really hard. He is however very good at putting his stack toys on the stacker in order. He can place 1 brick on another brick now. He is trying to stack the 3rd on top of the 2nd but that usually results in all the bricks falling. He says hello perfectly clearly now. And Hi. He is currently trying to climb the fireguard 😂 He makes me laugh so much most days. He adores the boys.  All 3 have a good relationship. He still hates my eldest. 😔.

    Hes down to 2 bottles of formula a day. I know hes over 1 and could be on cows wet milk but I have 4 tins of formula to use. Hell come off whenever.

    He started a little wrigglers dance class on monday. He wasnt overly impressed but we shall persevere and see if he starts to enjoy it when he gets more familiar with the place and people. He loves dancing to adverts on tv, sit will be good to expand on that.

    I could literally go on about him endlessly. I'm very biased but I think hes a very clever, funny, loving little boy. He has brought so much joy into our lives, he is an absolute miracle of modern science, so blessed to have this little boy to treasure, nurture, cherish and protect


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    My mum is in hospital.

    Rewind. She had a follow up appt on Thursday 13th Feb with her GP after her latest echo. He said she had an irregular heartbeat, a leaky valve and obviously the heart failure. He then asked to check her blood pressure, fine. And her sats. Machine on the finger. That came out at 80%. Not great. He said he was worried about her and printed off a sheet for a chest xray that I was to arrange by phone ASAP.  Blood tests for a weeks time. And we were sent on our merry way. This was 16.02.

    Anyhow friday 14th, Biggles had an appt with my gp for ongoing diarrhoea. I've asked for him to be referred as I suspect wheat intolerance. All the way he eats bland, food, hes fine. Add gluten/wheat back in when his poop is better, immediate diarrhoea ensues. Gp wasnt happy but eventually agreed. He tried to say it was a milk allergy and I said it cant be as hes been on this milk for 1 year now and weve not had this problem before. And consider he is Down to 2 bottles a day. Not 67oz bottles, 26oz bottles and there not full strength still. Anyhow .........

    Get home and my mums all panicky daying her doctor has rang her and shes to go to hospital, now. Didnt say what dept? So I rang her surgery and asked for clarification, they had no idea either but the secretary said try ringing the acute assessment unit and see if he rang there. Which I did. And yes he had. We were to go to A&E, triage nurse would then take her observations and decide if mum needed to be in hospital or not. So I had to message my friend (we were going out that afternoon with all the kids, my kids and her son) to see if she could babysit my kids. She flew round. Can you imagine me carrying 2 older kids, a 1 yr old and pushing my mum in a wheelchair. Then the sitting around ....... waiting ........ doesnt bear thinking about. Loaded mum in the car, and rang hubby at college and said " You NEED to come home NOW. I'm taking mum to hospital and XXXXX has the kids till you get home!" And hung up
    Got her to A&E. Called in about 30 mins later. Triage. Machine on finger. I couldn't see the numbers but the nurse said "the machine must be lying, try the other hand" they tried the other hand. Bearing in mind, mum is sitting in the wheelchair, saying I dont know what all the fuss is about, I'm fine. The reading came out the same on the other hand. She immediately rang AAU   and gave mums details and said she needs to be in there now. So I followed the nurse round with mum in wheelchair. She was put onto a trolley and we were put into the queuing system in the corridor with and oxygen tank set up and the oxygen tube in her nose. Including mum there were 4 trolleys waiting for an available cubicle in AAU. The nurses and doctors and HCA's were run off their feet. It was actually organised chaos. They simply didnt stop. No chatting about last nights gossip, nothing. Simply trying their best to cope with demand. Welcome to the Tory NHS. Overworked, overstretched, underfunded. No I am not a tory voter. For all the chaos, they were very efficient, and very kind. ......

    So with oxygen her sats were going up to 85% and I found out later that when we went in, her sats without help were 74%. Fromwhat the doctor told us, most functioning adults are unconscious with sats at below 80%. My mum was conscious, fine and puzzled at all the fuss going on about her. She just wanted to go home and watch her tv 😂. They took bloods and did a chest xray. Nothing coming up as to why her sats are very low. She does however also have COPD. So I assume her lungs may be part of the cause. They asked for a blood arterial gas test off mum. Shes had 1 before and out of  everything, this is the one needle shes terrified of. So she tried to refuse. Unusual. And then after chatting with the consultant asked if she could have magic cream on her wrists 😂. Consultant said that was a brilliant idea. Magic cream was applied. She then got admitted to a ward. In her own private room!!! Blood test done. 1st wrist didnt allow any blood. 2nd did. It was painful. But nowhere near as painful as with the cream. Before the test they had to turn her oxygen off. Results came back. Basically shes not mainly training safe sat levels without the help of oxygen. So she was properly admitted and is in hospital still. I think they will be talking about oxygen at home before shes allowed to leave. I don't think she'll be out before monday. Maybe tuesday or wednesday. With a tank. Her own doctor rang me today. To see if they admitted her as he thought they would. He said he wanted her in hospital as it would fast track the chest xray, the lung specialist, the heart specialist as my mum was in real danger of all her organs shutting down due to a lack of oxygen. He said what makes it worse is mum is still functioning, so she is in danger.

    Been to see her today. She wants to come home. She's bored. She still cant see what all the fuss is about.

    So it's all a bit of a battle.

    Biggles didnt have his vaccinations. We spoke to the nurse about his ongoing cough and hin sounding chesty and she said it was up to us. We could postpone for a fortnight. Waiting for his appt to be rescheduled and decide then. It was hubby who chose to delay, not me! The nurse said if hes chesty and has a cough in a fortnight, we can go ahead then. I said so why dint we go ahead now, get it over with. Hubby said no, let's delay. 2 weeks wont make a lot of difference and might give him a chance to clear his cough. Fair enough. I'm glad now as it's all gone belly up. It would have been mega hard to deal with a poorly, grisly baby because of vacs and my mum in hospital and all that. So good call!

    I best try and get my head down. Biggles is fast asleep. I'm shattered. Emotionally drained. As I've also done heavy shopping today as well as mum related stuff and baby related stuff when I got home.

    Update soon.

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    Shes home. Been home about  week now. Sats still round the 86, but I guess it's her normal. No oxygen tank. No real follow up. Scan in a week. Doctors for bloods for her osteoporosis on monday. So nothing changes.


    Can say "in there?" Dorty nappies in nappy bin. Only wet. Proper dirty ones get put on the stairs ready for sluicing. He will put his wet nappies in the nappy bin. Claps himself. We clap. He tips the bin over and takes them all out.😂 not quite getting it

    Diarrhoea is back. With a vengeance for him. Sore bottom. I'm now thinking it could be milk. Never been a problem before. He also refuses blue top and is still on formula. His allergen appt has been moved back from 5th May to 11th May. Not happy. I've been keeping a food and poo diary to see if I can find a pattern. Thought it was wheat. Could be milk however. Then hubby reintroduced mugshot today. OMG!!! His poor bum. Hes been 💩 ever since. Its  ow watery 💩 even when he farts. I'm nearly at my wits end.

    I found some actual terry nappy wraps on Ebay by Littles and Blooms. No stuffing 😂 You buy 5, you get the 6th free. Bargain. And they fit him better than the night time wraps I've been using. No marks on his thighs in a morning. Coat me 20 and free postage. So got to try and have another baby, get more use out of these reusable nappies .

    He can  now stack 3 out of 5 rings on his ring stacker toy independently and in the right order. He has learnt to stand up without pulling himself up on furniture. He can throw a football very well and is trying to kick it. Not always successful. He looks seriously cute in his new shoes, but oh! Grown up and yet too small to be wearing them. He says Nanna  very well. Waves bye bye. Dances to any music-mudlst have a word with him about taste.😂  Beats his dad up quite well 😂 Still biting feet when he gets the chance 😱 the smellier the better it seems 🤮 He thinks he shutting the stair gate ( with help) hopefully he doesnt click on how to open it too quickly.
    Honestly, this little boy lights up my life. He can be the cutest , sweetest little boy. He can also be a grumpy  child. And my god , hes started tantrumming. So, so funny. May not be laughing when he is 14 and still tantrumming.

    Other boys are good. My 12 year old keeps stropping over minor stuff ( karate jacket still toed up) (all the corn on the cob was eaten -he had the most!!) Remind me again why we love teens and pre-teens.😉😂 9 year old loses his  ool over similar stuff. I asked him if he was wearing his karate kit or not to karate and my god the attitude!!! " I DON'T  KNOW,  AM I WEARING MY KIT OR NOT MOTHER!!!!"  Honestly!!! He wore his kit. All was good in the world again.

    Right DH is coming to bed as hes up for 6 for college.

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    Been a while.

    So ....... Biggles has been on prescription lactose free formula for about 4 weeks ... give or take. His 💩 is mostly the correct consistency. Had a couple of really sloppy ones but then its gets better again. However, I sat him on my scales tonight and hes 1 and a half stone. Which equates to 21lbs. Checked his red book and 8 weeks ago he was 21lb. His pads appt still isnt until 11th May. I knew he was losing weight through all the diarrhoea l, but would the doctor listen to me? Course not. So hes got to have lost some, somewhere along the line for him to only just weigh in at 2qlbs 8 weeks after his last weigh in and he was 21lbs. A little concerned.

    Mum is well. So all good. And now on a 4 month isolation period. I'm not going to lie, I'm not looking forward to it. Must tey to get the garden sorted so she has somewhere different to sit.

    Other kids are well. Started a 15 min online course every day (Monday to Friday) for maths and english. The rest of the day is theirs. Going to be a bit strange if all their clubs get cancelled due to CV. They have gradings  (karate exams) tomorrow night. Then 1 has dance exam on friday. Then I expect the clubs to close although karate instructor has said he will do webcam lessons over social media for the kids to be able to still do karate. We pay via standing order l, so he wants to ensure we still get something. There will be certificates for 'attending" online during all this madness.

    I have a cold. A normal, bog standard cold. Runny nose. Time to worry is when the nose is dry and if a fever strikes. Doubtful. As well as all the other symptoms.

    My hospital appt has been cancelled until 30th march as i rang them and explained i have a cold and they advised it would be best for me to stay away.

    Biggles has his vaccinations tomorrow. I wont be attending as my surgery has shut down face to face appts in the main. Bug signs everywhere about nit coming in if you have sore throat (yes) cold like symptoms (a cold) or any other other symptom mildly relating to CV. I most definitely dont have a dry cough. I shall still stay away from the surgery though.

    Trying to get hold of bread and paracetamol is a nightmare. Ll the supermarkets are rationing everything now. Not fun when I haven't bought into the panic buying and went to get my usual box of noodles to find theyve been restricted to 4 packets. Same with lemonade and flavoured water. The world has officially gone mad. It is a worrying time, of course, but the stupid idiots that have bulk bought, panic bought (and then flogging it at extortionate prices on selling sites) have absolutely ruined it for everyone else. Makes me glad that I use cloth nappies and he is on prescription formula.

    So Biggles is funny. Can now climb the sofa. Nowhere is a safe anymore. 😂 I've duct tape my cupboards. Works better than the safety catches. He likes getting ready break at the box and creating a snow storm. 😂 needless to say, that is firmly behind duct tape cupboards now. He still loves contact naps in the day. Just plonks himself, his blanket and his dummy on my knee and drifts off. That's me stuck for an hour and a half. I dont mind really. I like the extra snuggles. Hes still going to bed at 9pm with a bottle. Then sleeps on me for a while till I gently roll him to my side. His cot is still gathering dust in the corner of the room. 😂 hes had a nap in it ....... twice. 😂

    Hes nearly running now. Oh, hes learnt to walk backwards. Loves plying hiding games and jumping out at you.

    He doesnt like the fact I've put a bolt on the under stairs storage as he can no longer get to the Hoover 😂 he was not happy at all!!! He has started to tantrum. Cute. He grabs the fireguard and shakes it in a fit of temper. So funny. Hes literally into everything and sometimes he has to hear the word no for his own safety. Then we usually get a tantrum. 😂 he now shakes his head No if he doesnt want his coat on, or a drink, or his food anymore. We talk to him lots, but he doesnt seem 5o need to talk back atm. It will all come together though when hes ready.

    Hubby's college is now closed from Friday for the foreseeable. Not sure I wont actually kill him before voluntary lockdown is over (joke) I've coped with him for 19 years, a few weeks constantly together isnt going to kill us. Might irritate no end, but no blood will be spilled here.
    Other than that, not a lot happening.

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    Biggles had his jabs 10.days ago. I yr jabs. I wasnt allowed to go in as I had a cold. I knew it.was.a.cold as I had snot. 😂 but I didnt to in.

    The nurse told my husband LO may get a rash or a high temperature over the coming days. 48 hours ago, he developed a high temp. That was being controlled with calpol. With all this pandemic stuff, my doctors only do Skype consults from home. If you need an prescription there is a special email address. So I figured dont get anyone involved just control the temp. Great. Until yesterday at 2pm. Checked his temp again before medicine and it was 37.8. My thermometer did its warning beeps. So I rang the surgery and eventually got a Skype consult. Oh and he developed a rash. Hes also been shaking his head but not his NO shake. If that makes sense. So doc diagnosed ear infection and hes now on antibiotics again.

    A nurse on tv said that when she came home to her kids, she dropped her dirty clothes in a bin bag, straight to the shower trying not to touch door knobs or anything. Then got dressed. Put her dirty washing in the machine without touching the clothes. So I though if that's what they're doing, so am I. I dont wear a mask as reports say there pointless especially if you dont know how to wear them correctly. Theres a chance you will ingest germs back in. I do wear disposable gloves at all times when out. Including driving. I took the bun out wearing gloves. I open our gate wearing gloves. I carry shopping wearing gloves. So yes, as soon as I got back in, I stripped, bagged my clothes, showered and shoved them in the washer including shoes.

    I am very aware that i have a 79 year old mother living with us who has COPD. Shes only recently come.out of hospital with low.heart rate/sats and I dont fancy her catching it. Surfaces are bleached twice/three times a.day. in line with preparing and cooking food.

    I normally shop 3 to 4 times a.week. gets my mum out. However, it's been cutback to once a week and I am very anxious when out. I take little one out in the garden as that's safe, but we haven't been going anywhere since way before the government said not to.

    It just makes me.so.mad when I see my neighbours all coming out on their front and standing too close to each other and virtually having a street party. It's stupid.

    All these posts about "home schooling" the term grinds me anyway, as in the UK, its home education not schooling. And, this is not home ed or home school, it's an unprecedented situation that has forced parents and kids home. It is isolation education, which is not the same thing as home ed. People have said oh I bet its business as usual for you. You're used to this. No I am not. We go out. We mert friends. We go to the parks. We have day trips. This is isolation. This is not home ed! We are suffering the same as anyone else.
    The only saving grace is the kids have got online friends. So unbelievably there are still socialising. 😂.

    Their karate teacher has set zoom meetings up morning and evening to carry on training. So far J has joined in but not big A. That will change though as I've said I will write down in a notebook 1 each for every session they do and when this madness is over and Game is open, they can take their I.o.u's to Game (obviously money form) and buy themselves a gift card each. I dont allow my bank details on xbox so the only way they can get online games is through a gift card. So Big A says he will start next week. We'll see. He says hes not comfortable with the thought of doing it in the living room karate is meant to be done at our karate club. Again that old chestnut "is he autistic?" Springs to mind. Still not sure and no, I dont want him diagnosed. He doesnt want a diagnosis. He has said he doesnt want a label. I'm not going to force that on him. We will cope and we will manage him. By the time hes 20, he will have learnt to cope and manage himself. That's the theory.

    Relationship wise. I have set him a long list of projects to do around the house. He is ploughing through him. He is a methodical man. Slowly and methodically does the work. Grinds my gears. I'm a I've thought about it, I'm doing it this way. Bam! Done! No, he has to draw the plans. Measure everything. Do it all painstakingly. I'm a boj job. It usually works as well 😂. But I'm biting my lip and thanking the lord that he is slow and methodical as this will eek out the projects and keep him from under my feet longer. Every cloud ........

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    Fairly quick check in.

    Mum is in hospital. Had a gp appt yesterday (shes really not been feeling well for over a week) so I managed to get a doctor to do a home visit tuesday. He said get back in touch with regular gp as she needs a follow up and blood tests which he couldn't do. So spoke to her gp and he arranged an appt as the surgery is pretty much shut down. I wasnt allowed in, but allowed to push her to the outside of the building. Had to wait in the car. Gp then phoned me back as her ecg showed a very irregular heartbeat and a fast one of 167 beats per minute. Said she needed to go to hospital, so I said I would collect her and he said she needs to go on an ambulance immediately. I asked if mum had agreed as previously she had stated she wasnt going o hospital under any circumstances as she knows she wont come out of hospital alive. All her issues and CV-19. Anyway she went. I was allowed to drop her belongings to the A&E dept to a nurse, but not allowed to see her at all. I packed her phone and she rang me later, so I know she got her stuff. Apparently there is a medication they can give her to alow her heart rate down or regulate her and she was on oxygen. That's all I know.

    The older boys are coping with lockdown. They are okay. Think J is missing dance and his dance friends. Other than that okay. They use the trampoline now weve moved it into the front garden. Yes, Big A, misses the privacy of the back garden, but they never used the trampoline on the back garden as we have overhanginging trees and lots of spiders like to to make the trampoline their home. So that has been moved and cleaned up and is now being used regularly. Karate is being done in our home via zoom  he runs every night Monday to Friday but my 2 have been sticklers for we do karate on a Thursday. It's already weird doing it in the living room, we cant cope with training every night. So I've took my foot off the pedal there and said yes okay, Thursday's only. Thursday is a MUST, other nights are optional.

    Little A, (formerly known as Biggles) is the most cutest, gorgeous pain in my bottom. Said with love (lots of love and a huge pride) He is slowly starting to speak. Ish. He can say ay? Quite confidently. You talk to him and he says Ay? You repeat, he says Ay? Constantly and then grins. He is hilarious. Been walking for ages. Plays hide and seek. Plays Boo! Games. Into everything he shouldn't be. Whether that's dangerous or not. I need eyes in my bottom. 😂 he follows some instructions. He will shut the door when I ask him to. Bonus. His favourite trick is trying to grab dads saws or hammer, or drill ...... the list is endless. He calls dad Da! He can say what's that?  Lloyd's bank advert with the horses. I say horse, dad says geegee ( I could kill him), he says ta. Hiya, hello. Nah. Yeah. Oh well. Juice. Shoes. Nanna. Mum. When hes upset mainly. Most of the time, he runs around the house shouting Da, Da, Da!!!.
    He loves being outside. Doesnt like grass though. Hes getting more comfortable with soil since I put 2 trays out and filled 1 with compost and the other with water. He loves playing with the watering can and is very good with watering his feet. Maybe he thinks he will grow quicker 😉😂

    Hes on a potty pause. So refusing to sit to pee or 💩 in it, but likes playing with it😂 and doing his business wherever he feels like it. Floor mainly. I think when he can say the words, he will suddenly master it. Atm, he knows hes 💩ing as he will look at me and groan (during the event) but it usually lands on the floor. The same with weem he will point to his penis and 1 second later its spraying out. So he knows and I'm either not reading the signal quick enough or hes making the sound and actions slightly too late for me to react. Either way  he will get there. I have noticed when he sleeps, he doesnt pee. So hes controlling it. When he wakes, he can hold after sleep pee for a good 10 minutes. His bladder must be brilliant. 😂. So he is getting some control over his bladder and bowel to a degree. Now its waiting for the words to form and it suddenly click into place. It wont take long then for him to be dry. 2 put of the other 3 were dry day and night by 13.5 months. Big A wasnt dry in both until 19 months, so he still has time to master this. The other 3 were talking well by this age though. Not sure I've done anything wrong as I talk to him like I talked to them. Guess they're all different. Hes more focused on physical stuff I think at the moment. It will all come in his own time. No pressure
    Still loving terry nappies and modern cloth nappies. When he wears them. Mainly to go out (hahahaha) so hardly ever atm. And at night. His Terry nappy. They last completely overnight. No leaks.

    Hubby and I have our ups and downs. I had got used to him being at college 3 days a week so having him home constantly is a learning curve again. We niggle a bit. Snipe a little. But were slowly getting used to being in each others company 24/7 again. That's the hardest part.

    I have only been going out once a week. Shopping for essentials. As returning home is such a ballache. With mum having COPD and in heart failure etc, when I arrived home I had to strip my clothes into a pillow case. Take a shower. Wash everywhere. Load the pillow case into the machine. Wash clothes at 60. All this without touching anything or anyone. DH has to keep the baby away from me until I'm clean. I had this advice from a nurse friend who has to go through the same routine. I was washing my shoes, but she said keep them in a box by the front door. Cant do that though as Little A plays with my shoes. So I leave them on the front doorstep outside. Hoping that's okay. They dont enter the house at all. And they havent been stolen ..... so far! Neither has the trampoline and I expected it to be as its 10 foot and in good condition.

    I am very worried about my mum. But, I guess what will be, will be. It's in the lap of the gods and all I can do is wait it out and hope and pray she comes home. When I collected her wheelchair from the surgery, I walked back to the car with wracking sobs escaping. Held it together while I watched mum being loaded into the ambulance and told her she would be okay. (Not confident). It was only when they had gone, I broke down. But kept on walking. Drove home crying. Pulled myself together enough to facetime my eldest and let him know. He asked if I was okay and I said (tight lipped) Yep!. He said I know what that means, I'll let you go. I checked he was okay and got off the phone. Kept myself together all day until I came to bed with little A and had another cry away from the rest of my family. Now been awake since 2.30am.

    On another point, I need admins of here to contact me. I've tried contacting them but to no avail. I need to be able to print off my pregnancy diary. And the site wont let me. So admins, if you read this, please contact me. Xx

    My dad has only got 6 more radiotherapy sessions to go for his prostate cancer. He is beginning to get sode effects now according to the step mother. I didnt ask which. I honestly dont know what happens after the sessions have ended. Hopefully Dad will be in contact soon.

    So glad I have the kids ...... they keep me going day after day through all this uncertainty. They are my strength. Absolutely blessed to have these wonderful, mischievous, sometimes annoying creatures in my life ❤❤❤❤❤

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     ;)mum is still in hospital but things are moving very slowly forwards to getting her home with an oxygen tank.

    So we had an adventure tonight ......

    Little A has had a massive phobia of the big bath for 3 months. Anyway,tonight he decided he was actually going to get in with me 😱. Brilliant. Got the water to the right temperature. Put him in the batn and within seconds his legs started to go bright red. Got DH to check the water and he said yep it's fine. Same temp as he has downstairs in the washing basket.  Then the redness began to spread to where water hadnt touched him. So I said that looks like the beginning of an allergic reaction like he had to citrus at 4 months. Suddenly DH' s face took on a horrified expression and he said OMG!  I cleaned the bath tonight Cif lemon. I rinsed it though. So we got him out immediately. I quickly dried and dressed,got the washing basket and filled it with clean water. DH administered 2.5ml of piriton and I rinsed Little A off. Phoned my friend who's a children's nurse and asked what do I do now? ( I may be a 5th time mum, but I'm a first time mum to multiple allergy sufferer) she said ring 111 asap. So I did. Went through all the questions and got told to get him to the children's emergency dept in the next town within an hour,  as our hospital has moved all children to the next hospital during COVID-19. She said have dad in the back monitoring his breathing and if his lips or tongue start swelling up. As my mum is in hospital, I had to tell the kids to come off the consoles as we all needed to go to the hospital. I cant leave a 12yr old and 9yr old home alone. Especially for God knows how long? Yes to drive to the shop down the road and send hubby in, absolutely
     Were gone 10 minutes tops. But to am emergency dept, not a chance. Kids were really good and I'm so proud of them as they were ready in5 minutes, no complaints.

    Got to the hospital to read the sign that says 1 adult to 1 child and no siblings allowed. So hubby and boys had to go and wait in the car.

    We got there at 9.30 ish and were out at 10.20pm. The junior paediatric doctor has said that this is a severe citrus allergy as he not only reacts to food but also cleaning products. He said do not try to introduce any citrus especiallyin lockdown as it severe. Make sure I mention this on my telephone consult next monday. They will want to be made aware of this. He said I absolutely did the right thing regarding piriton and rinsing him off. To keep my eye on lips, and listen to his breathing. If I need to I can change piriton from2.5 ml twice a day to 1.2 mls and 1.3 mls 4 times a day. I will need to dose him up for 48-72 hours. He said do not try to introduce as at this point in time he doesnt need an EpiPen, but if I dod it worth medical experience behind me, I could easily make it far worse for him. Not that I would dream of trying. Especially without medical support. That would be madness. I've also got to get rid of any citrus based cleaning products, any products really. It certainly scared me .....again.

    I had emailed penny to see of the donors and immediate family had any allergies and she has replied that's shes checked and no,they havent. She said that allergies arent always hereditary and can randomly come on at any time.

    Tonight, I was scared, but proud of myself. Scared as it's horrible seeing his body react so quickly but proud because i reacted instantly and correctly.

    At this hospital they didnt judge me. Little A is NOT a people person and he screams at medics. So, I quickly worked out if I put his blanket over his face (not tightly) to cover his eyes so he couldn't see them, he calmed down instantly. At my local hospital they would have judged me. I did say "dont worry I'm not suffocating him! Hes done this himself with the blanket from birth to fall asleep. Obviously I remove the blanket when he is asleep" and the doctor and nurse both said you know your child best and what works to calm him down. You doing great mum.

    Lockdown is not helping him get used to other people at all. Even when we were going to mother and toddler, he was not happy to interact with others. He didnt like the other adults and stayed away from kids. (Staying away from other kids is normal my others were the same). He only likes his brothers and 3 older kids. All friends of ours. He doesnt like many adults at all. 1 friend as she made him like her (children's nurse) and my other friend when she has a banana for him 😂. When hes eaten the banana, he either ignores her or scowls at her,which is an improvement from crying at her

    So all in all,a very scary adventure. Now to catnip and check him at regular intervals overnight.