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Might have to stop TTC to take long-term medication...


I haven't been on here for a few years. We have unexplained infertility. Been trying since 2011. We had one round of IVF a few years ago which didn't work (decent embryo but BFN). Due to extreme side effects during treatment I couldn't face trying it again with the low odds of success.  :-[

Anyway, we've kept trying naturally but it's been so long, and I'm now 38, that I thought I'd resigned myself to the fact it would never happen.

However... a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis. Consultants have been keen for me to go onto methotrexate for it, which doesn't treat the symptoms right now but is a long-term medication that can prevent/reduce future flare-ups, meaning fewer joints affected in the future, hopefully less disability in the longer term, etc.

It's not safe to TTC on methotrexate. In fact women who take it have to stop for several months before they TTC as it's that harmful to unborn babies. So, until now I've resisted going onto it and played 'wait and see', seeing how my arthritis progressed and whether we got lucky with TTC.

I feel like I'm at a tipping point. My joints have got worse more quickly in the last year, plus with my age I know TTC is an increasing long shot. I feel like it might be time to start treatment, but it will be so final in terms of TTC. I do a lot of exercise and sport though and I worry about my physical health in the future.

I'm not really sure why I'm posting... I think I just need to get this off my chest.  :-[ I don't know how to 'get over the line' and make this final break...

Could you go on humira or hyrochloroquine?  Both of these are used in arthritis treatment and also used off license in fertility treatment.

K jade:
Was going to say exactly what tincancat said

Hydroxy and humira are arthritis drugs but also used in certain circumstances in fertility for implantation failure and rmc. Because of that they are safe to take when ttc.
To me it makes sense to opt for one of these. U might even kill 2 birds with 1 stone
Best of luck x

Ah Pinkteapot I remember we cycled together at BH all those years ago, I'm so sorry things haven't worked out for you in the meantime. I have no words of wisdom on either the arthritis or the how to close the door on TTC decisions you are making at the moment I'm afraid, but wanted you to know a few of us from that BH thread are still friends and see each other in the real world and we've thought about you often. Sending you a massive hug (and do feel welcome to message if you are at all interested in a coffee locally - most of us do now have children but not all, so it's not a smug mums club by any means xx)

A very belated reply to say thank you for the replies.  :)

Unfortunately, my rheumatology treatment is on the NHS and under current guidelines I can't try drugs like humira till I've 'failed' on methotrexate. You have to have tried two cheaper DMARDS, like methotrexate, before you can the more expensive biologics. I had one DMARD last summer which didn't affect TTC, but had a nasty reaction to it. At this point it was a case of take methotrexate or carry on not treating it.

DH and I decided I should go on the methotrexate. We'd been TTC for eight years with unexplained infertility and one failed IVF cycle (bad reaction to that too, hence only one cycle - I just don't do well on drugs!). With my age and how long we've been it was starting to feel like time. Plus my arthritis has got worse over the last year and left untreated any future joint/mobility problems would be worse, as the aim of treatment is to change the future course of the disease, not just treat symptoms now. So, on balance, it felt right, if utterly sad.

So, here we are a few weeks on. I've been surprised at how OK I am. The decision still feels right and, strangely?, a relief in some ways. For the first time in eight years I couldn't tell you what CD it is today!

Roxbury - I remember you.  :) I'm now at the other end of the country! I'm so glad so many of you have children now - that is wonderful news.  :)


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