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Ovulation tests
« on: 29/04/19, 23:59 »
So, this is a new one on me...
Got my period on 4/4 and have been testing for the past week. Got the flashing smiley face yesterday morning and bd last night. Then this afternoon- period came. Not spotting, full on time of the month. I knew I had a short luteal phase, but 24hrs?!

Anyway, my question-
1. Is it normal for hormones to do this just before period!
2. Could I be peri menopausal? Does that explain the smiley face?
3. Something else? Anyone have a clue?!

Thanks NNN


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    Ovulation tests
    « Reply #1 on: 30/04/19, 13:28 »
    Hi NNN,

    What test are you using? On the Clearblue ovulation monitor the flashing smiley face is an increase in estrogen and itís the solid smiley face that is the LH surge. You might have had fluctuating estrogen just before your period (I know you get an increase about a week after ovulation). I get a constant flashing smiley face on those tests as I have PCOS