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Quick update: they trigger me when the follicles were 19,17,13,12,12,11,8.
Yesterday was egg collection and they got 5 eggs, so 12mm can make a matured egg which is good to know.
Today they told me all were mature and 3 fertilised. So now I wait till Saturday day 3 to see what can be frozen, fingers cross we will have something to freeze..


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    Bad news really on day 3. One is morula stage and the other 2 are only 6 cell with 40% fragmentation so they wonít freeze. They will leave them now to day 5 but doesnít look like any will make it. Am very disappointed and having to do 2 more isn't very appealing with such a bad start :(

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    Sorry to hear that CathA. Thereís hope for the morula isnít there? And the other two might still make it. Thereís so much unpredictability in this and your best embryos could come from your 2nd or 3rd batching cycle. When I did batching I got a small amount of comfort from not having to endure a TWW and being able to crack on with the next cycle. It isnít easy but youíre still very much in the game.


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    Thanks for that. They said a morula at day 3 isnít really great as that should be day 4. That happened to me before and the embryo didnít make it. The other 2 might make it but doesnít seem great with all the fragmentation. They will phone tomorrow so will see. You are right in the skipping of the dreaded 2ww does make things a bit easier. Just feeling that the quality of the eggs is going down hill as they always looked great on day 3 but now they arenít even making it to that. My OH still has hope as he says we only need one and hopefully might find it in the next 2 rounds and if we donít we donít but we know we tried our hardest.


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    Just a quick update, I canít believe it but one made it to freeze on day 5 4BC rating. The other 2 they will leave for another day and see as not there yet. Feel a bit better now we have one in the freezer:-)

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    Thatís great news. You must be relieved and hopefully spurred on for the next round!


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    Am definitely relived and feel it is worth going forward for next round. It is so hard to keep going especially at 44 cause you feel a bit silly.Should be starting again in less than 2 weeks and said to my OH I donít mind skipping a month if follicle growth is low after a week but will only skip one more time as I know month by month is so different but we need to balance that against age, decisions decisions decisions........ 

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    Finally getting around to filling this out! ::)

    1.   How old where you when you started IVF? Any fertility issues besides age?

    Started IVF at age 37 (ttc since age 35). Severe male factor with poor morphology, motility, and < 100,000 in terms of numbers. DH is 4 years older than me.

    2.   How many cycles did you have?

    4 in total

    3.   What meds and protocol did you use?

    Can't remember all of the protocols, but it was all of the usual medications (Fragmin, Menopur, etc.).

    4.   Did you also take extra supplements?

    No, only prenatal vitamins (hubby only took basic vitamins as well).

    5.   How many eggs were collected?

    Between 2 and 6, depending on cycle.

    7.   Did you also have male factor?

    Yes, severe.

    8.   How many embryos did you get (3 day or 5 day)?

    First cycle we got 2 embryos (3 day), second cycle we got 2 morulas (4 day), third cycle 1 embryo (2 days), fourth cycle 2 embryos (3 day).

    9.   How many did you transfer?

    All of them each time.

    10. lining thickness?

    Not known.

    11. BFP/BFN? If BFP after how many cycles? fresh or FET?

    First cycle BFP (at age 38); all others were BFN. All fresh.

    12. Any embryos left for freezing?

    Never.  :(

    13. Did you ever manage a natural conception at 40+?

    Yes, shortly before beginning our fifth cycle started we achieved a natural pregnancy because my husband FINALLY had varicocele surgery/embolization. I am age 41 with very low AMH.

    14. If unsuccessful, after how many cycles you decided enough is enough and moved to Donor/adoption/gave up?

    Happily, we have the natural pregnancy; we were possibly considering DE for our fifth cycle due to the low statistics. (Mentally, I didn't want to try with OE after age 42-ish. And the cost of the OE cycles was getting to be too much.)

    15. Which clinic did you use?

    CRCH (twice, achieved BFP first time but they are SO expensive!), Bahceci abroad (once, with our worst results), Gennet (once, we were planning on returning there for the fifth cycle this summer)

    I don't know if these results are helpful or not!  I guess my biggest advice is if you have male factor with varicocele problems then MAKE SURE that he has the surgery - we were told that it likely wouldn't improve anything, but obviously it worked long enough to catch an egg!


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    Bad news today, my period came a week early and when they scanned me I had a 2cm cyst and only 2  follicles on day 5. I am not going to go ahead this month as have had this once before and it resolved in a few weeks. So going to do second cycle end of this month. Itís not too bad as my periods are coming early anyway so I donít have too long to wait. Fingers crossed it all looks ok to start end of month.

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    Hello everyone and apologies for the radio silence!I am in greece under the sun and I try to use technology as little as possible!

    CathA, good news on the 4BC embryo. Welldone and good luck:).

    Lindy100 - hubby has a small varicocele but Dr Ramsay performed some tests and doesnít seem to affect as ROS are very low. He has good numbers and motility now and we have conceived naturally twice.

    AFM - went on with the FET in June but canceled. It was semi-medicated cycle doing FSH injections 75mg day by day and Evorel patches every three days, however I ovulated early because of the FSHs and the clinic wasnít sure when to transfer. Therefore....FET cycle canceled. I am now looking to transfer in august or September. Sigh..This month trying naturally just in case...

    I donít know...I know it sounds silly but somehow I do know that somehow, not sure when, we are having a little girl. I have seen multiple times in my sleep the same little girl with brown hair and hazelnut eyes. The thing is that me being a tomboy I always wanted boys. But itís the same little girl every time. The funny thing is that my mum, without having told her anything about my dreams, also had a dream of a little girl with brown hair sleeping. Sigh...some parapsychology here lol. It will be interesting though if it happens.