* Author Topic: IVF/FET/IUI/Clomid at 40+ OWN EGGS ONLY - questionnaire  (Read 5648 times)

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How're you all doing ladies?

I hope you're well with good news to share.

I'm 42 and going for IVF this year. I'm looking to go abroad for value.
I hope to start video consultations with the clinics in 2 weeks but still have a long list needing narrowing down.
As Efi noted and Flyby bears testament to, it appears minimal stimulation works best for over 40s. I first heard this from Dr Silber at ICoSL in the US. I live in the UK so I shall be looking at clinics in Prague and N.Cyprus and perhaps Serum. Shall see if any of them say this or nudge us in the direction of DE.


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    Have you considered clinics abroad? Turkey, Cyprus etc? Turkey doesn't allow donor procedures so they'll do the best they can using your own eggs but might be difficult with donor sperm.