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Self-funded PGD
« on: 8/05/19, 14:00 »
Hello, just wondered if any one had funded they’re own fertility treatment with PGD? We are planning to start ICSI with PGD next year so need to start saving, but none of the clinics I’ve spoken to are keen to give me a price. Can anyone advise? Huge thank you to anyone who can help.


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    Self-funded PGD
    « Reply #1 on: 8/05/19, 15:02 »
    Hi! I may be able to help.... we did ICSI on the NHS and have since moved to private at the same clinic (Create) and just paid for PGS yesterday. Not sure whether it’s exactly the same thing. The core cost was £1950 for next generation PGS on up to four embryos, with some extra costs for thawing/refreezing but that may vary for you as your embryos wouldn’t be frozen at the outset - though would need to be frozen while you wait the approx 3 weeks for PGS results. FET is £1350 plus £80 HFEA fee plus meds of around £100-150 (although natural FET possible) and you’d need to add the stimulation and ICSI costs.

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    Self-funded PGD
    « Reply #2 on: 11/05/19, 15:25 »
    We had, but I underwent my treatment in Invicta clinics in Gdansk. You would find the price on their website.

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    Self-funded PGD
    « Reply #3 on: 14/05/19, 17:58 »
    Glasgow Royal Fertility Clinic has a full price list on its website if you look that up. it's about £4,000 for the ICSI and all freezing/thawing/transport and £3,000 for the PGD up to 6 embryos I think.  Medication is extra, then FETs are extra.
    I had a look around, can't remember where else I found but this seemed about normal.  It's a lot of money!  We will have to pay the ICSI and med costs before starting treatment but the PGD costs are paid later so that would give you a bit longer to save.