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Sickle Cell/Thalessemia testing
« on: 25/04/19, 20:45 »

Has anyone done the second level of screening for sickle cell/thalessemia disease (iron deficiency). Apparently just found out from a blood test that both I and my husband are carriers of this genetic condition. So my consultant wants to do the second level of screening to find out where we both stand on this before starting FET.
If anyone has done this, can you please let me know how long does it take for the results to come? We have been advised to do this through NHS as its too expensive privately. I have all been prepared to start a FET this month, but this has popped up out of nowhere, i never knew it was a pre-requisite test to start a FET, but surprisingly even the NHS missed it as i have already had 3 transfers before.


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