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Hello All,

Let's see if we can revive this forum on International Women's day? Where are all the single ladies doing this alone?

I am starting my first IVF cycle next week on short protocol. I just received all my medication, very daunting! But I'm very excited!

Any advice for a first-timer?


Hi all (and Aggieblue whose post prompted me to post),

Well after months of lurking I thought it was about time I actually wrote a post given that I have just had a rapid fertility assessment at Wessex. Like Aggieblue I am a first timer and currently trying to figure out whether to try IUI or go straight for IVF. All seems well according to the clinic aside from being 39 and the biological clock ticking.

How did people decide whether to go IUI or IVF, was it cost vs success rate? 

I know there has been many posts about donor sperm banks but I wondered how people decided which to go with?

Apologies if these questions have all been asked before!

Many thanks

The biggest advantage at your age for IVF, Bopster, is you would get to try for siblings if it was successful and you fertility is frozen at the age you currently are.  IUI could work first time but then when you come to perhaps try for a sibling you would be early 40s with rapidly declining fertility.

Thanks Tincancat, I had never even thought of that.  :)

Hi bopster!

I spent a sleepless week trying to decide between IUI and IVF (I'm also 39, although not very long now). My clinic also recommended i start with IUI. I decided to go with IVF instead. Honestly, the price once you add everything up wasn't that huge of a difference and the success rates are way better for IVF. I was most worried about wasting time trying IUI and they recommend to try at least 3 times. That can easily end up 6 months of your life.

Regarding sperm bank, I went rogue and invited some girlfriends over to have a 'donor selection party'. we looked through all suitable profiles on all the sites that I could order from (my clinic works only with a few banks). So i didn't choose the bank specifically but the donor.

I hope this helps!


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