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Secondary infertility in early 40ís

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Hi Ladies

Iím Victoria, I turned 42 last week, I live in London with my husband and our 4 year old son. Weíve been trying for a second baby since our son was 2, with no success. We tried for a year naturally and had 2 early miscarriages (1 abnormal foetus & 1 normal), then did 3 failed cycles of IUI, then went to ARGC for IVF.

We did 3 round of stims and had 5 PGS tested embryos on ice. Weíve just done our first transfer and I found out yesterday that it failed. I felt so pregnant and itís absolutely floored me discovering Iím not. My friends all have at least 2 children now, most have 3.

I had implantation spotting with my son, then bleeding around implantation with miscarriage 1 and even heavier bleeding around implantation with miscarriage 2. Both miscarriages limped along for 8-10 weeks before failing completely. Both ended with D&Cís. Iíve had all the usual tests, incl immunes. I always have a thin lining and low progesterone, so they gave me progesterone shots and viagra for the transfer and it really helped. Iím wondering whether to do an ERA assay and if there are any other tests which might be relevant.

Mostly Iím just looking for emotional support amongst women whoíve actually been there and get it and maybe some stories that might renew some of my hope. Iím so sad, scared and angry at life right now😞

I had a successful frozen embryo transfer at age 44, I had 4 six day blastocysts transferred 4 days after ovulation as they said that embryos from older women were usually slower. Perhaps thatís something to think about? X

I am sorry that you are going through this. I can't help with personal experiences, just wanted to let you know that I keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome x

Thanks for the replies. Iím struggling and it helps to know people care.

I may be wrong but I think because the  embryos are all PGS tested normal, a single embryo transfer has approx 65% chance of pregnancy and 50% chance of a successful live birth. Where as if we put 2 in the chance of pregnancy is approx 75% for pregnancy and 65% for live birth. Itís not that big an increase, so we decided to do one at a time to max our chances.

Weíre now thinking more tests, ERA, Prof Brosens endometrial biopsy for NK/CK cells, laparoscopy for asymptomatic endometriosis etc...

 I'm not 100% sure this is the right place to post, so i apologize in advance.
I am 36 and this past October had my first baby via IVF. We have 1 more frozen embryo and knew right away that i want to try again as soon as possible. We are hoping to try again in November. I was wondering for those of you experiencing secondary infertility, how did you know when to start trying again? THere is so much to think about - if this second round does not work, do we decide to go thru the whole process again? It's not like I'm getting any younger... at the same time i wonder if / when or how will i know to just count my Blessing with my miracle baby?

So many thoughts...

Thank you so much! 


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