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Antenatal care in the UK
« Reply #20 on: 20/06/19, 21:35 »
Thank you,  ladies for your input..

I might be worrying unnecessarily, but  I haven't had a great experience with the local care. And I think the least the midwife could do is to keep the appointment perhaps just to give me some general info, or simple answers. I doubt she received another patient instead, so she chose to cancel my appointment and have free window  rather then listen to my concerns.

I am looking at options in London,  Flossy... I tried to get in touch with one obstetrician today, but she is away till next week 🤯 .I might try to find someone else, but really don't know where to look.

I have also self referred to an NHS hospital in London. Having to travel back and forth and even relocating temporarily worries me less than a possibility of being offered no other option but to give birth in the closet hospital to me, which i dread.

Many thanks again for your support.xx


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