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not sure I took meds or not ..help!!
« on: 15/06/19, 16:37 »
Hi can anyone help me, just complted transfer with donor eggs and sperm last Thursday..getting nervous now for the results. but I was supposed to take progynova at 2pm today and I know I went upstairs to do it but for the life of me can't remember if I took it or did something else.. Can anyone help? Shall I take another one just in case? Can it have any bad effect on me or the embryo? Or is it best to leave it till the next dosage time...will my lining not stay as thick as it should? Feel so silly as I should write it down but I get soo busy just don't have a system. Has anyone else been in a same position? I tried calling the clinic but they are shut after 2 and my coordinator seems unreachable..what shall I do?

Any thoughts appreciated...



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    not sure I took meds or not ..help!!
    « Reply #1 on: 15/06/19, 17:40 »
    Hi KHappy

    I did that...more than once, after my BFP. I took the progynova anyway. As you have had your transfer I don't imagine it would do any harm if you took an extra one. It certainly didn't affect me or the babies.

    Wishing you all the best! xx

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    not sure I took meds or not ..help!!
    « Reply #2 on: 15/06/19, 22:27 »
    cant offer any advice sorry im not on that one but a tip I have as I often think did I take it or not especially having to get up mega early for the morning one i sometimes wonder did i dream it lol I leave the cyclogest empty wrapper on the bathroom window ledge each time then I know I must have taken it even if I cant remember doing it lol also could you count how many were in your box , count back from the date you started taking it and work out if the correct number are now missing? that may help reassure you im sure al will be fine itsso hard trying to remember what you took and when especially when we already so stressed its ard to think straight isn't it  happens to us all im sure! x