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Hi there,
I'm in need of some advice please. My DH & I have been TTC for 7 years, we've had 3 failed rounds of IVF (with blastocysts of good quality), x3 failed IUI's and have never ever seen a BFP and now have recurrent implantation failure.

We've had every single test:
- NK cells level 1 & 2, Chicago bloods too
- ERA test
- A lap (i had this in 2014 which showed v v mild endo)
- DH has had DNA sperm fragmentation - slightly elevated but controlled through meds prescribed by our dr
- 3D SIS

We've tried IVF & ICSI and for our most recent round we tried a freeze all cycle with a natural FET with a low does of prednisolone. I became very ill / ohss after EC so we don't really want to go through IVF again so PGS now is no longer an option but is there anything anyone can suggest that we may have missed?

Or are there any consultants to see (we've been to Prof Quenby too) and now we are just lost. We want to move on and continue trying naturally but now after 7 years, should we just accept that it will never happen?

Thank you for your help


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    3 failed IVF rounds - RIF, anything else we can do?
    « Reply #1 on: 23/06/19, 21:00 »

    So sorry you've had another failed cycle  ^hugme^. Doesn't get any easier does it

    I won't beat around the Bush, is donor an option? Either eggs/sperm or both?
    After years of trying OE/DS I eventually had success with DD.
    I too did every test possible but in the end it was my eggs. They either werent up to scratch or my body just didn't  like them. Who knows. I think there's just so much about egg and sperm quality we just don't know. And I guess, in my case, just cause your under 35 doesn't always mean your eggs are OK.

    I kno this option is not 4 everyone. So I hope this isn't insensitive

    Really hope it works out 4 you whatever u decide 2 do next
    K xx

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    3 failed IVF rounds - RIF, anything else we can do?
    « Reply #2 on: 23/06/19, 23:24 »
    Hi Bettyville,

    Sorry to hear youíre having such a tough time.
    What were the results of your Chicago bloods and who did you do them with?

    I had two failed rounds of ivf and despite good embryos would bleed way before test day each time.
    I went to Argc in London who are more aggressive I suppose in their approach. They give lots of immune treatment but, ultimately for me, that worked, and I now have a son who I conceived naturally.
    There arenít many clinics who do the full immune testing, some places say they do but they arenít as in depth as the likes of Argc, Dr Gorgy etc.
    What is your amh and fsh like? Fsh in particular should be a below 10 at day three of your cycle to get optimum results.
    Who has your husband seen with regards to his problems? Iíve heard excellent things about Mr Ramsey although sperm isnít an issue for us so Iíve only hear via other people. Itís certainlg worth doing your research and looking around. Have you read Is your body baby friendly? Iíd recommend it if you havenít.
    Wishing you all the best.

    Offline Bettyville

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    3 failed IVF rounds - RIF, anything else we can do?
    « Reply #3 on: 24/06/19, 09:00 »
    Hi Flossy,
    Thanks for your reply. I did my Chicago bloods with CRGH who are my current clinic and they were also reviewed by my immunologist too - i can send you my results but everything came back within range (which i was surprised about as i have mild endo / eczema so there is some inflammation going on!!).
    My husband's fragmentation came back initially at 28% and then with vitamins came down to 24% so within range again - we haven't seen Dr R as i've been told that it'd be a wasted appt as his results are within range.
    So my AMH is 8.8 - can't find my FSH though but everything has always come back fine!!!

    We were going to look at ARGC over CRGH but we found it to be too much to handle, they are the best we know but i didn't think i'd be able to handle their approach. Now, we aren't looking to do IVF again after being so so ill after my last round, it took me months to recover and it's had knock on impacts on my health so unless ARGC can do something apart from IVF i'm not sure. I'm defo going to get the book to read - i haven't but feel i should now.

    Hi K Jade,
    Thanks for your reply. DE is certainly an option and something we are exploring but we would need to go abroad due to our ethnicity so there's a whole added extra complexity. It's now just a matter of whether we want to go through this all again or not. That is something i don't know as getting my head round DE is so hard esp when we know there isn't anything wrong with either of us! This is the most frustrating part for us.

    Thank you both,
    Betty x