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kdewald welcome! It sounds positive that youíve increase the number of eggs so much at New Life. Unfortunately I had four unsuccessful rounds with oe but Iíve certainly heard of lots of people that got successful on round three or four.

Hannx good luck, I hope round seven is your round 🤞🏼 I bet you canít wait to get out there and chill by the pool!

Missb1981 One or two is the million dollar question! In one of my oe cycles I had two put back in... I didnít over think it, more a close my eyes and hope for the best type of decision 😂 I get the feeling that putting two back in has better chances of a positive, and I think that I would rather have twins than none so I think I would put two back in!

AFM Iím just waiting for my old clinic to send me my notes, theyíre pretty useless on the admin side of things. It took them a week to get back to me to tell me that my boyfriendís signature on the consent form to release our notes didnít match the one they had on file. So I sent the form back on Thursday and now Iíll probably have to wait another week to hear from them.... luckily my consultation with New Life isnít for a couple of weeks.
On the plus side, Iím heading off to Crete today for a week in the sun ☀️


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    Hi ladies,

    Hannx, 6 embies, great numbers! I understand how you feel, a life trying to get pregnant. Ever since I moved to the UK, ďhaving a babyĒ is a centre of my life. Great idea to give yourself some relaxed time before transfer. I may do the same thing if the weather is not too hot for me. hehe  ;)

    kdewald, welcome to the thread! Iím sorry for your BFN. I canít personally answer your question but other ladies here have succeeded after multiple BFNs but Iím not sure if they did OE or DE. Has the clinic suggested something different for the next round?

    nicholad, how are you doing?

    loveshoes, you must be chilling under the sun right now! Itís an awful nightmare to get documents from UK clinic. It took me ages to get all my documentation too and they charged me £50! Unbelievable :o  Hope youíve already got the notes.

    AFM, I had a lining scan today. Day 9 of estrogen (Day 11 of cycle). The result was pretty sad. My lining was only 5.7mmÖ :'(  My lining on Day 2 of cycle was 2mm so it didnít grow even 4mm with estrogen. The clinic told me to increase the dosage and do another scan next Monday. Iím disappointed and kinda scared. At the previous clinic something similar happened, thin lining and increasing dosage, and no implantation... awww  To be continued till Monday - - -

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    HKD - sorry to hear your lining isn't behaving. Hopfully a few more days of meds will sort it out.

    Loveshoes -  I had the same problem; took several weeks to get notes from my clinic (which had provided treatment under NHS and private). I'd been with them for 12+ years so you can imagine the amount of paper!

    I'm all booked in for FET later this month but a few days later than I was expecting so the holiday plan has been kyboshed. The weather was also looking dodgy and I didnt want to be there for several days with cloudy skies so it's another quick visit.

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    Hey all - I donít have time to respond individually but I just wanted to say to the new girls that you will get there.

    It took me 4 transfer to get pregnant and stay pregnant one I had a positive but it was over within days , I also transferred two eggs each time and did end up with twin boys the prospect is of cause daunting but when your loving it you just get on with it and you some how cope not everyday is the same and itís so rewarding , you also have to think as well itís all over and done with in one go and you may stop right there having two in one go which for me I feel like it kinda made my heartack and happiness all come to an end at once , Iíd have loved a girl but it wasnít to be for us 3 boys it is unless a miracle happened.

    Never give up.

    Hope everyone else is okay xxx

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    Hi everyone and welcome to the new ladies. I missed catching up with everyone but wanted to give u hope that it happened for us and it will for u too. We did 2 DE cycles and have a boy and a girl one from each cycle. Ive been on this thread for abt 3-4 yrs and seem everyone come and go after successful pregnancies- lots of twins i may add! Newlife team are amazing and they got pretty much everyone preg a lot of ladies from first try at DE others 2nd or 3rd fet but all i can say dont give up hope they will get u there too. The best decision we ever made when we moved to NL it changed our lives. Good luck xx

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    Dear all,
    After ELCS I am happy to share with you that I have a baby boy.
    I apologize for the longgggg silence. I was very weak during the second half of my pregnancy, due to low iron levels and would sleep for hours straight after work, many times till the next day, In addition, I had IVIg every three weeks till 34+ Which also didnít add strength, but probably saved this pregnancy. 

    I would like to thank all you lovely ladies for your enormous support during the cycles and especially at the beginning of my pregnancy when things looked less bright.
    I am grateful to NL, Chrysa and Dr.Dovas are amazing and would like to thank all the ladies who PM me and encouraged me to go to NL.

    I will write a separate post on the immune treatment that helped me as I feel it might help ladies in my situation.

    Many thanks to Fertility Friends for this amazing Platform and the valuable information.

    Good luck to all that are on their journey to expand their family.

    Will try to catch up with the news and posts soon.

    Xxxx Haley

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    Haley huge congratulations on arrival of ur baby boy such great news! Hope ur recovering well and enjoy every minute!

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    Haley so many congrats! Delighted for your family! You took the time to contact me when I asked about newlife and Iím grateful. I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins! Sorry for absence too itís been up and down, one started out smaller and I was told it wouldnít make it but itís still there! Then i was told they were identical and given a lot of risks but now Iím being told fraternal???!!!! I donít care what they are once they are ok. Iím aware of so many helpful girls that contacted me and helped me here if anyone needs any recommendations ask. I was so doubtful and negative going into this cycle and dr dovas and Chrysa were fab. I was walking out the door after the transfer and I was saying I hope this works but Iíll prob be back and she said you wonít be thanking me when this does work and itís twins ( I insisted on two embryos )....Iíve still a long way to go but hopefully this helps any new people deciding x

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    Rayna congrat to u too glad to hear twins r ok good luck at next scan xxx

    Hello everyone,

    Am looking for some advice as to next steps.

    I had a second failed FET in July with NL and  had a bleed afterwards which lasted a week. Chrysa has suggested that I start my next FET with my next bleed but my period hasnít arrived! I had a scan last week that showed that I ovulated and everything else looked healthy - no cysts or polyps. Chrysa has suggested inducing a bleed. Has anyone had success with a FET after inducing a bleed? I would rather wait for my period to arrive but am at a loss as to what to do. Am 45 years old and prefer not to delay things too much!

    Angel x