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best ivf clinics in turkey
« on: 28/09/18, 15:50 »

I am 37 years old from london , diagnosed with unexplained infertility, never been pregnant, trying to conceive more than 10 years, did one failed ivf / icsi cycle with nhs last month guys hospital , I was in short protocol Gonal-f 300 , had 7 eggs collected only 3 fertilised , 1 abnormal and 2 transfered in day 2 ( 2cell/4cell) , been told the reason the cycle failed mostly because of embryos/ eggs quality.

 I want to try again but as you know its very expensive in here , the fund was only for 1 cycle , so I am planning to do it abroad , did some research about turkey and I am interested in this two hospital : Jinemed and american hospital , I would be very grateful if you can give some advices about them and wich one is better for my age and condition , your experiences with turkey ivf clinics , or if you have other recommendations ?

thank you


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    best ivf clinics in turkey
    « Reply #1 on: 7/07/20, 10:46 »
    Which did you choose OP?

    best ivf clinics in turkey
    « Reply #2 on: 4/10/20, 15:03 »
    I visited both Jinemed and American Hospital last month. I went with another.