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Vasectomy reversal


Hi everyone,

My DP is booked in for a vasectomy reversal on Monday. I was hoping that there are some people here who have experience of vasectomy reversals, as we havenít told anyone. I donít want to stress my DP out by talking about nothing else! So it would be amazing to have people here to talk to!

I guess ideally it would be nice to hear from people that have used our surgeon etc. But also interested in everyoneís experiences... it feels equally exciting and stressful/worrying that it wonít work. Basically, I have looked everywhere for support groups, but havenít found anything. Iím wondering if itís just something that people donít talk about? I feel like the sheer number of clinics means that a lot of us are starting our TTC journey with vasectomy reversals...

Thanks in advance! Sorry this is long


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