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Low AMH and IVF
« on: 2/08/19, 13:05 »
Hi guys,

Ive been reading the posts in the forum for a while now but this is my first post.

My partner and me are about to start an IVF cycle (Reprofit, Brno) in September due to my low sperm count. This morning we have received my partners (37) AMH results and from what we understand, they are far from being ideal - 0.848. My partner took it pretty hard, and as she is not interested in the egg donation route,  we wonder how this AMH results will affect out IVF chances? is it game over? is it high enough to thru a successful IVF cycle?  All of her other parameters (LH, P, E2, etc) are good.



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    Low AMH and IVF
    « Reply #1 on: 30/09/19, 23:39 »
    Sorry that no-one ever responded
    I hope you guys are doing well,
    i hope your partner has come to some of sort acceptance.
    I am sorry i can't help other than to say best wishes x