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Hi all,

I implanted a frozen PGS tested embryo on 20 June and had a positive pregnancy test early July (HCG 864).  This was a medicated cycle and I was on 4 estrogen patches per day and 3 progesterone pessaries per day.  These had a terrible effect on me.

Sadly I had a miscarriage with bleeding between 11 July until 19 July.  I stopped taking the estrogen and progesterone on 12 July.  I'm wondering when I would be likely to ovulate again - would the fact that it was medicated delay things?   I'm tracking my cycle on Ovusense and its given me 3 different ovulation windows and then changes its mind again a few days after they've finished. 

I am now planning home insemination in the US but really want to understand my cycle first - wondering if anyone has had anything similar?  Thanks in advance.


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    Iím very sorry for your loss  ^hugme^

    Lots of ladies sadly find their cycle messes up for a few cycles after Iím afraid so I canít really advise. Can you maybe give it a month and see if your next cycle is better?xxx