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Thin lining 4.9mm on CD12 , then shrinking on CD15 help please


Hi ladies , just posting to see if I can get as much  advice/info on what protocol worked for you If you have suffered from thin endometrium lining  :'(
I'm doing DE IVF at reprofit due to POF diagnosed as a teen.
My first cycle I was on 10mg of progynova and my lining reached 8.9mm however I got a BFN

Second cycle my lining reached 4.9mm on CD 12 then uped meds to 12mg and on CD 15 it was 5.2mm then on CD 16 it was 3.6mm it had shrank !!
So cycle got cancelled.
So I was advised to have a 2 month break and just resumed BCP.

Currently doing a third cycle protocol 6mg progynova and x2 pumps estrogel until CD5 then 8mg progynova until CD12 lining was 4.9mm so upped meds to 12mg progynova plus estrogel and aspirin and lining shrank on CD 15 to 3.2mm.
I'm baffled and really upset with it all I just don't know what to do . Has anyone else had this problem if so what did your protocol look like xxxxx


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