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« on: 16/09/19, 17:44 »
Hi everyone,

Has anyone had to get a visa to go to Greece for fertility treatment and how did you manage it? I am going to ask the same question in the Czech Republic board, I hope thats ok but please delete if not.

My partner is a non EU national and will need a Schengen visa if we decide to get our treatment in Greece which is a definite consideration. Im worried about this now! If you have experience of this, did you apply for a medical visa or tourist visa and how easy was it? He would need a multiple entry visa as we would want to go for an initial visit and then for the treatment etc. I mean I could go on my own for the initial visit if it was absolutely unavoidable but I really want him to be there with me!

Would be very grateful for any advice or experiences. I never imagined it would be as complicated as it seems to be from reading the website!

Thanks xx


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    « Reply #1 on: 1/11/19, 19:05 »
    Hi! A late replay. If you decide to go to Embio clinic you need to stay in Athens only 3-5 days. A tourist visa I think is enough. But you must ask also at the clinic. We contacted dr. Paraschos and him asks us medical tests Ė scan, blood tests etc., we send its through e-mail, I did the fertility treatement under Dr. Paraschos guidance also by e-mail, and after that we came in Athens only for FIV, but we didnít decided if we want embryos - 3 days or blastocists so we stayed in Athens 5 days. I was very happy whith Embio clinic. After a life of infertility, at 49 years and a half, I was pregnant after only one FIV at Embio, at dr. Paraschos. Now I have a wonderful daughter. Embio is definitely a clinic to consider. And about visa problem you can ask also at the clinic. Iíll keep my finghers crossed for you!