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our BFP with PGS
« on: 20/09/19, 14:56 »
Hi laidies,

everybody has been sooooo helpful on this forum that i wanted to share what we have done in case it can help anyone

Me (38) some anovulatory cycles + husband (37) low sperm count and slow -  never ever been pregnant in 4 years of trying

1st cycle at Reprofit: short protocol - ICSI but result low fertilisation rate but had one 5 day blasto on board that didnt stay with us  :'(

2nd cycle (3 months later) - long protocol - ICSI+ PICSI + MAC + PGS + embryo glue (we went for everythign they could suggest us), much better fertilisation rate.  We ended up with 2x  5 day blasto.  They went for PGS and one came as OK the other mosaic. Between egg retrieval and FET we had 2 months. Transfered normal embryo using embryo glue on the 5th September. From day 5 i could feel period was coming, i was soooo convince, 2 days later i started with very bloated, tense abdomen and slightly lower back pain. by day 9 we tested positive and now we are waiting everything goes OK

supplements i took: multy pre pregnancy vitamins, iron and vitamin d (as both were confirmed to be loo few weeks before egg retrieval) nothing else

morning of the transfer i had a massage and nice relaxing walk to clinic (listening to music) and way back again nice walk with music. i was off from work for 4 days just "trying" not to stress = not going crzay

and nothing else

just wanted to wish you all super ladies all the best. i always thought this wont happen for us, it is always someone else in the forum, but keep fighting because we are all warriors and one day hopefully we all see that positive result!!!   :-*


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    our BFP with PGS
    « Reply #1 on: 21/09/19, 02:15 »
    Lovely success story, congrats!

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    our BFP with PGS
    « Reply #2 on: 10/01/20, 11:30 »
    Congratulations!!! Your story is very inspiring :)
    How's your pregnancy going? I hope everything's good xx