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BFP Due Date - January/February 2020
« Reply #220 on: 3/06/20, 09:07 »
Hi everyone,

Sorry for taking so long to reply.

It's been pretty mad with the lockdown. As WhatsonEarth suggested, my au pair arrangements went down. My au pair was due to come from southern Italy at the beginning of March and we didn't really feel it was safe for him to come (or that he'd have fun here - we were expecting a lockdown). A week later, we decided it wasn't safe for my 74-year-old mum (who has high blood pressure) to be in London either so she went home. My husband was sent to work from home (he's a financial key worker) due to his asthma and his boss was kind enough to let him work four days a week for a few weeks - to help us cope. Apart from that, we were alone together, with no help, with the two small boys.

At the beginning of May, we realised it would be hard for my mum to come back and impossible for me to return to work, so we started recruiting for an au pair already in the UK. We've ended up recruiting an au pair whose last placement ended due to the lockdown. She has had several placements, wants to work as a maternity nurse in the UK eventually, and has a life here in London (inc. friends and a boyfriend). We've hired her as a part-time, live-in, junior nanny, which means we're paying her nanny rates for her childcare experience, but she lives with us and doesn't work full-time hours. She arrived on Monday night and will be locked down with us for the foreseeable.

This means I can now work 30 hours a week and am at my desk now working! I can also, hopefully, go for a run as my exercise has been confined to walking upstairs lots of times, dancing to music in the garden, and lifting weights in the front room.

Lorcan is a lovely baby. He is very curious and responsive, and generally interested in the world. He is now nearly four months. Like his brother, he had very severe colic, but I wouldn't know he was born a fortnight before term - he seems to have met most of his milestones roughly the same time as his older brother, although time does move strangely in the lockdown.


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    BFP Due Date - January/February 2020
    « Reply #221 on: 24/07/20, 10:56 »
    Hey everybody, how are you all doing and how our babies getting on? I hope they are all doing well :-)

    I can't believe Theo is a week away from turning 7 months old. Time has literally flown by. When I was pregnant everyone kept saying to me "enjoy him while he is young because it goes so fast", I didn't believe them at the time but it is so true. I keep looking back at pictures of when he was newborn and I miss him being that small but at the same time I am loving watching his little personality grow.

    Theo is nearly sitting up but nowhere near beginning to crawl, its quite funny watching him on tummy time. He is strong with his arms but has absolutely no clue what to do with his legs yet. He has been weaning for the last few weeks and he seems to really enjoy his food! I've been giving him purees because I'm too scared to do baby-led weaning. He has been off his food for the last few days but I think he is teething. He has one tooth on the bottom and I think the second one is going to make an appearance soon.

    I've tried arranging going back to work in October but my boss is being really funny with me, because I work in a nursery I said Theo needs to come with me and she has said there is no room for him. He has to come with me as I've got no one to look after him so its possible I'll have to delay going back to work which I don't really want to do as I can't afford it.

    I've been okay, just been feeling a little fed up lately. We have been going to my in-laws every other day and if im honest its driving me insane. It probably sounds quite nasty but I never get a look in with my own son when we go round there, if he is crying my MIL has to be the one to hold him and won't give him back. She is also not listening to what we are telling her. She has this pretend candle that she keeps giving Theo to play with and no matter how many times me and my partner tell her not to give it to him she still does. I keep telling her I light candles all the time in my house so I dont want him to think he can play with them because he plays with the one at nanny's house. Other than this things have been going well. My other half is going back to work doing massaging next week and he will have to go quite early so I'm hoping this means we won't have to spend as much time at my in-laws. Is it bad of me that I don't like spending much time there? People have told me just to send Theo with my other half but he goes running before he goes so would have to drop Theo off there and I don't trust MIL with him on her own. Theres been so many mistakes she has made whilst looking after him that I don't like leaving him with her.

    When he was around 8 weeks old she left him go 6 hours without giving him milk despite the fact I had given her times to feed him, I was horrified! Then last weekend when we went round she wanted to take him for a walk so I went with her. It was really sunny so she pulled his trouser legs up and said "lets get the sun on those legs". Fil quickly said to her "so he can get sunburnt" and she quickly rolled them down again. She didn't even think about putting sun cream on him.

    Sorry this seems to have turned into a little rant. I hope you are all doing well :-)