* Author Topic: Tandem fresh and fet cycle of 4 embryos - bfp! Hcg thoughts?  (Read 753 times)

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Laying in bed wide awake pondering upon my hcg levels  :)
We had four embryos put back recently in what was our very last cycle as it was the last of our frozen embryos. We also had a fresh natural ivf at the same time- so day 3 fresh embryo and 3xfrozen blasts from when I was younger in day5 transfer.
Iím so happy to report a bfp. My hcg levels seem quite high and whilst I know nothing is certain from hcg levels Iím wondering if these levels seems unusually high and do tbey suggest multiples?
I would love to hear from anyone with their thoughts or numbers from their own hcg results and if you had a singleton or more.... im having a scan this Sunday so wonít be long till we find out! X
Thanks in advance

237 9dp5dt
530 11dp
933 13dp
3575 16dp


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    Here is a good site to compare your levels which can be fun and give you an idea, my levels for my twins are in my sig  :)

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    Thank you! Gives me something else to obsess over till my scan  ;D

    My result at 10d5dt was 288 and it is a singleton-a girl. We had 2 transferred and now Iím pregnant with one. So, either you are having a girl or if those are the twins, might be the boys:)

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    Thanks Cosmopolitan and congratulations on your pregnancy! All very exciting x

    My daughter was 174 hcg at 10dp5dt. 

    Iíve been stalking everyoneís hcg levels and sometimes I think twins and other times I think one! Just as long as  we get one healthy one then Iím very happy x

    Best of luck to you