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Hi I just got a BFN and I'm still trying to process it a bit.  I don't really understand what I'm feeling.  I knew this could happen but I just was too confident it would.  I'm 40 and I just had my first failed IVF.  I still have one embie left to transfer so that's a good thing.  Anyone of you ladies just had a BFN and wish to talk?  I certainly need to.

Hi VanGn I'm here for you if you need to chat.  I hope you are having all the support you need back home.  Sometimes seeking a psychologist or a trained therapist also helps.  Please keep the faith VanGn.  As I recall, you still have one embie waiting for you. Love and hugs dear. ^hugme^

Jupiter 96:
Hi VanGn

I have told that often the first BFN is the most painful....

I am similar to you in age and I had my first BFN in October and I still feel a little bruised by the experience even now.  I actually felt ten times worse in that BFN moment and for a good while after that despite trying to prepare myself as best as I could.

I too am considering the FET cycle to come and how I will manage all mental/emotional part of the cycle.  My consultant advised me to speak to the counsellor and even though I found the cycle emotionally challenging I really didn't feel that I needed to speak to a counsellor but I may do it anyway.... after all, it can't hurt... well I hope not anyway! Is that an option for you too?

If you need to chat I am also here


Hi Jupiter my love to you dear  ^hugme^

Thank you Jupiter, I thought of getting counselling but right now, I feel I can manage.  My partner and I are going through this together and our circle of family and friends are aware of our journey and are very supportive about it.  As long as I get a bit of enough sleep and eat well, I think I will be okay.

Do you have other children?  We have an 11 year old girl  :)  Her presence helps too.

When do you think you can start your FET?


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