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BFP - due date July/August 2020
« Reply #50 on: 18/06/20, 23:59 »
Hope everyone is OK? It's very quiet on here but I guess covid-19 has made these pregnancies take a backseat to daily life!
My wife is still remaining upbeat despite suffering from hyperemesis and being sick on a daily basis. Thankfully once the tablets kick in she is usually OK. She hit 33w today so not long to go at all!
She had a midwife appointment yesterday and was referred for a growth scan due to static growth and bump measuring 2-3w behind. Luckily she managed to get a scan appointment later that afternoon and it turns out baby is bang on the 50th percentile, tracking well, measuring great and already estimated to be 4lb11oz. The small bump is just her super strong core muscles keeping baby tucked in!
Baby had hiccups that we could feel from the outside for the first time today. So magical!

Herts xx


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