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I hope someone can help.
For the last two weeks I've been back and forth from the epau with this pregnancy. I have two corpus luteums on the left and prior to conceiving, I had a 3 fibroid in the wall that has now grown to 7cm and causing difficulties viewing the uterus clearly.

I had a hcg 13dpo that was 444. I had spotting last week which was 24dpo so went to the epau. They saw a sac but it was empty and besides the fibroid. HCG was 12532 progesterone 55.7 (about 4 to weeks pregnant) so they said they should see something. HCG 2 days later at 26dpo was 13989 so not doubling. I was taken into hospital the following night as they assumed ectopic. 2 days after the previous HCG, 28dpo, I was 16970 so it went up. That day they found a completely different sac and this was higher up in the womb but still struggled to see anything in the sac but they feel like they may have seen a pole.

I was sent home and told to come back today when I should be 6w3d or so but apart from the sac being bigger....they STILL can't confirm anything in the sac completely because the fibroid distorts their imaging.

Has anyone had this problem?


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    I had something similar with my youngest son.  I to have a large fibroid at the top of my uterus.  Had a scan at 5w 4d and 2 embryos could be seen.  Had another scan at EPU at 6 weeks and got told my womb was completely empty, I had miscarried and she even showed me the black empty space.  I went home crying and drank a bottle of wine.  Still didnít feel right and had another scan privately at 7w 5d and a perfect baby was growing.  She struggled with the internal probe at first and couldnít see anything.  She said that the fibroid was bouncing the scan echos off it!  When she used the external scan, she managed to the find the baby right at the top of my uterus.

    Like me, it might just be a waiting game and the experience of the scanner, as the original one found the 2 tiny embryos, but the other one zero.

    Good luck and I have everything crossed for you