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FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
« Reply #50 on: 12/01/20, 09:11 »

Brooky- I started my burselin yesturday aswell so we must be cycling together, iam also very anxious with this cycle after a early miscarriage in October which left me with anxiety and panic attacks, if u ever need to chat and support iam only a msg away we can help eachother along, we can and will do this  :)

X Kelly x


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    FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
    « Reply #51 on: 12/01/20, 10:10 »
    HopingToBeAMammyNo2 - Glad to hear you've been able to get started on the buserelin. Hoping any side effects stay away!

    brooky - Welcome. I resonate strongly with how you are feeling. This will be my second transfer after a missed carriage at 12 weeks following my first. I'd had some cancelled cycles before this with lining difficulties. I've also been trying to 'make the most of normal life' alongside treatment and take it a day at a time. This goes better some days than others but is getting more difficult as things progress. Like last time, we haven't told other people about our treatment. I can talk to Hubby but he went through a lot last year and I'm mindful of him worrying about me or thinking I'm not coping. I've been having some counselling too to try to have some ongoing support whilst I'm going through this cycle. I've been doing some fertility yoga and a bit of mindfulness (but not enough), trying to keep myself busy with other things and trying to be kind to myself. I'm slightly ahead of you but also here if you want to talk x

    Suzie84 - Best of luck for your scan on Monday. I'll be having a scan too so will be thinking about you. It's hard enough fitting treatment in around work without needing to fit in other appointments like accupuncture.

    Daisythesnail - Nice to have you join us. Lovely to hear about your success with your son. How did your scan go?

    Desperatelade30 - Well done on getting to transfer! hope you are coping with being PUPO. Thanks for the advice about a change of clothes. Bless you! It's amazing how differently clinics do things. Last time they said I could get up and use the toilet straight after transfer. Luckily I wasn't absolutely desperate and insisted on laying still for about an hour before a long car journey home trying to lay back as far as I could.

    Micg15 - I've started doing some fertility yoga in the hope it can help with lining. Legs up the wall certainly features! Hope you're doing ok x

    AFM - Lining scan tomorrow. Lining always stalled at 6.8mm so expecting it wont get over this but we'll see. Should at least get the next part of the plan. Trying to stay calm and continue with everyday life alongside treatment and trying to occupy myself with other things. Had a wobbly day yesterday which I'm putting down to the hormones and hoping for a better day today!
    Hope youíre all ok x

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    FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
    « Reply #52 on: 12/01/20, 10:34 »
    Welcome Brooky, it is so hard going through this process, getting the counselling will hopefully help but definitely reach out for a moan or vent to this group whenever you need it. If feeling down, itís cliche but some light exercise where you can or watching some comedy sketches might help pick you up.

    Hopeful good luck tomorrow too let us know how it goes. I had a wobble last weekend but got distracted with friends and family which turned it around. Hope you manage some distractions today. My scan is not until late afternoon so Iíve got to work beforehand so I guess thatís a distraction 😅

    Hope everyone is doing well x x

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    FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
    « Reply #53 on: 12/01/20, 15:28 »
    Hi Everyone
    Kelly- how are you getting on with down regging?
    Susie, hope your lining scan goes well tomorrow. 
    My cycle was abnormally short (Iím doing a Ďnatural cycleĎ)so they did my scan found big follicle and triggered me there and then- so transfer on Fri and now Iím on the pessaries- eugh.
    Aggghhhhhh it seems to have happened so fast this time- not really ready
    Sending love.  Donít really have any tips Iím afraid :-(  I try to not think about it and my job is crazy busy and chaotic so itís easier when at work but really itís at the back of my mind constantly. Iíve barely told anyone this time, (my boss, and a friend who Iíve only known a year- who I never see- we just text) which I prob wouldnít advise as Iíve got no one to talk about it to.
    Love to you all

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    FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
    « Reply #54 on: 12/01/20, 15:34 »
    Daisythesnail - I did find it funny, I suppose its good to have something to laugh about with all of this. How did your scan go?

    Hopingtobeamammyno2 - Thanks! Everywhere seem to offer contradicting advice about lying down/getting up. I'm fed up of googling what to eat/not eat seems everywhere says something different! How are you feeling with the meds?

    Hopeful_10 - All I could think about from about 30 mins before the transfer was how badly I needed to pee, so I nearly cried when they said I had to stay lay down for 2 hours! They said I could pee on a bed pan after 30 mins, I was determined to last the 2 hours so I didn't have to use the pan but my bladder though otherwise! At least we now we have a funny story out of the process!

    Hopeful_10 & Suzie84 - Good luck with your scans, I hope that everything goes well for the two of you!

    AFM - I panicking about not sticking to a healthy diet, we are eating in restaurants for every meal (we're in Cyprus) and I don't feel that I've really had a decent meal since I've been here! I really hoping that it isnt going to have too much of an impact! I was warned about symptom spotting but to be honest apart from the odd twinge (which might not even be my womb), I've not felt any different to how I was before the FET. The injections I'm on aren't the nicest, one stings for 10 minutes onces its in and the other makes me really sore and bloated. It feels like a very long time until my test date!

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    FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
    « Reply #55 on: 12/01/20, 18:52 »
    Hi ladies, I hope it's okay for me to join.  I was trying to catch up with everyone.

    I had mini ivf before which was medicated but much less.  I had previously had OHSS and did not want to experience it again.  Mini ivf went well for me, we still got 12 good embryos. So for anyone unsure of natural vs medicated, maybe this would be an option?

    With regards to FET, the estrogen is for your lining.  I would actually say that 2mg wasn't enough, I was on 8mg last FET.  And now he is a mad little 2 year old running around!!  ;D

    So with me, I was due to have FET in February- as I need to time around work holidays, the plan was to take bcp to time everything and have ET around 21st.  I kinda messed up my start day though for bcp so now I'm waiting for my bleed before I can start it which will delay things.  I don't mind waiting a bit longer but I have my flights booked for Feb so would lose them.  The thing is I think my bleed will be here either tomorrow or Tuesday.  If I started bcp on day 1 and took it for 17 days then I could time things as I'd planned.  However, I was told that bcp needs to be taken for 18 days, does anyone know why and if 17 would be enough?

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    FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
    « Reply #56 on: 12/01/20, 20:07 »
    Thank you for your lovely replies guys. It definitly helps me to feel less alone with it all.

    I'm really sorry those of you who also had miscarriages, it seems like such a lot of us and I think does put an extra pressure on further treatment.

    hopingtobeamammy- Thankyou,  I hope you are getting some support with your anxiety and panic attacks. I also am very happy to be messaged if you ever need to chat about any of it. How are you finding the injections? I'm finding them more painful this time :( What's you expected transfer date?

    Hopeful - Thank you for your support. I haven't told people this time either really, I have told my mum and a friend but not told them any dates or specifics. I'm sorry your husband has had a difficult time too, I do think counselling is really helpful so that we don't have to offload it all on our partners who of course have their 'stress buckets' full as well.

    Suzie- thankyou, yes I do need to get more excercise really, have started pilates which is good. And yes, it is really great having somewhere to talk to people who know what I'm going through.

    Daisy - Thankyou for your message, I hope it helps being able to talk on here. I was a lot more secretive last time and I fonud it really difficult and find it easier now I've told one or two people. So it might be worth confiding in someone you can trust. But also we are here of course. all the best for Friday! must be a bit of a shock it all happening so quickly!

    desperatelady - I'm sure that what you are eating now won't make any difference to the outcome of the test, when is it? Just try to stay as relaxed as possible and hopefully you are getting some sunshine?? All the best, every crossed for you.

    Welcome taraeob, I don't know anything about the bcp sorry but hopefully your clinic can advise you?

    I really appreciate the kind replies I have had from you guys it really helps and I am hoping the best for you all xxx

    FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
    « Reply #57 on: 12/01/20, 22:31 »
    Hi ladies

    Hopeful - no side effects as of yet am hoping it stays that way, I really hope ur lining is playing ball for u tomorrow update us wen u no fingers crossed and positive thinking xx

    Suzie- Goodluck for ur Scan tomorrow hope all is ok the right road which iam sure all will be well, let us no how u get on xx

    Daisy- injections are going well thank you, ooo so a unexpected short cycle for u I think thatís prob best as less time to think about it, the lovely pesseries eh all for a good cause tho xx

    Desperatelady- am enjoying the injections crazy Ano but each injection is a day closer to getting our dreams, i really wudnt worry about eating right foods etc I think once we start cycling itís out of our hands and nature takes over, I never be strict or stick to healthy eating unfortunately and I had my daughter thru ivf and 2nd cycle worked also but MC so technically ate anything I like and 2 success cycles all in all, just enjoy urself and dnt worry about what to do and not to do will soon be PUPO before u no it xx

    Tara- wellcome to the group lovely, I wudnt day 1 day wud make a huge difference so maybe u shid be ok? I have never had estrogen before but iam to take 2mg with pesseries for my first FET so will be my first time with them, Goodluck and look forward to following ur journey so thy u xx

    Brooky- they havenít gave me a rough transfer date yet but wud imagine it being around same time as u of all going well as we started downregg same day iam just waiting for a bleed to call clinic for a scan, iam finding the injections fine donít feel it at all while doing it just stings a little afterwards but I just massage the area xx

    Hope everyone is well sorry if I have missed anyone
    Xx Kelly xx 

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    FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
    « Reply #58 on: 13/01/20, 16:57 »
    Hey ladies, quick update, we were 7.8m for lining so we start the progesterone pessaries on Thursday and have transfer on Tuesday, itís feeling a bit more real now  :)

    Hope you are all good, sending positive vibes your way x x

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    FET January/February..... Ho ho ho/Happy New Year!
    « Reply #59 on: 13/01/20, 18:26 »
    Hi all
    Sorry Iíve been a bit rubbish with messaging just so busy at work.

    Suzie fab news with the lining great that you can transfer on tuesday how exciting.

    Hoping to be - glad that thereís no side effects yet and youíre doing ok.

    Desperately donít worry too much about the eating Iím sure itíll be fine. Iíve been so rubbish and even now Iím meant to be eating healthy and itís not working. Just go with how your body feels and what it needs

    Welcome to the group Tara

    Iím sorry if Iíve forgotten anyone Iím doing this from my phone and it wonít let me go back to messages!

    Afm started my period at the weekend and progynova yesterday. Feeling really stressed last few days then feel bad being stressed as I need to be calm then eat then feel bad and not exercising so feel rubbish!! I was pretty calm but now itís here Iím stressing. I think I said we have 2 embryos left, I just keep thinking realistically will they be viable as we already have our LG from the same collection, I so want it to work and think this would be our last shot!!

    Sorry for the rant people do know we are doing it but I donít think anyone really gets it

    Hope you all ok
    Letís hope for lots of baby dust and bfp Iím the next few weeks