* Author Topic: Pgd grading - what does it mean??  (Read 442 times)

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Pgd grading - what does it mean??
« on: 19/12/19, 18:28 »
Iíve just had my phone call from my clinic

We had 5 tested but have only ended up with 1 embryo

He said the grading is 5BBC but Iím not sure if this is good bad or average

Feeling a bit deflated as this is our last shot

Can anyone advise?

Many thanks


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    Pgd grading - what does it mean??
    « Reply #1 on: 20/12/19, 08:58 »
    5BC? Iíve had a few of those - theyíre fine grades.
    I honestly wouldnít get too hung up on grades - they mean nothing really. We transferred AA and had negative tests, this one was a 5CB and we got a positive.
    Iíve seen babies from poorly graded embryos and negatives from too grading embryos.
    Realistically as well, the amount the earth is populated, we all could of been poor embryos and no one would ever know. Itís just a way of measurement for the embryologists, although Iíve heard some clinics now donít even transfer best grade to poorest grade - they just transfer any of them at any time.
    Please donít get too hung up on the grading, itís a blastocyst and survived pgd testing so itís strong xx

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    Pgd grading - what does it mean??
    « Reply #2 on: 20/12/19, 10:12 »
    Completely agree with what Carrie said - and most clinics will also tell you that grades are a bit of a mystery, bad grading doesn't mean it won't work; good grading doesn't mean it will work.

    And 5BC is really good.  If I remember rightly, my clinic said they don't like to freeze above 5 - that's the stage the embryo has developed to - once it gets to 6 it's a hatching blastocyst, which is less stable for freezing & thawing - they prefer to freeze at 5.
    The letters refer to the different parts of the embryo, one bit becomes the baby, and one bit becomes the placenta.  They grade them on clarity I think.  BC is nothing to worry about, it's in good shape.
    My best friend's baby came from a 5BC embryo - and he's perfect! x