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Anyone males taking SSRIs like cipralex or lexapro

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Me and my wife are struggling to conceive and although my semen parameters are slightly on the low side the IVF specialist said ICSI is advised.

Can I ask if anyone is on anti-depressants and if they were successful in conceiving ?


Hi there

Yes my dh is on 20mg lexapro, just recently had ivf with clinic in Spain, they seemed to have no issues with his meds and so far so good with our pregnancy. I was also on Prozac for a year or so but came off of it before our latest treatment. If I really did need it though they were willing to let me stay on it. Wishing you the very best with everything x

Thank you so much for your response it makes me feel better.

I keep reading online how SSRIs effect dna defragmentation and impair sperm.

Congrats on your pregnancy, how many weeks are you


Sorry Iam not a male but iam a female going thru treatment and iam on SSRIís

Thanks pdiddy. We are just at 8.5 weeks now. Dh was on them approx 14 months prior to treatment and even though he always had low parameters wrt mobility, numbers and motility but had excellent fragmentation, the lexapro didnít have any impact on any of them. 


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