* Author Topic: Cycling 6 yrs later should.it be conventional cycle or mild/natural ivf  (Read 108 times)

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Could anyone help give their opinions on what I should do. I have beem successful with 1 ivf long protocol cycle in 2016...have 2 children from that.. my amh was 26.8 then and i was33/ 34.

6 yrs on i am 39 now and have endo cyst on left ovary and amh of 6. My clinic have suggested short protocol this time amd see how we get on. I don't have many cycles.to compare.against.as i.only did the one.. but i am worried will high stims just fry my eggs or should.i consider mild ivf/natural ivf because i am older, with endo and a much lower amh.

My amh has dropped given time but also cyst.which is just killing my ovary too

Any thoughts


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    Hi Leenaj

    Your AMH is really not that bad. It may not be the greatest but it really isn't anywhere close to terrible. Of course, the clinics like it higher because then they get more eggs to play with but 6 is not something I would worry too much about.
    I would go with the protocol your clinic recommends if you trust them. If you don't trust them, I would go with a clinic I trust.

    Most importantly I wanted to say my AMH was far far worse and my clinic also recommended the short protocol with 450 Menopur after the first 'trial' go. And I never felt it negatively affected the eggs - we got a high percentage of blasts/follicle. I think it's a lot more about age and your partner's sperm. I believe this 'frying' the eggs with the stimulation meds is a bit of a myth and the clinic I went to also had that approach. Maybe it was because I was still less than 40, it may change afterwards, I don't know, but then so are you (less than 40). In particular if you have been so successful before with 2 children from 1 cycle then that looks great for you, because clearly you and your partner were able to produce good eggs.

    The only real way you find out is by giving it a go and I would pick 3 or 4 eggs from a short protocol way over 1 or 2 from a natural approach - it is about the numbers. The more eggs you have, the more likely 1 (or more) will be genetically intact and able to make a baby. The natural approach simply has far lower success rates.