* Author Topic: Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8  (Read 9813 times)

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Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
« Reply #140 on: 15/09/20, 14:43 »
Hi, queenie! I believe, and I really hope, you don't have to go private for the whole thing... I frankly don't know anything about St Mary's but I generally really trust UCLH. I was going to mention Patrick O'Brien worked there but I thought you lived too far away to be in their catchment area... If I were going NHS, I'd personally want to be with his team.

I've only ever heard of one person transferring with the same consultant from private to NHS, but that was with a paediatrician. Still, your question was about having the complexity investigated privately and then moving to the NHS with that information--that sounds to me like it should be doable, but the NHS is unfathomable sometimes.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you... xx


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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #141 on: 16/09/20, 06:29 »
    Klik, lovely to hear from you, I have often thought of you when popping on here and hoped you are doing well with your little one.
    Wishing you so much luck for a sibling for your little one. Did you just get the progesterone prescribed from your old clinic? I need to do the same as my luteal phase is even shorter now, I am hoping they will just prescribe without wanting me to go in for a consult/scan/bloods, but Dr Hall who knew us best is no longer with the clinic. I canít face being poked/prodded/examined at the moment.
    Hope your little boy is ok now xx

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #142 on: 16/09/20, 09:26 »
    Just a quick one to queenie, I was at St Mary's nhs,  I really recommend their birth centre although I had to be transfered to labour ward eventually but its just a floor above the birth centre.  I also had my private midwife with me so she could negotiate with med stuff on my behalf as i was obviously in no position to. But frankly my husband did a better job at fighting my corner (my preference was natural birth with minimal meds or intervention and its not easy to achieve in labour ward) I looked into St Mary's private wing but you basically need to put aside something like 20K in case of additional measures and also book a consultant early on. I was in 3rd trimester when I was brave enough to consider thinking about actually birth but it was too late for private.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #143 on: Today at 19:27 »
    Hi all,

    Briss and Dorchester how are you getting on with cycles?

    MSJ hope youíre doing ok with weighing up the best options going forward.

    Queenie hope all ok and that you have managed to find the right care. Hoping all is ok.

    Lovely to hear others popping on who have had their little ones.

    ATM Iím just waiting to start the next cycle after the cancelled one. I spoke to Dr Khalil today who said they discussed it in the meeting. The consensus was that I could either have hystercosy (sorry not sure if thatís the right spelling) now as my lining has been thin for the last 2 cycles. Or I could go ahead with the same protocol and then if itís thin again so a freeze all and do it around the time of egg collection. The team thought their could possibly be some scaring form emergency c section. I had other bowel complications from the surgery where the surgeon either touched or nicked my bowel and caused it to stop working. So there could be some scaring.

    He said I could do 225 menopur again and initially said donít bother with letrazole but then when I asked why change the protocol he said actually keep it in.

    Iím not 100% sure why letrozole or not letrozole to be honest. My last cycle the lead follicle grew massive (22m) after 4 days of stims where as the one before it was 8 days.

    Any thoughts on whether letrozole is the right thing to do or doesnít make too much difference?

    Also this is my 6th cycle (5th back to back). I donít wait a month in between and start straight on my next af. Dr K said there is no clinical reason to wait only psychological if you need a break. But Iím wondering about my poor ovaries as Iíve now been on meds (either stims or cyclogets) for over 5 months. Anyone have any thoughts?

    The last cancelled cycle hit me hard and it feels difficult to hold on to any hope but part of that might be the doom of cyclogest (which they insisted I should take even though lining to thin and nearly no chance of a good egg in the follicles).

    Thanks for letting me vent multiple failed cycles is a bit of a lonely place.