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Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
« Reply #180 on: 8/10/20, 18:33 »
Hi oops sorry I thought you did PRP like Tily did

I spoke to IVI they are doing a study in Spain on Stem cells
I will have more info next week 



I have a consult with the doctor who is doing this Iíll update you once I have the info
I am going through the same emotions as Briss itís v difficult like Queenie has said we have to try and move the odds in our favour..

Briss your mailbox is full?

Mouse hope u r ok?


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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #181 on: 11/10/20, 15:52 »
    Queenie, thank you for suggesting stem cells and sharing your knowledge on this, definitely on my list now. My first reaction was to reject the notion completely but as I started reading on it the idea is growing on me. I had a chat with Penny about it. Just to say I cant stop admiring her attitude she is the only one who actually takes the trouble of getting to know your history. I mean we spoke last time 5 years ago and she actually not just read what I sent her now but digged up my old history. No other doc ever invested that much time in understanding the history. She is really quite unique. Her voice is so calming she talks like an old friend who cares about you. Having said that she did not seem very enthusiastic in me trying stem cells right now. Her view is that I have had too many IVFs/meds and my body is out of sync because of that. I mean she is right my body is out of sync and although itís tempting to blame it on meds I cannot ignore the fact that in 6 clear months of no meds/EC/IVF my cycles became even less regular or predictable. Also the reason I moved on to stims from natural IVF was the fact that I no longer produced fertilisable eggs naturally and felt I could benefit from adding some hormones. Pennyís view is that I should only do natural IVF and forget about stims altogether. But before that I should go on a break for a couple of months. She noted that women who benefited from stem cell therapy did not even have periods any more. It just sounds so encouraging I immediately felt like the pressure of time is irrelevant. I also cant help admire her efforts we had a call in the evening and she went on to send me the follow up stuff much later in the evening. All other docs completely ignore you after 4 pm. Unless I send an email early in the morning I rarely get response on the same day so to see someone working overtime for you is just unprecedented. That alone makes me want to trust her. But one issue I have with her is that she focuses on uterus. I am pretty sure mine is fine and issue lies with ovaries/eggs/sperm so I want to avoid any kind of uterine interventions. I agreed to do the menstrual blood infections test although I do not believe in it. I have taken tonnes of AB in the last 10 years so I do not think this helps much with egg/embryo situation.

    In terms of stem cells serum does it via menstrual blood as opposed to bone marrow and they inject it back into the ovaries at a different hospital via lap. So obviously this means additional risks relating to lap/ general anaesthetic. My DH seems on board with it he even agreed to consider sperm improvement protocol so we could have some sperm frozen in Serum as well. Basically speaking to Penny renewed my desire to carry on. Maybe the change I need lies with the clinic/doctor and itís time to move to Greece.   

    How are you feeling? have you had any further tests done?

    Mouse, I also occasionally have dark thoughts on termination / infertility connection but I try to move my mind elsewhere. Although I still keep a scan pic of the pregnancy I terminated in my mid 20s. MY DH does not even know about it. Itís the pain I carry alone. I did not want to add to his anxieties about sperm issue by telling him that somebody else had no problem getting me pregnant.  The more I observe the world the less it makes sense; you can see very loving couples who are childless and yet you also see women giving birth after being raped by their close relatives. No rhyme or reason. In your case I see no reason to stop, you still have your cycle you are producing follicles it could just be a matter of time before you succeed. I can see your fertility changed after giving birth. I think it makes sense to investigate your uterus a bit more and also see if a different clinic can offer a fresh perspective / new protocol.

    The size of the follicles varies depending on the protocol. For example my DD came from a 17 mm follicle, most of my stim cycles produce 18+ mm follicles but on long protocol I had much larger follicles over 20mm and it was a bfp (but did not last). I personally go by a combination of estrogen level and follicle size e.g. in the past I knew if estrogen is over 1500 even a smaller follicle will have a mature egg but waiting for it to grow larger risks losing it to early ovulation. Even when I had more than one follicle I always go by the largest as the most likely one to have a good egg. I would not want to risk losing it for the sake of smaller ones catching up. They may not have the same quality eggs. 

    Dorchester, thank you for the info on stem cells in Spain definitely worth looking into. I hope you are doing OK.

    Afm, was supposed to start estrogen priming on 7 dpo but I did bloods just to see where I stand and got confused even further. Even though I had natural LH surge and other symptoms of ovulation including rising progesterone it looks like there was no ovulation and my estrogen actually continues to go up from 230 on the day of LH surge to 440 on 7 dpo while progesterone went down from1.5 ng/ml to 0.6. I also started spotting but no actual AF. Munich suggested not to start estrogen priming and just wait for AF. My cycle is so messed up, in addition to my starts of cycle / follicle grown being out of sync I now have LH surge and estrogen/follicle grown being out of sync. Honestly why my body triggered LH if it seems to continue growing follicles albeit much slower? Munich is waiting for the cycle to start but actually I am thinking itís already ongoing and by the time my period properly starts it will be closer to LH surge again.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #182 on: 12/10/20, 17:27 »
    Will reply in detail to Briss message in detail
    Forgive for quick post

    Day 2 bloods
    E2 - 78
    LH - 5
    Fsh 8.8

    Today Day 9: scan
    2 Follicle both Under 6
    LH 19
    E2 304
    Lining 7.5
    I am naturally surging LH with e2 rising
    But follicles tiny Under 6mm
    Seems like Briss?

    With stims they do grow.
    However LH does go high quickly...
    I  think the hormones and scans are not in sync
    Think follicles do grow with FSH drugs but hormones do what they like regardless
    Maybe even try to ovulate twice In a cycle

    Most likely dysfunctional follicle

    So maybe the follicles only grow why FSh stims are given
    But regardless the bloods do what they like and trigger ovulation early once the LH senses a e2 rise

    Prp update uk number on this site
    This clinic is in a large hospital much bigger then Serum
    I heard on forums Penny is not a doctor? Regardless she seems
    I will speak to her
    I think the sooner one does PRP Stem cell the better - it can improve the hormonal environment
    But the egg are what they are inside by age...


    He worked at medi too

    They  do prp 40 next generation AMH  increases / large Greek clinic - thatís what they say...
    Worth speaking to them I just did!

    Queenie : how did your 12 week Scan go? Hope all is ok

    Mouse: how is your cycle going at Lister?

    Hope all ok
    I am very a bit  deflated But glad to see whatís happening with my cycle
    and only have hope with managing LH or  in PRP now

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #183 on: 12/10/20, 19:13 »
    Queenie - I hope your - 12 week scan and appointment went well today. Xx

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #184 on: 13/10/20, 15:49 »
    Queenie hope the scan went ok?

    Hope everyone else ok. Briss it feels positive that you have found some renewed motivation with a different clinic.

    Dorchester hope this cycle goes ok.

    ATM I went in for egg collection yesterday, there was 3 big follicle and 1 small on the pre op scan. Estrogen was over 2000 and lining 7.6. They managed to get 4 eggs and all of them fertilised normally which I really couldnít believe. So now itís a waiting game until Saturday and will go in for a fresh transfer if we get a blast. My consultant said itís ok if lining 7 or about but slightly worried 7.6 on day of egg collection is a bit on the cusp. Any ideas? If we do get a blast I donít want to waste a transfer as itís taken so many cycles to get this far and we might not get this far again for months.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #185 on: 14/10/20, 10:52 »
    Queenie - hope all is good news from the scan, I have been thinking of you!

    Mouse, that's a great result! You must be thrilled. I have transferred before at the Lister on a lining of 7, I always struggle to get a sufficiently thick lining in time on a stimulated cycle. It did result in implantation and a pregnancy (but unfortunately I MC later) so I wouldn't worry if you had nice looking trilaminar lining on the scan.

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #186 on: 14/10/20, 13:49 »
    Hello shady! :)

    Mouse, I've had numerous IVF and was so hoping to finally make it to a 7mm lining and kept chasing this for years. 7.6mm in my opinion is fabulous! Mine took with a 7 mm lining and our daughter is currently asleep next to me after 5 years of IVF and multiple tries. As long as it's trilaminar and looks good you'll be fine!

    Briss and Dorchester am thinking of you.

    Queenie how are you?

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #187 on: 17/10/20, 14:31 »
    Thanks Kat and ShadyWheat that gave me some reassurance.

    Today I had a 3bb blast and a morula transferred. There is one more morula that they will watch over the next day and see if it makes a blast to freeze. Iím not feeling massively hopeful blast isnít that amazing in terms of quality but trying to hold onto the fact that it doesnít mean it wonít work.

    Here goes the 2ww. I always know after 5 days if Iím not pregnant  as I have been tracking my cycle for so long I can tell the week before my period is due. But for now Iím just pleased this was a good cycle and if I have to go again at least I have some proof that i can get this far.

    Briss and Dorchester hope you are doing ok?

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #188 on: 18/10/20, 17:06 »
    Hi Ladies,
    Iíve not been on here for a long time. But today I decided to look on this thread which gave me much support and real life friends. Hi Kat, hi Shady...so lovely to  see youíre both still on here too.

    Hello Briss and Hello Queenie.

    Iíll try catch up but hope you are both well and it seems congrats are in order for you Queenie.

    I hope this doesnít trigger anyone but I thought Iíd let you know my story since I was last on here.

    After a very long battle with ivf and MCís I have been lucky enough to have a baby girl, Marcie. Sheís 4.5 months now. Sheís a donor egg baby. If anyone on the thread ever wants to ask about donor egg then please feel free. I mean I donít know what itís like to have an OE baby so I canít make a comparison, but I believe Marcie is an absolute gift from heaven and Iím so grateful sheís in my life and Iím her mummy that it makes no difference what her DNA says.
    After 5 rounds at Reprofit in Brno and then 4 unsuccessful rounds at serum I ended up being introduced to a Dr George Christopolous. He works at the clinic in the mitera hospital in Athens. Some of you Serum ladies will be familiar with Mitera as itís where penny sends you for an surgery. He is amazing, in my opinion. Very caring, incredible with looking at your history and you as an individual. He gives out his mobile number etc etc. I got 9 AA blasts from my donor and luckily get pregnant and stayed pregnant after transferring 1 embryo. I also was on an immunes protocol from the Professor Brosens at Coventry hospital, something Penny at serum said I didnít need. So after 13 transfers and 3 MCís it finally worked out!

    Iíll try keep popping back to see how youíre all getting on. Xxx

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    Low AMH/High FSH Cycle Buddies - Part 8
    « Reply #189 on: 18/10/20, 20:08 »
    Hi all,

    I thought Iíd jump on here too. I recognise a few names from when I last cycled in 2017.
    Katkat youíre one of them and oh my goodness you have a little girl. I am so happy for you 😍😍😍. How old is she?

    Rocket & Briss - hi ya :)

    So Iím back for a second round, we had one frostie from our last fresh cycle which didnít take in July so we are no doing a fresh cycle. My Amh is so much worse (1.8) and we canít just keep through money at it so I really donít know what weíll do if this doesnít work.
    Iím on short protocol with 375 menopur and only two follicles growing and potentially a cyst so i have a scan tomorrow to see if we have to carry on or have to abandon this cycle.

    You girls are such an inspiration but Iím equally terrified of reading your signatures as I just donít that we donít have the time and money to carry on forever :(

    I am forever grateful for my daughter and I know Iím incredibly lucky to have her but Iím so desperate to give her a sibling and Iím also longing for a little baby again. (Basically, I just want to breastfeed again :) )